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Interview: Malik Zinad, light heavyweight, #91

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Malik Zinad will soon fight again and aims Canelo

The light heavy boxer from Libya with MBA-license is scheduled to fight in Bruxelles on 28.03.2021 vs the Chechnyan Timur Nikarkhoev. The record of Timur is 22-3-0 and ranked #76 in the world. A very good opponent for Malik who must take this pugalist very seriously. That Malik is convinced and self-confident is obvious. The bout is scheduled of 8 rounds.

In 2019 did Malik got a contract from Univerum to fight James Kraft. The fight did not come, first had James catched-a-cold, but met an easier opponent and after that he changed weight-class. The preparation for the fight and to have signed a contract and then no fight came up made Malik disappointed and upset. In the interview he blames James to be cowered.

In Germany on Saturday Willaim Scull won the IBO Interational title. An opponent that Malik could have fought but his contract with Only O1ne had a fight on 7th Mach in France signed. The event in France got cancelled and now will Zinad „The Trigger“ go for a tough fight in Belgium on 28th March instead. Maybe a title fight vs William Scull will be possible this year. A fantastic match-making.

Malik Zinad was traied from Donny Lalonde, who praised Malik and said he´s even better as he was himself as an active boxer. These compliments from a great champ like Donny let us know that Malik has real skills. The Libyan fighter dreams of being world champion. He would even be ready to fight Saul Alvarez. Canelo has his peaks and may be on his way down and Malik on his way up. Maybe such a match-making will come through in a year or two. Nothing is impossible.

A very thrilling fight will go on at 28.03.2921. It´s soon time to rumble.

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EBU General Meeting 2017

The EBU General Assembly took even this year part in Brussels, Belgium. It was supposed to be hold in Malta, but as this small country has the presidency of EU until 31.7.2017 it was difficult to find an appropriate date and accommodation in Malta.

EBU paid attention on the health of the boxers and informed about doping and fake fights. In small gyms without any coaches in the corner and just a referee and no audience these fake fights still take part with only one single aim, to get the boxer to raise in the ranking of Boxrec. EBU asked members to pay attention of these acts.

Doping is a crime and you can not be a little bit doped. Either you are using drugs or you do not. Appeal to the boxers to not use drugs. A prominent guest was Mr Mauricio Sulaiman from WBC. Sulaiman held a speek about these themes and made clear that a boxer does protect against his opponent but has even to protect agaisnt drugs which hurt himself.

Medicals are very important as well as only using certified gloves. The organizations has to take prevention and reduce the risks. A boxers career is short and the medical risks are higher when you get older. No boxer should be continuing over the age of 50 years.

EBU members may very well use the rules of WBC concerning open scoring, headsets for the judges and the 30 second signal. Open scoring means that the scores would be told after 4 rounds and 8 rounds. In this way the boxer and his team do know how they are performing and can plan their strategy for the rest of the fight.

Headsets for judges will be used to let the judges not be influenced from the audience nor from a tv-reporter just next to him. You are getting influenced unwillingly of these comments and to secure an independent scoring it is useful with the headset.

EBU as well as WBC are taking part of the professional boxing. A cooperation with AIBA is not in common with the different aims. An amateur fights to be an Olympic Champion and for honour. A professional boxer does it to earn money.

The bout Cedric Vitu vs Ruben Varon was declared as The fight of the Year.

The boxer of the Year was Edis Tatli.

Promoter of the Year was honoured Mr Malamine Kone from MK Events, France.

As ordinary members and no more provisional members decided the meeting for BDB Germany, FLP Luxembourg, Latvian Professional Boxing Federation and Bosnia-Hercegovia Pro Boxing Federation.

Next General Meeting will take place in June 2018 in Belgrade hosting of Serbian Professional Boxing Federation. Mr Popovic was very satisfied with this decision.



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EBU Anual General Assembly decided to give ordninary memberhip to BDB and MBA


Photo: Representatives of Holland, Finland, Austria, United Kingdom, Germany and Malta

At Hotel Hilten in Brussels, Belgium, hold The European Boxing Union, EBU, its Anual Genrral Assembly. All the European boxing organisations were represented.

Only one organisation can be representing a country.

