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LIVESTREAM Boxing Froch vs Groves II, Sturm vs Soliman II


At London (HBO/Sky PPV): Carl Froch vs. George Groves II
television: United Kingdom SKY Box Office USA HBO Hungary Sport 2 Denmark TV 3 Sport 1 Australia Main Event Sweden TV 10 Norway Viasat Sport

12×3 super middleweight Carl Froch 32(23)-2-0
SC George Groves 19(15)-1(1)-0
IBF super middleweight title (supervisor: Daryl Peoples)
WBA Super World super middleweight title (supervisor: Jesper Jensen)

12×3 lightweight Kevin Mitchell 37(27)-2(2)-0
SC Ghislain Maduma 16(10)-0-0

12×3 super middleweight James DeGale 18(12)-1-0
SC Brandon Gonzales 18(10)-0-1

12×3 bantamweight Jamie McDonnell 23(10)-2-1
SC Tabtimdaeng Na Rachawat 52(34)-2(2)-0
vacant WBA World bantamweight title (supervisor: Jesper Jensen)

8×3 heavyweight Anthony Joshua 5(5)-0-0
SC Matt Legg 7(3)-2(2)-0

4×3 super featherweight Martin Joseph Ward 9(4)-0-0
SC Ian Bailey 11(3)-16(4)-0

4×3 super bantamweight Gamal Yafai 1(1)-0-0
SC Jack Heath 3(2)-5(2)-0

At Krefeld, Germany: Felix Sturm vs. Sam Soliman, rematch
television: Germany SAT1 Australia Main Event

12 middleweight Felix Sturm 39(18)-3(1)-2
SC Sam Soliman 43(18)-11(1)-0
IBF middleweight title (supervisor: Anibal Miramontes)

12 light heavyweight Konni Konrad 20(10)-1-0
SC Mehdi Amar 27(15)-4(1)-1
WBA International light heavyweight title (supervisor: George Martinez)

10×2 flyweight Susi Kentikian 32(16)-2-0
SC Dan-Bi Kim 9(2)-2-1
WBA female flyweight title (supervisor: George Martinez)

10 light middleweight Maurice Weber 19(7)-1-1
SC Renat Samedovi 9(2)-10(7)-1

6 heavyweight Adnan Redzovic 14(4)-0-0
SC Tomas Mrazek 9(5)-46(15)-6

6 middleweight Mike Keta 15(12)-3(2)-0
SC David Tlashadze 12(4)-11(3)-2

6 super middleweight Goekalp Oezekler 15(6)-1(1)-1
SC Attila Kiss 11(2)-69(13)-3

4 middleweight Alex Born 4(1)-0-0
SC Michal Vosyka 2(1)-10(4)-1

4 welterweight Marco Cattikas 13(4)-1-0
SC Yauheni Kruhlik 11(3)-19(2)-3

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National Boxing Awards, Malta Boxing Commission

The Malta Boxing
Commission today announced the winners of the 2nd Annual National
Boxing Awards, held at the Dolmen Hotel & Spa, Bugibba. The winners were
honoured in a black tie evening ceremony hosted by Sandro Micallef sports

Mrs Malta, Elaine Hun
welcomed nominees and attendees to the ceremony. She was joined on stage to
present the awards certificates alongside Marc James, General Secretary of the
Malta Boxing Commission and Founder of the National Boxing Awards (NBA) as well
as representatives from major sponsors. Now in the 2nd year, the National
Boxing Awards showcased an outstanding level of innovation and creativity across
a diverse and growing sport.

“With more than 15 high calibre entries this
year, the competition was stronger than ever and it is a significant achievement
to have been honoured. The NBA would like to warmly congratulate all winners.
The ceremony of awards recognises all those who continue to bring boxing into a
bright future. We aim
that next year’s awards will be honoured in a live televised presentation” Stated Marc James.

