EBU celebrated 75 years at General Assembly in Malta

On 13th May hold EBU its General Assembly at Paradise Bay Resort in Mellieha, Malta. The important European Organisation is growing with new members. Turkish Professional Boxing Commission was voted as a new provisional member, the Moldovan Boxing Federation and the Armenian Professional Boxing Council are now full affilated members.

A big theme has always been the health of the boxers, as well during their career as afterwards. To keep an eye on fair fighting standards the title fights has to be wth the same type of gloves for both boxers. A list of approved gloves has been decided. The EBU is not doing this list themselves, so it will be using the list produced by BBBoC. See the list futher down.

The titles with EU and EEU will be replaced with Silver EBU. From 1st Sept 2023 it will only be full EBU (male and female) and the Silver EBU. The rankings will be edited as EBU respective Silver EBU from September 2023. Starting from 1st September 2023, the EBU will approve only the recognized and official gloves (brand + models). The list will be found on the website of EBU.

The Assembly was honoured with a visit from the Ministry of Sports by Mr Graham Bencini, Member of the Parlaiment.

List of approved gloves:

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