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Niclas Elfstedt arranging Galdiator´s Fight Night 27.03.2021 in Malta

The Swedish boxer Niclas Elfstedt will arrange his first boxing event. On Saturday 27th March 2021 it will be in Intercontinental Hotel, St Julains, Malta. On his first event he will not be fighting himself. The Gladiator´s Fight Night will contain three professional boxing bouts.

The Maltese Claire Sammut will get in the ring on an 8 round bout in lightweight. Claire´s opponent is from Iceland, Valgerdur Gudstensdottir. Professional boxing is prohibited in Iceland. Maybe Malta will be the new place for events for boxers from Iceland.

Other fighters in the ring will be boxers from Niclas homecountry Sweden. In heavyweight Pezhman Seifkhani from Örebro, with all his 10 bouts with victories, 7 KOs.

In heavy light we find Marco Calik, 11-1-0, Croatian boxer active in Örebro, Sweden.

Limited event for 100 spectators as a dinner evening.

Good luck, Niclas and all fighters.

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Mario Alfano vs Haithem Laamouz, EBU EU title super featherweight


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Haithem Laamouz fighting EBU title in Rome 04.12.2020

In Rome will Haithem Laamouz, Malta, fight about the EU-title vs Mario Alfano. In Italy the bout is on 12 rounds in super featherweight. Referee Massimo Barrovecchio.

At Boxrec the boxers are ranked #226 and #252. A nice title fight with good matvhmaking.

Haithem is prepared to bring the title to Malta. The Maltese pugilist lived for a while in Australia, where he won titles like New South Wales State Super Light Title, OPBF Super Light Title and Australian Light Title. Back in Malta he won the WBC Mediterranean Super Feather Title. So now The Flash is ready for great EBU title of vacant EBU European Union Super Feather Title.

Wishing Haithem good luck and that both boxers will be healthy and safe.

Friday 4, December 2020event wiki  Palaboxe Aurelio SantoroRomaLazioItaly
super featherMario Alfano15 1 1SHaithem Laamouz16 1 0pro boxingbout wiki
vacant EBU European Union Super Feather Title
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Boxing in Malta 31.07.2020

After the Covid 19 situation boxing events starting slowly up again, with limited audience and like on 31.07.2020 at Monte Kristo in Luqa, Malta as an open-air event. In the ring we will see the strong light heavyweight fighter from Libya living in Malta „The Trigger“ Malik Zinad.

Beside Malik will even his younger brother Moez Zinad make his 3rd professional fight.

The Swedish boxer Clarence Goyeram is now living in Malta, like Niclas Elfstedt, and even Clarence will take part on this event.

On the ladies side we find Claire Sammut (Claire Ciantar) entering the ring as well.

Good boxers on the event arranged by Malik Zinad and Charles Muscat on the 31.07.2020. If you´re in Malta, don´t miss it!

The event will be broadcasted on Libyan TV and an online-stream,

Friday 31, July 2020  Montekristo EstatesHal LuqaMaltacommissionMalta Boxing AssociationpromoterMalik ZinadmatchmakerCharles Muscat
divisionw-l-dlast 6roundsw-l-dlast 6sport
Pending Approval
light heavyMalik Zinad15 0 0S8Remigiusz Woz12 4 1pro boxing 
bantamClarence Goyeram2 0 0S6Lester Cantillano4 36 0pro boxing 
super welterMoez Zinad2 0 0S6William Andres Gomez Vargas3 13 1pro boxing 
super featherClaire Sammut3 6 0S4×2Jaime Wallis Batesdebut
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Patricia Berghult fighting WBC title fight vs Hannah Rankin in Malta

Patricia Berghult

At Hotel Intercontintental in St Julians, Malta, will it be a female title fight in super welterweight between Patricia Berghult, Sweden vs Hannah Rankin.

Hannah Rankin is the champion of IBO. Patricia Berghult has totally 13 fights and is unbeaten. A great fight in Malta on 27.11.2019.

Wednesday 27, November 2019

Hotel IntercontinentalSt JuliansMalta

commission Malta Boxing Association
promoter Prize Boxing Promotion – Demis Tonna
matchmaker Harald Pia
division w-l-d
last 6
rounds w-l-d
last 6
Pending Approval
super welter Hannah Rankin 8 3 0
10×2 Patricia Berghult 13 0 0
pro boxing


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Interview with Christian „Coqqos“ Schembri, middleweight


It was a surprise to meet the middleweight boxer Coqqos, Christian Schembri, in Sweden. He is living in Malta and licensed by MBA, Malta Boxing Association (the EBU Organization of Malta). Christian was telling about his plans to train and sparr abroad in Sweden, Germany, UK etc. Coqqos has solved 19 pro fights and is #184 at boxrec, ID #737821.

Schembri is accepting fights against anyone, fighting in middleweight.

Wishing Christian all the best!



