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TV-Bericht über Boxen im Norden mit Dima Weimer

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Rocky´s Team in Hamburg mit Kumande


Bei Boxen im Norden wird am Sonntag 05.06.2016 der Boxer von Rocchighiani´s Team der talentierte Jamny Kumande im Ring steigen. It´s showtime!



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The interview with Granat


Adrian Granat, the Swedish heavyweight boxer called The Pike will be fighting in Kassel, Germany, against Saul Farah from Bolivia. Farah has been in the ring as a professional boxer 82 times with 59 won bouts and 52 on knockout. Adrian Granat tells he knows almost nothing about Farah. The bout on 4th June will be of 10 rounds. Granat is very confidence telling that it will be a short fight of 2-3 rounds. Still The Pike has condition enough to do 15 rounds.

Granat has been in the ring as a pro 12 times and is unbeaten with 11 KOs.

Two weeks ago he returned to Hamburg, Germany, where he nowaday lives, from Russia. Adrian was at a trainging camp in Chekhov for 3,5 weeks and made sparring with Alexander Povetkin. Adrian is 2 m tall and he is not impressed of Povetkin even if Sascha is a good boxer. He is small says Adrian and has experience, can hit well, but not impressed even if Granat enjoyed the camp.

Adrian Granat is a Swedish Viking and has no fear to get into the ring against Sascha.

The Swedish Dynamite hopes to get a title fight in the end of this year or in the beginning of the next year. Maybe it will be an European Championship. Granat finds Pulev is a good boxer, but even here Adrian shows self-confidence and telling he thinks he is a better boxer then Pulev.

Granat had been given an offer to fight Michael Wallish, but has not heard anything. He offered to fight without any purse, to fight for free. Still he has not heard anything and he doesn´t believe this bout will happen.

He is hungry of fighting better boxers, better names, but does even not shouting out he is the best in the world. Yet. At the question about fighting David Haye he tells that it will be too early in his career. Haye is boxing on a higher level as himself he tells. He needs more time before he will be ready for the top ten boxers. Adrian says that even if his self-confidence is good he is even looking realisticly at the things. Adrian means that at the level of top 20-30 boxers is what he can perform.

At 04.06.2016 we will see Adrian fighting the experienced Bolivian boxer Saul Farah.

To be known is that Adrian was acting sparringpartner for Wladimir Klitschko as well as Francesco Pianeta. At  the gym in Hamburg he is even doing sparring with Ruslan Chagaev.

The Interview:

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Interview Adrian Granat, die Granate

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Diablo Wlodarczyk vs Kai Kurzawa

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Conor Benn vs Luke Keleher

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Ein Hammer Gym in Hamburg

DSC01853.JPG Maria Lindberg, Weltmeisterin bei WIBF, GBU und WIBA mit Hammer Gym-Besitzer Latif Özbek

Bei Hammer Gym in Hammerbrook (Hamburg), Gotenstraße, hat man beim Training viel Spaß. Maria Lindberg ist hier zu treffen so wie die Boxer von Boxen im Norden. Hier trainiert Rafael Bejaran und Sebastiano Lo Zito sowohl als auch Ilja Mezencev.

Trainer Khoren Gevor trainiert selbstverständlich die beide Stiefsöhne Noel und Abel hier. Dazu findet man auch Chuck Honhold. Chuck gehört zum dritten Generation Boxer. Sein Onkel Christian Honhold war erfolgreicher Amateurboxer mit 150 Kämpfe und wechselte dann zum Profi und bestritt 9 Profikämpfe.

Christians Vater Karsten Honhold bestritt ganze 167 Amateurkämpfe und 23 Profikämpfe.

Bei Hammer Gym bietet man nicht nur Training für Faustkämpfer sondern auch drei mal in der Woche ist die Physiotherapeutin Nicole Honhold hier tätig.

Willst Du dich fit halten und auch wissen wie die Profis es tun, dann schau vorbei bei Hammer Gym.

DSC01844.JPG Chuck Honhold mit Trainer Khoren Gevor


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Mo Soltby won his 11th bout, 11-0-0


Mohamed Soltby won an UD against Andrs Csomor in Frankfurt on Saturday 28.05.2016.

This is the 11 time Mo is boxing as a pro and his record is still unbeaten. The Hungarian Csomor has been fighting Derek Chisora, Robert Helenius etc before.


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Wloda new InterConti champ at IBF


Krzysztof Wlodarczyk won the title against Kai Kurzawa in Szczecin (Stettin), Poland. At 2:22 in round 4 the referee Grzegorz Molenda decided to end the fight.

The bout of 12 rounds was about the vacant IBF Inter-Continental Cruiserweight title.

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Malik Zinad won on TKO

Winner Malik France.jpg

In France did Malik Zinad from Malta (MBA) win his bout in light heavyweight vs Petar Markovic. In the second round Zinad won on TKO.

The officials in Gymnase Fréderique Bronquart, Tinqueux, Marne, were  Jackie Queant referee and judges were Smail Alitouche, Bertrand Chagnoux and Jean Marie Jacquier.

Congratulations to Malik!

Next step Germany? Moritz Stahl?



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