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Video: Otto Wallin vs Travis Kauffman

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Tyson Fury vs Otto Wallin

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Albon Pervizaj boxt in Schweden


Am 21.4. kommt es in Sundsvall zum Schwedischen Showdown im Schwergewicht zwischen Otto Wallin und Adrian Granat um die EU-Europameisterschaft, das Event wird in einer Co-Promotion zwischen Team Sauerland und EC Boxpromotion durchgeführt.
Mit von der Partie ist auch Albon Pervizaj, der Hamburger Schwergewichtler vom Team Sauerland wird gegen den Irakli Gvenetadze, Rechtsausleger aus Georgien, boxen und will seine makellose Bilanz ausbauen.

Der Schützling von Ulli Wegner und Georg Bramowski feut sich wieder im Ring zu steigen zu dürfen.
Die SPORT1-Übertragung beginnt ab 20.00 Uhr, über den Kampfabend werden Sarah Valentina, Axel Schulz sowie Tobias Drews berichten.



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Dimitrenko will defend his title


Alexander Dimitrenko will defend his title of IBF International. Sascha will meet the winner of the Battle of the Vikings. In Sundsvall Otto Wallin will fight against Adrian „The Pike“ Granat. The bout of 12 rounds in heavyweight is the fight of the European Union Champion of EBU-EU.

So it can be a rematch between Dimitrenko vs Granat. Adrian Granat, the hard-hitting fighter from Malmö, is in Detroit at a training camp with his new coach Jonathan Banks.

A lot of experts are holding at the moment Otto Wallin as the better boxer. Anyhow it will be a real battle in Sundsvall at 21.04.2018.

ECB boss Erol Ceylan informs that the winner will fight vs Alexander Dimitrenko.

About which title is still in the discussion. To fight a EBU title Sascha has to lay down his IBF International. Otherwise has the Swedish boxer to lay down his EBU title if it will be a bout of the IBF title. It is something going on the boxing scene.

Dimitrenko has been on a traing camp as well, in Russia he sparred Alexander Povetkin. So Sascha has won motivation and will be in a good shape for his next fight.


Wallin vs Granat

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Mikaela Laurén fights against „The Empress“ in Sundsvall

In Sundsvall, Sweden, will Verena Kaiser, „Die Kaiserin“  fight against Michaela „Destiny“ Laurén about the World Championship of IBO in superwelter weight.  An interesting match-making. Mikaela is very experienced and had fought the best boxers in the female scene, like Cecilia Braekhus, Christina Hammer and Klara Svensson. 34 bouts with 29 victories and 13 KOs on her record.

Verena Kaiser is starting up her career with 10 bouts as a pro, won all and the half with KO. Two tough fighters, this is a real good bout!

The fightard in Sundsvall is just fantastic. Adrian Granat vs Otto Wallin will tell us who is the best in heavyweight in Sweden. The winner will be the EBU-EU Champ. Otto Wallin is seen fom the mayority as the better one, but Adrian will certainly be highly motivated as he nowadays has Jonathan Banks as his coach. Granat „The Pike“ is a hard-hitting boxer and if he get through the guard of Wallin, it will be dangerous. 15 victories we have on the reocrd of Granat with 14 KOs, so it is definitely Dynamite in the hands of Adrian.

Sven Fornling takes care about Karel Horejsek in a bout of 10 rouds.

Oliver Flodin is a boxer to keep your eyes on. He has a remacable lot of experience as an amateur boxer with 200 bouts.



Saturday 21, April 2018

Gaerdehov Icehockey ArenaSundsvallSweden

commission Swedish Pro Boxing Commission
promoter Nisse Sauerland (SPAG)
heavyweight Otto Wallin 19 0 0
12 Adrian Granat 15 1 0
light heavyweight Sven Fornling 13 1 0
10 Karel Horejsek 12 8 3
super welterweight Mikaela Lauren 29 5 0
10×2 Verena Kaiser 10 0 0
super welterweight Simon Henriksson 5 1 0
6 Mikkel Nielsen 4 0 0
light heavyweight Robin Safar 5 0 0
6 Josip Perkovic 4 4 1
middleweight Oliver Flodin 2 0 0
6 Daniel Pilc 3 2 1
super middleweight Rocco Wadell 4 0 0
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Otto Wallin: EM-Titel im Kopf, Enguema vor den Fäusten!