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Malik Zinad fighting in Hamburg at 17.02.2019

DSC09131 Malik.JPG

The promising Libyan boxer Malik Zinad will come to Germany and fight vs Stephane Tchamba. „The Trigger“ Zinad has a record of 11 fights, all victories, 10 KOs. Tchamba is born in Kamerun and now living in Karlsruhe and has made 4 pro fights, won 3 with KO and ranked #287 in light heavyweight.

Malik Zinad is living in Malta and won the WBFed International, at Boxrec #149. The bout vs Tchaba will be battle scheduled of 8 rounds. Venue is at Große Freiheit 36, Hamburg,  promoted of Boxen im Norden.

Malta Boxing Association and Malta are glad to see their boxers fighting around the world.



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Saturday Fight Night 08.12.2018 in Malta


Prize Boxing Promotions continues its FIght Nights in Corradino. On Saturday Fight Night of 8th December will it be 5 professional fights.

The Viking Niclas Elfstedt will continue his career in a 6 rounds bout. Opponent will soon be named.

Bogun,  the Brandon Borg will even do a spectacular fight in Corradino.

Coqqos is going on in middleweight to reach the top. Christian Schembri will be boxing an 8 rounds bout.

So will Lydon Chircup, „Beqqo“, even be back in the ring.

Theon Camileri is also going on with his pro-career.

A greet event of Prize Boxing Promotions. The event is sanctioned by MBA, Malta Boxing Association, the official Maltese EBU-organisation.

Saturday 8, December 2018

Corradino Sports PavilionPaolaMalta

promoter Prize Boxing Promotion – Demis Tonna
division boxer w-l-d
last 6
opponent w-l-d
last 6
middleweight Christian Schembri 13 5 0
super middleweight Niclas Elfstedt 3 1 0
light heavyweight Brandon Borg 3 0 0
super bantamweight Lydon Chircop 2 0 0
super featherweight Theon Camilleri 1 0 0




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Punishment at the Pavillion 22.09.2018, Malta


The Flash, The Bullet, Coqqos and Niclas Elfstedt are the fighters at Prize Boxings Event „Punishment at the Pavillion“ on the 22nd Sept 2018. Venue is Corradino Sports Pavillion in Paola.

Haithem Laamouz will be in the ring vs the Hungarian Mark Szoros, 5-4-0, in a flashing fight.

Kerstin Brown is the quick fighter and he will meet Juan Thomas Santos, 1-3-0. Santos lives in Italy, is born in Cost Rica. The Bullet will rock the venue.

Christian Schembri is moving further and further and is now fighting in middleweight. His opponent this time will be Pal Olah, 9-21-3, from Hungary. Coqqos will reign the canvas.

Niclas Elfstedt will continue his pro career with a bout vs Mimmo Mule, 0-4-0, from Italy. The Swedish boxer is living in Malta.

Furhter will a bout between Stephen Cooke vs Antonio Gualtieni take place in Paola.

MBA is sanctioning the event. Sponsors: Eat Me I´m Famous, Lady Hammer Casino and X FM 100.2.

Saturday 22, September 2018


Corradino Sports PavilionPaolaMalta

promoter Prize Boxing Promotion – Demis Tonna
division boxer w-l-d
last 6
opponent w-l-d
last 6
lightweight Haithem Laamouz 13 1 0
Mark Szoros 5 4 0
middleweight Christian Schembri 12 5 0
Pal Olah 9 21 3
featherweight Kerstin Brown 8 1 0
Juan Tomas Santos 1 3 0
super middleweight Niclas Elfstedt 1 1 0
Mimmo Mule 0 4 0
welterweight Stephen Cooke 1 3 0
Antonio Gualtieri 1 1 0
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Malta is on the map of boxing


At the event in Montekristo in Malta did Chavez Boxing Promotions present great boxing. Maltese boxer Christain Schembri alias Coqqos convinced with a TKO victory vs the Hungarian Gergo Vari.

The Swedish fighter Niclas Elfstedt showed he has punch and knocked out his opponent in the third round.

The Bullet Kerstin Brown was far too quick and good for his opponent and won an unanimous decission of the 6 rounds bout.

Claire Ciantar had a hard fight against Renata Rakoczi. The cloe fight ended with a mayority decission in favour of Rakoczi.

MBA, Malta Boxing Association, do present great shows and we are looking forward to the next upcoming events.

Even famous boxing stars like Christina Hammer do visit boxing events in Malta. We are ecpecting more boxing in Malta!

Saturday 4, August 2018

Montekristo EstatesHal LuqaMalta

middleweight Christian Schembri 158 11 5 0
TKO 5/8 Gergo Vari 158 21 21 1
super featherweight Kerstin Brown 129½ 7 1 0
UD 6/6 Attila Csereklye 129½ 9 14 0
super featherweight Claire Ciantar 127¼ 2 3 0
MD 6/6×2 Renata Rakoczi 128¾ 1 0 0
super middleweight Niclas Elfstedt 167¼ 0 1 0
KO 3/4 Istvan Szucs 159½ 4 9 1
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