Highlights of the
awards were:

Contest of the year Award – Richard Vella V Dino Shields

Sportsmanship Award – Mike Carter

Boxer of the Year Award – Steve Martin

Life Time Achievement Award – Bertu Camilleri

Pound 4 Pound Award – Tyrone Borg

Promotion of the Year – Demis & Doulton Tonna

MBC Special Award – Martin Fenech

MBC Order of Merit Award – Manny Mohammed

The full list of winners and further
information for the 2014 National Boxing Awards is available on the internet by

The Malta Boxing
Commission (MBC) National Boxing Awards was established in 2013. It is the most
prestigious MBC event on the National boxing calendar. Its purpose is to award
members whom embody the Boxing Commission’s five core values, Integrity,
Respect, Responsibility, Sportsmanship and Leadership. These values go well
beyond the boxing playing field and help guide the individual in making good
daily decisions and choices in all aspects of his or her life.
Our Special Sponsors: Party 21 & Jennifer Dimech for the beautiful Mrs Malta, Elaine Hun’s make up and dress. Mediterranean Ceramics for making my design trophy to establish it as the National Awards Trophies. N-TICE Ladies Boutique for the dress worn by Miss. Claire Shephard, Dolmen Hotel, Print Right, BadAss Burgers, Prize Boxing Promotions, Public Broadcasting Services TVM2 and finally our exclusive host and who has had a massive influence on the show, Mr. Sandro Micallef .

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Rakhim Chakhkiev vs Juho Haapoja

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Alexander Povetkin vs Manuel Charr

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Ruslan Chagaev is fighting in Grozny

Saturday 7 June 2014 Grozny, Russia
commission: Professional Boxing Federation Of Russia

12 heavyweight Ruslan Chagaev 32(20)-2(1)-1
SC Fres Oquendo 37(24)-7(2)-0

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Boxing in Russia

Photo: Patrick Nielsen

Sunday 1 June 2014 Arena Mytishchi , Mytishchi, Russia
commission: Professional Boxing Federation Of Russia
promoter: Vladimir Hryunov
television: Denmark 3+

12 middleweight Dmitry Chudinov 12(8)-0-2
SC Patrick Nielsen 22(11)-0-0
interim WBA World middleweight title

10×2 light welterweight Ana Laura Esteche 10(2)-3-1
SC Svetlana Kulakova 9(1)-0-0
WBA female light welterweight title

8 welterweight Ramal Amanov 4-0-0
SC Maykl Ogundo debut

8 cruiserweight Isa Akberbayev 11(7)-0-0
SC Morris Okola 4(2)-0-0

8 cruiserweight Micki Nielsen 13(10)-0-0
SC Igor Pylypenko 4(1)-16(8)-2

Tuesday 3 June 2014 Pervomayskoye, Moscow, Russia
commission: Professional Boxing Federation Of Russia
promoter: Shamir Petrosyan

10 heavyweight Vladimir Goncharov 2(1)-0-0
SC Bedarin Toma 6(3)-2(1)-0

8 light welterweight Vage Sarukhanyan 7(2)-0-0
SC Oleg Korobko 4(1)-1-2

6 welterweight Sevak Bagdasaryan 0-2-0
SC Dmitry Lavrinenko 2(1)-8(5)-0

6 welterweight Egor Bakulin 2(1)-0-0
SC Valere Essomba Ngono debut

4 cruiserweight Grigory Abramyan 2(2)-0-0
SC Florians Strupits 2(2)-27(14)-0

4 welterweight Ararat Arutyunyan debut
SC Romeo Boris Kounou Tsimi debut

4 division Vaginak Tekmedzhan debut
SC Tural Aliev debut

4 division David Agadzhanyan debut
SC Tigran Revazyan debut

Wednesday 4 June 2014 Barnaul, Russia
commission: Professional Boxing Federation Of Russia
promoter: Petr Rubtsov

12 light heavyweight Dmitry Sukhotsky 21(16)-2-0
SC Joey Vegas 16(9)-7(3)-1
vacant WBC Asia Council Continental light heavyweight title

8 cruiserweight Yury Kashinsky 2(2)-0-0
SC Anar Mammadov 6-2-0

8 light middleweight Pavel Mamontov 8(1)-1-2
SC Abdulaziz Matazimov 14(7)-7(3)-0

8 middleweight Karen Avetisyan 8(4)-7(2)-1
SC Vladyslav Yeromenko 1-1-0

8 middleweight Artem Merzlikin 4(3)-0-1
SC Mustafa Katende 10(8)-1(1)-0

6 welterweight Roman Zhailauov 12(8)-0-0
SC Mansur Abdumamatov 5(1)-0-0

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LIVESTREAM Krasnodar, Russia, 23.05.2014


Friday 23 May 2014 Basket Hall, Krasnodar, Russia
commission: Professional Boxing Federation Of Russia
promoter: Vasily Kostenko (SKV Boxing)

12 light heavyweight Sergey Ekimov 10(4)-0-0
SC Mikhail Krinitsin 11(7)-4(2)-2
vacant WBC CIS and Slovenian Boxing Bureau (CISBB) light heavyweight title

