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Mikaela Laurén fights against „The Empress“ in Sundsvall

In Sundsvall, Sweden, will Verena Kaiser, „Die Kaiserin“  fight against Michaela „Destiny“ Laurén about the World Championship of IBO in superwelter weight.  An interesting match-making. Mikaela is very experienced and had fought the best boxers in the female scene, like Cecilia Braekhus, Christina Hammer and Klara Svensson. 34 bouts with 29 victories and 13 KOs on her record.

Verena Kaiser is starting up her career with 10 bouts as a pro, won all and the half with KO. Two tough fighters, this is a real good bout!

The fightard in Sundsvall is just fantastic. Adrian Granat vs Otto Wallin will tell us who is the best in heavyweight in Sweden. The winner will be the EBU-EU Champ. Otto Wallin is seen fom the mayority as the better one, but Adrian will certainly be highly motivated as he nowadays has Jonathan Banks as his coach. Granat „The Pike“ is a hard-hitting boxer and if he get through the guard of Wallin, it will be dangerous. 15 victories we have on the reocrd of Granat with 14 KOs, so it is definitely Dynamite in the hands of Adrian.

Sven Fornling takes care about Karel Horejsek in a bout of 10 rouds.

Oliver Flodin is a boxer to keep your eyes on. He has a remacable lot of experience as an amateur boxer with 200 bouts.



Saturday 21, April 2018

Gaerdehov Icehockey ArenaSundsvallSweden

commission Swedish Pro Boxing Commission
promoter Nisse Sauerland (SPAG)
heavyweight Otto Wallin 19 0 0
12 Adrian Granat 15 1 0
light heavyweight Sven Fornling 13 1 0
10 Karel Horejsek 12 8 3
super welterweight Mikaela Lauren 29 5 0
10×2 Verena Kaiser 10 0 0
super welterweight Simon Henriksson 5 1 0
6 Mikkel Nielsen 4 0 0
light heavyweight Robin Safar 5 0 0
6 Josip Perkovic 4 4 1
middleweight Oliver Flodin 2 0 0
6 Daniel Pilc 3 2 1
super middleweight Rocco Wadell 4 0 0
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Cecilia Braekhus vs Mikaela Laurén II

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Mikaela Laurén get the rematch vs Braekhus


A Norwegian Page gave the information that Cecilia Braekhus will fight vs Mikaela Laurén at 21.10.2017 in Norway. To the Swedish press denied Mikaela that it shall take part, she has not signed any bout contract nor she knew about the date of the bout. Later on Mikaeal confirmed it will take part and that a press-conference will be on Wednesday in Norway.

Mikaela Laurén lost her first fight in 2010 in Rostock vs Cecilia. Since then has a lot happened with Mikaela. Today she is definitely another boxer as she was in 2010. She has changed coaches some times. After the big fight vs Klara Svensson, which Mikaela lost, she changed coach. Now she seems to have found the right one with Wally Monteanu as her coach.

Mikaela has now got her remach, a dream coming though for her. If it will be enough to beat Cecilia is another question. Maybe can her style bring some difficulties for Cecilia.

division boxer w-l-d
last 6
rounds opponent w-l-d
last 6
welterweight Cecilia Braekhus 31 0 0
10×2 Mikaela Lauren 29 4 0
heavyweight Simen Nysaether 1 0 0


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Mikaela Laurén (27-4, 12 KOs) returns to the ring on December 9 on the undercard of Erik Skoglund’s WBA International Light Heavyweight title fight with Timy Shala at the Rosvalla Arena in Nyköping, Sweden


The former WBC Female World Super Welterweight Champion is back in action for the first time following her loss to domestic rival Klara Svensson on September 10 at the Hovet in Stockholm.

The Stockholm fighter admits she was left disappointed with her performance against Svensson but has vowed to come back stronger as she targets a series of high profile fights in 2017.

‘’I don’t want to make excuses, but that wasn’t me in the ring against Klara, and that’s what makes the loss so difficult to accept,’’ said Laurén. ‘’I can take a loss if I know I gave it my all and put on a good show, but that didn’t happen.

‘’There were a lot of reasons why I didn’t perform as well as I can. I didn’t have the best preparation going into the fight and I let my emotions get in the way. It’s frustrating because I know I’m better than her and I still believe I can beat her.’’

