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Zinad vs Tchamba new date 09.02.2019 in Berlin


The exciting fight between Malik Zinad vs Stephane Tchamba will be one week earlier and in Berlin in stead of Hamburg. At Petko´s Fight Night with the main fight Hannig vs Ford will Malik enter the ring as second main fight.

Petko´s Fight Night will be at Verti Music Hall, Mercedes Platz, Berlin on Saturday 9th February 2019. It will be broadcasted on ranfighting.

Malik is feeling sorry for his friends in Hamburg who wanted to see him boxing, so he promised that his next fight for sure will take place in Hamburg.


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Malik Zinad fighting in Hamburg at 17.02.2019

DSC09131 Malik.JPG

The promising Libyan boxer Malik Zinad will come to Germany and fight vs Stephane Tchamba. „The Trigger“ Zinad has a record of 11 fights, all victories, 10 KOs. Tchamba is born in Kamerun and now living in Karlsruhe and has made 4 pro fights, won 3 with KO and ranked #287 in light heavyweight.

Malik Zinad is living in Malta and won the WBFed International, at Boxrec #149. The bout vs Tchaba will be battle scheduled of 8 rounds. Venue is at Große Freiheit 36, Hamburg,  promoted of Boxen im Norden.

Malta Boxing Association and Malta are glad to see their boxers fighting around the world.



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Pound for pound fight night in Malta



Prize Boxing Promotions had on Saturday 9th December a long fight night. At the end the professional boxers showed their impressing performances.

Christian „Coqqos“ Schembri is taking victory after victory. This time Christian impessed all judges to win all the 8 rounds against the experienced Jorge Otiz. Otiz, born in Colombia, is living in Spain, could even with his experience of 71 bouts not beat the Maltese supermiddleweight fighter. A clear victory to Schembri, all judges with 80-72.

The Lybian Ali, Malik Zinad alias Trigger, stopped his opponent in the second round. After 1:11 the referee Edwin Micallef stopped the bout. The Bulgarian light heavyweight boxer from Pleven, Tsvetozar Illiev has done 21 bouts, but The Trigger of MBA, Malta, was far too strong for him. TKO for Malik, his 10 fight and his 10 victory. Malik won 9 of his 10 victories on KO!

Does anyone of the Top100 has the courage to fight Malik Zinad?

MALIK ZINAD 09.12.2017


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Malik Zinad fighting on 29.07.2017 in Belfast, Northern Ireland


The promising Libyan boxer Malik Zinad from Malta is fighting at Cyclone Promotions event on the 29.07.2017 in Belfast. Main fight is Carl Frampton vs Andres Gutierrez. Malik will be going his 10th bout as pro. Until now his is unbeaten with 8 KO-victories.

His legendary manager and coach Donny Lalonde find Malik more promising and even better as he was himself.

Malik Zinad will be going a bout vs Farouk Daku from Netherlands. Daku is an experienced boxer with 36 bouts. He won 21 of his fights, 9 on KO.

Saturday 29 July 2017

SSE Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

commission: British Boxing Board of Control
promoter: Blain McGuigan (Cyclon
Maik ill be ging his e Promotions)
television: Panama Cable Onda Sports
Featherweight Carl Frampton 23 1 0 S Andres Gutierrez 35 1 1

Middleweight Conrad Cummings 11 1 1 S Robert Swierzbinski 18 6 2

WBO European middleweight title
Welterweight Paddy Gallagher 11 3 0 S Ricardo Silva 14 1 0

vacant International Boxing Organization Continental welterweight title
Lightweight Chantelle Cameron 2 0 0 S TBA

Light Heavyweight Steven Ward 4 0 0 S TBA

Welterweight Lewis Crocker 2 0 0 S TBA

Super Middleweight Padraig McCrory 1 0 0 S TBA



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Malik Zinad vs Jermaine Asare

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Malik Zinad is fighting 26.05.2017 in Cardiff, Wales


The promising light heavyweight boxer Malik Zinad, Malta, is entering on 26.05.2017 his 9th pro fight. In Wales he will fight in a bout of 8 rounds vs Jermaine Asare. Asare boxing in his hometown hs a record of 7(1)-1(1)-0, and is #234 at Boxrec.

The Libyan boxer Zinad, living in Malta, has won all his fights and 7 with KO. MBA-boxer Malik Zinad is #183 at Boxrec.

A great matchmaking!