BDB from Germany was as a provisional meber and did get the status of ordinary member. The decision to give MBA, Malta Boxing Association, the ordninary membership was done with applaus. Last year MBA applied for membership in competition with two other organisations, MBCommission, a UK-based Ltd leaded of Mr Gianluca di Caro and MBCouncil, leaded of Eva Rolle, Berlin. 2015 decided EBU to give the only Maltese organisation MBA, even a member of the Malta Sport Council, KMS, the provisional membership .

MBA even got very honoured to host the Anual General Assembly 2017 in Valletta, Malta.

The boxer Cedric Vitu  got honoured as the best boxer of the year  and his fight Vitu vs Santos as the best fight of the year.



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Photos from EBU Anual General Assembly 2016 Brussels



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Results from Belgium

Sunday 31 May 2015 Zaal Forum, Aalst, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
lightweight Elfi Philips 4-2(1)-3 W Mirjana Vujic 4(2)-3(3)-0 TKO 8 10
vacant Belgium female lightweight title
cruiserweight Arsen Goulamirian 9(4)-0-0 W Toni Visic 18(4)-18(7)-1 TKO 3 6
cruiserweight Ismail Abdoul 55(20)-34(1)-2 W Tomislav Rudan 3-4(1)-1 UD 6 6
cruiserweight Ryad Merhy 15(13)-0-0 W Attila Palko 18(13)-17(11)-0 TKO 2 6
middleweight Arman Torosyan 14(11)-1-1 W Roman Vanicky 20(10)-37(12)-2 KO 1 6
middleweight Ilias Achergui 2(2)-0-1 W Tamas Hortobagyi 3(3)-5(3)-0 TKO 3 6
heavyweight Bert Van Mechelen 1(1)-0-0 W Elvir Behlulovic 4(2)-27(12)-0 UD 4 4
super lightweight Meriton Karaxha 6(3)-1-0 W Ivan Duvancic 3(3)-20(8)-1 UD 4 4

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Lisa Schewe boxte in Belgien, Resultate aus Liege

Saturday 28 September 2013 Herstal, Liege, Belgium

bantamweight Stephane Jamoye 25(15)-3(1)-0 L Karim Guerfi 19(5)-3-0 PTS 12 12

EBU (European) bantamweight title (supervisor: Stefan Braune)

lightweight Francesco Patera 5(1)-0-0 W Lubos Priehradnik 6(3)-45(12)-0 UD 6 6

light middleweight Mohamed Sidi Slimani 4(3)-1(1)-0 D Ronald Berti 2-0-0 SD 4 4


super featherweight Djemilla Gontaruk 3-0-0 W Lisa Schewe 2-2(1)-0 PTS 4 4

referee: Philippe Wouters | judge: Angel Garcia | judge: Pascal Montulet | judge: Jean Marie Claus

lightweight Urbano Giuliani debut W Szergej Sztankovics 0-5(3)-0 TKO 1 4

time: 1:50

featherweight Bauduin Atuo debut W Frantisek Mezei 0-4(2)-0 KO 1 4

time: 1:03

light heavyweight Alexandru Jur 9(4)-0-0 W Jorge Ortiz 1-55(8)-4 UD 4 4

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Boxing in Belgium at 23.02.2013

Delfine Persoon

Saturday 23 February 2013     Sporthal Schiervelde, Roeselare, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
commission: Belgian Boxing Federation
promoter: Filiep Tampere

12 rounds    super featherweight    Hedi Slimani    10(6)-2-0
vs    Michael Nyawade    9(7)-1(1)-2
vacant Global Boxing Union super featherweight title (supervisor: Juergen Lutz)

8×2 rounds    lightweight    Delfine Persoon    22(9)-1(1)-0
vs    Fatuma Zarika    23(14)-6-1

8 rounds    light welterweight    Ahmed El Hamwi    8(1)-4(1)-1
vs    Innocent Anyanwu    21(13)-8(2)-2

8 rounds    welterweight    Kobe Vandekerkhove    21(6)-16(3)-3
vs    Cedric Spera    10(2)-0-0

6 rounds    light heavyweight    Arno Casteleyn    8(2)-0-0
vs    Ringo Verbauwhede    1(1)-1(1)-0

4 rounds    bantamweight    Razmik Grigoryan    4(2)-0-1
vs    Pasquale Boriello    1-0-0

4 rounds    light welterweight    Abdelhalim Selmi    1-0-0
vs    Niko Verbauwhede    0-1-0

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