Laurén says she would love a rematch with Svensson, but has first set her sights on a reclaiming her WBC Super Welterweight title and unifying the division,

‘’I can’t wait to get back in the ring,’’ she says. ‘’Losing a fight is like falling of a bike, you need to get straight back on and keep going. It’s important I finish the year with a good win and try to have fun doing it because I didn’t have fun in my last fight.

‘’Then I want to fight Ewa Piatkowska and win my World title back. I’m still undefeated in my weight class, and that belt belongs to me. My goal is to fight her as soon as possible, and after that I want to fight (WBO and WBA World Champion) Hanna Gabriels to unify the division.

‘’Of course, more than anything, I want the rematch with Klara. When I lost to her, it was like a piece of me died so I need to fight her again. I know it can’t happen straight away as she has to meet Cecilia Braækhus first, but after she loses that fight, I want to her next, and hopefully it could happen next Fall.’’

An opponent for Laurén’s comeback fight will be announced soon as she joins an action packed show on December 9 at the Rosvalla Arena in Nyköping.

Erik Skoglund faces ‘The Albanian Bomber’ Timy Shala for the WBA International Light Heavyweight title, Naim Terbunja and Sven Fornling battle it out for the Swedish Light Heavyweight Championship, Otto Wallin faces his toughest career test against American heavyweight Eugene Hill, and rising stars Daniel Hartvig, Patricia Berghult and Hampus Henriksson return to action.

Tickets are available online via or by calling 0771-130 150. All the action will be shown live and exclusive in Scandinavia on Viaplay Fighting. For more information please visit

A great fightcard with Anthony Yigit and Sven Fornling in the ring too;

DSC00963   DSC07376

Friday 9 December 2016

Rosvalla Arena, Nyköping, Sweden

commission: Swedish Pro Boxing Commission
promoter: Nisse Sauerland (SPAG)
tickets: 0771/130-150
television: Scandinavia Viasat Sport 3
Light Heavyweight Erik Skoglund 25 0 0 S Timy Shala 21 1 1 12

vacant WBA International light heavyweight title
Heavyweight Otto Wallin 16 0 0 S Eugene Hill 34 1 0 10

Light Heavyweight Naim Terbunja 10 1 0 S Sven Fornling 10 1 0 8

Super Lightweight Anthony Yigit 18 0 1 S TBA 8

Super Welterweight Daniel Hartvig 7 0 1 S Krisztian Santa 12 8 2 6

Super Lightweight Patricia Berghult 4 0 0 S TBA 6×2

Welterweight Mikaela Lauren 27 4 0 S TBA 6×2

Super Middleweight Hampus Henriksson 2 0 0 S TBA
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Klara Svensson won


Congratulations  to Klara Svensson! Klara 2The Swedish Princess“ won an UD versus Mikaeal LAurén in Stockholm, Sweden.

Scores: 98-92, 96-95 and 97-93.


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More videos about the big fight night in Sweden tonight


Saturday 10 September 2016

Hovet, Stockholm, Sweden

commission: Swedish Pro Boxing Commission
promoter: Nisse Sauerland (SPAG)
tickets: (+46) (0)771-310000
Welterweight Mikaela Lauren 27 3 0 S Klara Svensson 16 1 0

interim WBC World female welterweight title
Welterweight Anthony Yigit 17 0 1 S Armando Robles 31 4 2

Heavyweight Otto Wallin 15 0 0 S Osborne Machimana 21 8 2

Heavyweight Dereck Chisora 25 6 0 S Drazan Janjanin 13 7 0

Light Heavyweight Naim Terbunja 9 1 0 S Baptiste Castegnaro 8 8 0

Super Lightweight Patricia Berghult 2 0 0 S Kinga Magyar 0 1 0
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Yigit vs Robles 10.09.2016 Stockholm


Undefeated Swedish fighter Anthony Yigit (17-0-1, 7 KOs) returns to his native Stockholm on September 10 to face Armando Robles (30-4-2, 17 KOs) in a ten-round light welterweight contest at the Hovet.

Now living and training in London, the 24 year-old is relishing a return to his hometown having left the Swedish capital to pursue his professional boxing career. His bout will provide chief support for the interim WBC Female World Welterweight title fight between Mikaela Lauren and Klara Svensson.

‘’It’s going to be great,’’ says Yigit ‘’The Hovet is close to where I grew up so it really feels like I’m fighting at home. I’ve been away for a long time. I left Stockholm in 2011 to prepare for the Olympics and have spent my pro career in London, Copenhagen and Tenerife.