EBU logo

Diesen Kampf muss Sauerlands Schwergewichtler Otto Wallin unbedingt gewinnen! Am 2. Dezember boxt der Schwede (18 Kämpfe, 18 Siege) gegen den Spanier Gabriel Enguema (11 Kämpfe, 8 Siege) in der Potsdamer MBS-Arena. Und der Sauerland-Schwergewichtler ist zum Siegen verdammt! Denn: Im nächsten Jahr will sich Wallin mit Landsmann Adrian Granat um die EM-Krone im Schwergewicht duellieren.

„Dies wäre einer der größten Kämpfe in der schwedischen Boxgeschichte. Deswegen darf jetzt auch nichts mehr schiefgehen“, sagt Nisse Sauerland.

Otto Wallin ist auf jeden Fall gewarnt, nimmt die EM-Generalprobe in Potsdam und seinen Gegner sehr ernst. „Gabriel Enguema ist ein guter Boxer, der nicht zum Verlieren nach Deutschland kommt. Doch ich habe mich gewissenhaft auf diesen Fight vorbereitet und werde nichts dem Zufall überlassen. Dafür steht zu viel auf dem Spiel!“
Tyron Zeuge trifft im Hauptkampf des Abends zum zweiten Mal auf den Nigerianer Isaac Ekpo, um seinen WM-Titel im Super-Mittelgewicht zu verteidigen. 

Eintrittskarten für die Box-Weltmeisterschaft am 2. Dezember in der MBS Arena Potsdam sind im Internet bei sowie unter der telefonischen Ticket-Hotline 01806-570044 erhältlich.

Otto Wallin Photo: Sauerland Promotion

Otto Wallin (18-0, 12 KOs) will face Gabriel Enguema (8-3, 5 KOs) in a ten-round contest on the undercard of the WBA World Super Middleweight title rematch between Tyron Zeuge and Isaac Ekpo on December 2 at the MBS Arena in Potsdam, Germany.

It is a must-win fight for the Sundsvall southpaw as he looks to secure a Swedish super-fight with heavyweight rival Adrian Granat early next year. Wallin and Granat are mandated to meet for the European Union title. However, both must overcome a final hurdle, with Granat also set for action in Germany in December.

Wallin fights for the first time since April following a triumphant homecoming at the Sporthallen in Sundsvall where he stopped former Italian Champion Gianluca Mandras in the fifth-round to claim the WBA Continental title.

The 26 year-old, who currently based in New York with his coach Joey Gamache, says he is looking forward to returning to the ring, and knows he cannot afford any slip ups if he is to remain on course for a hotly anticipated showdown with his domestic foe Granat.

“I’m looking forward to fighting again,” said Wallin. “It’s been a while since my last fight in April so it will be nice to get back in the ring. I’ve been training hard and I’m ready to show everybody the improvements I’ve made in the gym.

“Enguema is a good opponent. He is the same size as me, maybe a bit heavier, and he looks very athletic. I think he will come in good shape and I will need to be ready. I can’t take anything for granted or he could cause me some problems.

“This is a must-win fight for me. I’ve got a big fight coming up with Adrian Granat if I beat this guy. That’s a fight I’ve wanted that fight for a long time and I’m ready to prove I’m the best heavyweight in Sweden, but I need to win this fight first. If I don’t win, I won’t get the opportunity to fight Granat, so I know there is a lot at stake.”

Tickets for the WBA World Super Middleweight title fight between Tyron Zeuge and Isaac Ekpo at the MBS Arena in Potsdam, which features Otto Wallin versus Gabriel Enguema, are available online via or by calling +49 (0) 1806-570044.

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Otto Wallin vs Raphael Zumbano Love 03.12.2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria


Swedish heavyweight Otto Wallin (16-0, 11 KOs) must meet a new opponent in a new country after Eugene Hill was forced to withdraw from their scheduled contest on December 9 at the Rosvalla Arena in Nyköping, Sweden.

Hill was unable to travel to Sweden due to unpaid child support, and although a replacement had been found, strict regulations imposed by the Swedish Martial Arts Delegation, meant there was not enough time for a new opponent to be approved.

Instead, Wallin will face Raphael Zumbano Love (39-13-1, 32 KOs) a week earlier on December 3 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He will be fighting in front 15,000 fans at the Arena Armeec on the undercard of the WBA Intercontinental Heavyweight title clash between European Champion Kubrat Pulev and former World Champion Samuel Peter.

