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Interview: Malik Zinad, light heavyweight, #91

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Moez Zinad on training camp in Germany

The super welterweight boxer Moez Zinad left for a while the island of Malta, where he´s living, to train in Germany. In Hamburg the promising boxer will prepare and do sparring with ohter boxers. He has 3 professional bouts, which he all won, and is licensed by MBA, Malta Boxing Association.

To optimize his skills and and looking for opportunities he went to the boxing-town Hamburg. The question if he would be willing to fight in the end of the monh of any event in Germany, he answers he find 10 days would be enough preparation for him, so yes he will.

Moez dreaming of getting in the ring with Golden Jack Culcay, one of Germany´s best boxers.

Good luck, Moez and looking forward to see you in the ring very soon!


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