‘’People have always been asking ‘when are you going to fight at home?’ and I’m excited it’s finally happening. I will have a lot of family and friends coming to support me and I want to show everybody what I have been working so hard to achieve.’’

Yigit will face a tough test in his homecoming bout with his Mexican opponent Robles aiming to inflict the Swedish fighter’s first defeat.

‘’I’ve been watching his fights and he’s a tough guy,’’ says Yigit. ‘’He’s got a good record – 36 fights, 30 wins and 2 draws – so I’m expecting an all out war. Mexican fighters are always strong and always aggressive, and Robles is no different. He will definitely be coming to win, and that suits me. These are the types of fights I want to be involved in and I’m sure we will put on a good show for the fans.’’

Tickets for the Team Sauerland show on September 10 at the Hovet in Stockholm featuring the interim WBC Female World Welterweight Championship fight between Mikaela Lauren and Klara Svensson are available online via and or by calling 0771-31 00 00.

All the action will be available to watch live on Viaplay Fighting across Scandinavia. For more information please visit


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The female fight of the Year 10.09.2016


This fight electrify whole Sweden. These two girls just do NOT like each other.

The dispute exploded as Mikaela Laurén let the water from her bottle all over Ivana Habazin at the weights in April in Stockholm. Klara Svensson got very upset and shouted how unfair and disrespect Mikaela shows her opponent. At the fight did Klara Svensson stand in the corner of the Croatian Habazin to show her sympathy with Ivana.

Mikaela justified that it was only water and that she´s orignally a swimmer. Mikaela told that she found Ivana too hot and she just wanted to cold down her.

Mikaela is the female boxer who knows how to get publicity. In Germany at the weights 2013 she kissed her opponent Christina Hammer.

Klara Svensson has an impressing record as an amateur boxer. The difference of two weight-classes has the girls agreed to meet in the middle, it means in welter-weight.

A high explosive fight and all experts in Sweden are agreeing, no one knows who will win!




At the pre-press conference sprayed Mikaela mosquito spray around Klara. Her intention is that Klara has no power, hitting just like a little mosquito.

Saturday 10 September 2016

commission: Swedish Pro Boxing Commission
promoter: Nisse Sauerland (SPAG)
tickets: (+46) (0)771-310000
Welterweight Mikaela Lauren 27 3 0 S Klara Svensson 16 1 0

interim WBC World female welterweight title
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Mikaela Laurén destroyed Ivana Habazin


Almost at home, just a few houndred metres from Mikaela´s apartment, the champion dominated the threee rounds until the referee has seen enough. Mikaela Laurén was hard hitting Habazin the whole time. Mikaela „Destiny“ Laurén won on TKO in round 3.

Before at the weights Mikaela showered her opponent with water. Mikaela meant that Ivana was too hot and needed to be cold down. Ivana just stayed cool, her coach threated Laurén that she will regret it and be punished in the ring.

Even a lot of people in Sweden got upset of showering the opponent. Klara Svensson was the most upset and told the presse that they just kiss the ass of Mikaela too much. Klara found it a disrespect, unfair and no way how to behave as a sportsman. Klara Svensson took place in the corner of Habazin to let Laurén and evryone else know who Klara is supporting.

For Mikaela it was just a joke and some water is normal as she is a former swimmer, she told.

After the bout did Mikaeal apologize Habazin for her joke, in case somebody got upset about it.

The dispute between Mikaela Laurén and Klara Svensson escalted even after the bout. Klara said that Mikaela has no good manners. Mikaela just answered cool that it was just some water and Klara is just jealous

Klara Svensson, the good technical boxer and Mikaela Laurén the hard hitting boxer do really hate each other. Their next bout will be to meet each other in the ring. It will be either in Stockholm or Malmö.

Sauerland has confirmed that they will arrange the fight. These bout electrify whole Sweden.

Cecilia Braekhus commented that Mikaela Laurén can still not box. Anyhow did Mikaela stop Habazin after just 3 rounds. Braekhus need 10 rounds to win on UD against Habazin.

The winner between Svensson vs Laurén will be challenging Braekhus, informs Sauerland.

The question is if Palle Mogens will get the fight Maria Lindberg vs Cecila Braekhus. Braekhus will for sure prefer to fight Laurén or Svensson.

Maria Lindberg would even love to fight Mikaela Laurén. Laurén is willing but afraid of getting punished of the SBF, the Swedish Boxing Federation, because of their suspensions against Maria Lindberg.

BREAKING NEWS: Ivana Habazin declaring she is retiring from professional boxing on her Facebook site!