‘’Of course, I’m disappointed to not be able to fight at home, but unfortunately with the political situation in Sweden, that was not possible,’’ said Wallin.

‘’I would love to get the chance to meet with someone in the government to speak to them about pro boxing. We have a good commission here in Sweden, and I think they should be trusted to make the decisions, like in other countries.“

Despite his disappointment, the Sundsvall southpaw says he is looking forward to joining former sparring partner Kubrat Pulev in action in the Bulgarian capital.

‘’I’m happy that I still get to fight, and I’m excited for it to be happening on such a big show,“ he says. “Zumbano Love is a strong opponent. I’ve seen him before and he’s fought some good guys. He’s been the distance with Shannon Briggs, Eric Molina and Charles Martin, so I think he will give me a tough fight, but I’m confident. I just want to get the rounds in, get the win and look good doing it!’’

Swedish fans can watch Wallin vs. Zumbano Love live and exclusive on Viaplay Fighting. For more information please visit

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Pulev fights 3.12.2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria


Kubrat Pulev (23-1, 12 KOs) has predicted a strong and spectacular victory for Bulgaria when he faces former World Champion Samuel Peter (36-5, 29 KOs) in his long awaited homecoming fight on December 3 in Sofia.

The current European Champion has completed his preparations in Berlin, and will fly home to Bulgaria later today ahead of his WBA Intercontinental title challenge, which will take place in front of 15,000 fans at the Arena Armeec.

Pulev says he is pleased with his preparations, and is eager to inspire a new generation of Bulgarian boxers when he steps through the ropes on Saturday night. We caught up with ‘The Cobra’ following one of his final sparring sessions.

How have your preparations been for the fight with Samuel Peter?

‘’We have been working hard and I am very happy with my preparations. It is now in the final phase and we have just completed our sparring. I’ve had three sparring partners, including one from Belarus who is World Champion in chess boxing. No one has been able to beat him for seven years! I can deal with him in the ring, but I have no chance against him when it comes to chess!’’

This will be your fourth fight with coach Ulli Wegner in your corner, how has he helped you to develop?

‘’Mr Wegner has a great eye for detail and a tremendous knowledge of boxing. Together we work hard to eliminate any small errors and to improve my strengths.’’

Do you believe Ulli Wegner is the right man to lead you to World title success?

‘’Yes, I do. He has great experience and has helped turn many boxers into World Champions. Now we have gotten to know each other better it has become easier to work together, and in future our partnership will only improve.

There has been a lot of excitement since it was announced you would be fighting in Sofia, how important for you is the support of the Bulgarian people?

‘’For years, it has been my dream to fight at home in Bulgaria, and in just a few days this dream will come true. I want to make my countrymen proud, and to give all the Bulgarian people, who couldn’t afford to travel abroad to see my fights, the chance to come and watch me live in Sofia, my hometown and the capital of my lovely country.’’

Do you hope this will be the first of many fights in Bulgaria?

‘’Yes, I do hope this boxing gala is just the first of many more in Bulgaria. For me, boxing is a beautiful sport, which should be used to help educate. It’s an act of pure beauty, and I hope this beauty will win the hearts of as many children as possible, and that we can inspire them to start training, and to work hard and sacrifice so they can become the next generation of champions.’’

Finally, do you have a prediction for the fight?

‘’My only prediction is a strong and spectacular victory for Bulgaria!’’

Kubrat Pulev faces Samuel Peter for the WBA Intercontinental Heavyweight title on December 3 at the Arena Armeec in Sofia. Tickets are available via

Saturday 3 December 2016

Arena Armeec, Sofia, Bulgaria

commission: Bulgarian Boxing Union

Heavyweight Kubrat Pulev 23 1 0 S Samuel Peter 36 5 0

vacant WBA Inter-Continental heavyweight title
Heavyweight Otto Wallin 16 0 0 S Raphael Zumbano Love 39 13 1

Super Middleweight Tim Robin Lihaug 15 2 0 S Gergo Horvath 9 2 1

Cruiserweight Tervel Pulev debut S TBA

Super Middleweight Denis Radovan debut S Jozsef Racz 7 11 1
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Otto Wallin vs Oleksiy Mazikin

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Otto Wallin vs Maksym Pedyura

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