Friday 26 May 2017

Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

commission: British Boxing Board of Control
promoter: Blain McGuigan (Cyclone Promotions)
tickets: 029 2022 4488
television: United Kingdom Channel 5
Flyweight Andrew Selby 8 0 0 S Cristofer Rosales 23 2 0

Cruiserweight Craig Kennedy 16 0 0 S Matty Askin 21 3 1

vacant BBBofC British cruiserweight title
Light Heavyweight Jermaine Asare 7 1 0 S Malik Zinad 8 0 0

Bantamweight Ashley Brace 6 0 0 S Nevenka Mikulic 7 8 1

Light Heavyweight Nathan Thorley 6 0 0 S Stanislav Eschner 5 2 1

Super Welterweight Fred Evans debut S Najim Fennane 1 1 0

Lightweight Chantelle Cameron debut S Karina Kopinska 9 16 3

Cruiserweight Jonathan O’Kelly 1 0 0 S Jan Hrazdira 2 4 0

Lightweight Gavin Gwynne 5 0 0 S TBA

Lightweight Kristian Touze 2 0 1 S Victor Villanueva 1 3 1
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Boxen im Zirkuszelt kommt zurück nach Hamburg


Der boxende Zirkusartist Angelo „Europa“ Frank wird am 30.06.2017 wieder in Hamburg im Zirkuszelt boxen. Voriges Jahr erlebten wir eine sehr erfolgreichen Boxabend im Zirkuszelt und diese tolle Veranstaltung wird nun mal wiederholt. Darüber können wir uns nur freuen.

Angelo Frank hat sich bekannt gemacht für äußerst gute Kämpfe zu liefern. So wird es auch am 30.06. in Hamburg sein. Angelos Fight gegen Deniz Ilbay ist schon legendär.

Weiterhin wird Ikram Kerwat auf dieses Event boxen.

Eine Titelkampf wird es zwischen Elvis Hetemi vs Malik Zinad geben. Zwei Boxer die nach oben streben. Das wird echt ein hammer Kampf!

Ikram Kerwat.jpg  DSC09962.JPG


Malik Zinad mit seinem legendärem Manager Donny Lalonde



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Malik Zinad won after 1:08 minutes

Aleksandar Kuvac (L) vs Malik Zinad (W)

Photo: Charlo Micallef

On his 8 bout did the judges in Malta not have much to do. Malik Zinad, The Trigger, attacked his Bosnian opponent Aleksandar Kuvac at the Saturday Night Fever Boxing Event of Prize Boxing Pomotions, sanctioned of MBA, Malta Boxing Association in Paola, Malta.

Kuvac arrived unfortunately without his own team, so the blue corner were not use to the boxing style of Kuvac. Malik attacked his opponent and he got counted, the fight continues and Malik goes on and Kuvac makes him small, a way he usually does, to avoid the shuts.  The corner find the fight too dominating of Trigger and thinks of the health of their sportsman and threw the towel. Win after 1:08 minutes in the first round, TKO win to Malik. His record is now 8(7)-0-0.

Malik Zinad won the BBO Balkan title, Congratulations Malik!

Zinad is aiming the German Champion Elvis Hetemi. This would be a thrilling fight. Both managers are interested of this fight. That is what we are looking forward to!


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Boxing in Malta 25.03.2017


Prize Boxing Promotions presents on Saturday 25.03.2016 the Saturday Night Fever.

Malik Zinad, The Trigger, will fight about the BBO Balkan Title vs Aleksandar Kuvac. In the ring is Super Steve Martin back again. He is in a 8 rounds bout fighting Marco Brignoli.

The great event will even hold a WBU International title fight with Christian Schembri vs Mattia Scaccia.

Kerstin Brown will fight vs Fortunate Bube.

Get your tickets to not miss this evnt!


Saturday 25 March 2017

Corradino Sports Pavilion, Paola, Malta

commission: Malta Boxing Association
promoter: Demis Tonna (Prize Boxing Promotion)
Super Middleweight Christian Schembri 7 2 0 S Mattia Scaccia 3 2 0

Welterweight Steve Martin 12 4 1 S Edoardo Del Vecchio 5 2 0

Light Heavyweight Malik Zinad 7 0 0 S Aleksandar Kuvac 10 30 0

Super Bantamweight Kerstin Brown 2 0 0 S Fortunate Bube debut


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Malik Zinad fights 11.03.2017 in Wales


The very promising fighter in light heavyweight Malik Zinad is going to Wales to take his hardest fight ever. His opponent is the unbeaten Morgan Jones, 9-0-0. The fight will be of 8 rounds in super middleweight at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff.

Malik´s manager Donny Lalonde is very optimistic about his boxer and is sure that The Trigger Zinad will win his fight. After the fight in Wales is Donny interested of a bout between Malik Zinad and the German Champion Elvis Hetemi.

Malik is now on his way to Germany to prepare for his next fight together with coach Khoren Gevor. In Hamburg is Malik exercising and making sparring at Hammer Gym with Khoren and Pavl Melkomian.

Saturday 11 March 2017

Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

commission: British Boxing Board of Control
promoter: Blain McGuigan (Cyclone Promotions)
television: United Kingdom Channel 5
Cruiserweight Craig Kennedy 16 0 0 S Matty Askin 21 3 1

vacant BBBofC British cruiserweight title
Middleweight Ronny Mittag 29 2 1 S Conrad Cummings 10 1 1

IBF Inter-Continental middleweight title
Super Middleweight Morgan Jones 9 0 0 S Malik Zinad 7 0 0

Light Heavyweight Nathan Thorley 5 0 0 S TBA

Bantamweight Ashley Brace 5 0 0 S TBA

Heavyweight Dorian Darch 12 4 0 S TBA

Cruiserweight Jonathan O’Kelly 1 0 0 S TBA

Lightweight Jason Sillett 5 1 0 S TBA
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