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Mikaela Laurén joins Team Sauerland


Swedish World Champion Mikaela Lauren signs with Team Sauerland

Mikaela Lauren (26-3, 11 KOs) has signed a long-term promotional contract with Europe’s leading boxing promoter Team Sauerland.

The WBC Female World Super Welterweight Champion joins Team Sauerland’s ever growing stable of Swedish stars including Erik Skoglund, Klara Svensson, Anthony Yigit, Oscar Ahlin and Otto Wallin.

‘’I’m very happy to have signed with Team Sauerland,’’ said Lauren. ‘’They are the biggest promoters in Europe right now and have all the top names in Sweden fighting on their Nordic Fight Night series. I know they have big plans for boxing in Sweden and I’m excited to be a part of this.

‘’To stay at the top, I need a great team behind me and there is no one better than Sauerland. They have been in the business for a long time and know exactly what they are doing.’’

With this new deal in place, Lauren can look forward to some potentially huge fights including a rematch with female pound-for-pound number one Cecilia Brækhus and a domestic showdown with Team Sauerland stable-mate Klara Svensson.

‘’I know Sauerland can deliver me the big fights I want,’’ says Lauren. ‘’I would love a rematch with Cecilia Brækhus and a fight against Klara Svensson.

‘’When I fought Cecilia I was just a novice. I’d only had six fights, but now I’m a World-class fighter. I’ve had twenty-nine fights and I know what the game is about, and I know I can beat Cecilia, especially with the help of Sauerland.

‘’The fight against Klara would be great for Sweden. We are the two biggest female fighters in the country right now and I’m sure it’s a fight everyone would love to see. I would need to move down a weight class and she would need to move up, but I’m sure this could happen. Klara calls herself the Swedish Princess, but after I beat her, I want to be known as the Swedish Queen.’’

Promoter Nisse Sauerland has expressed his delight to have secured the Stockholm-fighter’s signature. ‘’We’re delighted to welcome Mikaela to the team,’’ said Sauerland. ‘’She is one of the best female fighters on the planet and will be an exciting addition to our Nordic Fight Night series. There are a lot of big fights out there for her and we’re looking forward to a long and successful collaboration.’’

Lauren will be fighting as part of Team Sauerland’s Nordic Fight Night series, which is shown live and exclusive on TV10 in Sweden.

Lauren will be fighting as part of the Nordic Fight Night series and has already set her sights on a rematch with female pound-for-pound number one „The First Lady“ Cecilia Brækhus and a domestic showdown with Team Sauerland stable mate Klara Svensson.


Klara Svensson (15-1, 5 KOs) says she is ready and willing to face domestic rival Mikaela Lauren (26-3, 11 KOs) in a potentially huge fight for Swedish boxing.

Svensson, who fights at light welterweight, is currently two weight classes below Lauren, but has revealed she is happy to move up in weight to meet the WBC Female Super Welterweight World Champion at the welterweight limit.

‘’I’ve always been interested in fighting Mikaela,’‘ says Svensson. ‘’The problem in the past has always been the weight difference, but if we can meet in middle, then that’s the perfect deal. I’m willing to go up to welterweight, so if she can come down one weight class, we can make the fight happen.’’

With this stumbling block removed and both boxers now signed to Team Sauerland, it would seem only a matter of time before this dream match becomes a reality, and ‘The Swedish Princess’ says she is eager for the fight to happen this year.

‘’I would fight Mikaela anytime. I would fight her tomorrow if I could,’’ said Svensson. ‘’I think she has developed a good image as a boxer, but I don’t think she is as talented in the ring as she is at promoting herself outside of it. I believe I‘d be able to expose her weaknesses and I would be very confident of winning. I’ll be speaking to my promoter Nisse Sauerland and hopefully we can set a date for later this year.’’

The Malmo-boxer is in no doubt that a clash between her and Lauren would generate a lot of interest in Sweden, comparing it to the WBO World title fight between Paolo Roberto and Armand Krajnc in November 2001.

‘’This would be a massive fight for Swedish boxing,’’ she said. ‘’It would be like when Paolo Roberto fought Armand Krajnc. We’re the two biggest female boxers in Sweden, so I’m sure it would attract a lot of attention. Plus, it’s Malmo versus Stockholm, you can’t get any better than that!’’


Klara Svensson:

Malmö vs Stockholm in the making this year 👊🏻
Young vs old.

Talent vs image.

Brain vs muscle.

Could be interesting right???

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