12 cruiserweight Dmitry Kudryashov 13(13)-0-0
SC Ivica Bacurin 17(7)-5(1)-1
WBC CIS and Slovenian Boxing Bureau (CISBB) cruiserweight title

10×2 super middleweight Nikki Adler 11(6)-0-0
SC Gifty Amanua Ankrah 3(2)-3(1)-1
WIBA Women’s International Boxing Association super middleweight title (supervisor: Irene Kostenko)
WBC female super middleweight title

10×2 super featherweight Natalia Smirnova 7(4)-0-0
SC Yarkor Chavez Annan 7(3)-6(3)-1
vacant WIBA Women’s International Boxing Association super featherweight title (supervisor: Irene Kostenko)
vacant Universal Boxing Organization (UBO) World female super featherweight title

8 middleweight Aliklych Kanbolatov 7(3)-2(2)-0
SC Vladyslav Yeromenko 1-0-0
vacant Universal Boxing Organization (UBO) International middleweight title

6 light heavyweight Apti Ustarkhanov 4(1)-1-2
SC Dilmurod Satybaldiev 4(2)-0-0

6 welterweight Alexander Sharonov 1(1)-0-0
SC Zamir Zekashev 2-3-2

4 heavyweight Apti Davtaev 5(5)-0-0
SC Roman Mirzoev 2(1)-9(2)-0

4 light heavyweight Andrey Sirotkin 2(1)-0-0
SC Mykhailo Lidovskyy 0-11(4)-0

4 cruiserweight Arbi Madaev 3-1(1)-0
SC Vladyslav Nikitenko 0-3(2)-0

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Fightcard Moscow 30.05.2014, Charr vs Povetkin, Chakhkiev, Trojanovski etc

Friday 30 May 2014 Luzhniki, Moscow, Russia
commission: Professional Boxing Federation Of Russia

12 heavyweight Alexander Povetkin 26(18)-1-0
SC Manuel Charr 26(15)-1(1)-0
vacant WBC International heavyweight title

12 welterweight Aslanbek Kozaev 25(7)-1-1
SC Igor Faniyan 14(7)-7(2)-2
WBC CIS and Slovenian Boxing Bureau (CISBB) welterweight title
12 cruiserweight Rakhim Chakhkiev 18(14)-1(1)-0
SC Santander Silgado 25(20)-1(1)-0
WBC Silver cruiserweight title

6 light welterweight Sergey Lipinets 1-0-0
SC Dzemil Cosovic 3-1(1)-1

6 featherweight Evgeny Smirnov 1(1)-0-0
SC Milan Savic 1-1-1
lightweight Eduard Troyanovsky 17(14)-0-0
SC Anton Bekish 5(4)-10(1)-0



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Schwergewichtler Adrian Granat(e) musste nicht mal explodieren

Nuri Seferi Europameister! Jetzt macht er Marco Huck Druck

Jetzt geht der EC-Boss in die Offensive! „Wir lassen uns nicht länger von Sauerland hinhalten und betteln um einen Kampf gegen Marco Huck“, so Erol Ceylan selbstbewusst nach seinem Kampfabend in der Neugrabener CU-Arena. „Nuri Seferi hat gegen Europameister Tamas Lodi aus Ungarn eine große Leistung gezeigt, den EM-Titel im Cruisergewicht souverän und verdient gewonnen. Respekt, Nuri! Bei der WBO-Convention Ende Oktober in Las Vegas werde ich alles dransetzen, um ihn in der Weltrangliste auf die Poition 1 zu bekommen, damit er der Pflichtherausforderer von Marco Huck wird. Dann gibt es keine Ausreden und kein Hinhalten mehr“.

2200 Zuschauer in der CU-Arena sahen einen bärenstarken Herausforderer Seferi, der 12 Runden lang nach vorn marschierte und Titelverteidiger Lodi immer wieder mit Körper- und Kopfhaken mächtig zusetzte. Aber der Ungar hielt stark dagegen, konnte den „Albanian Tyson“ jedoch nicht stoppen. Das einstimmige Urteil der Punktrichter – 116:112, 118:110, 119:109 für den neuen Europameister aus dem Hamburger EC-Stall.

„Das war wirklich ein harter Junge“, lobte der 37-jährige Seferi seinen Gegner. „Aber er ist ja auch 13 Jahre jünger als ich. Ich wollte die vollen 12 Runden gehen, um zu sehen, wo ich stehe. Allerdings habe ich erst 60 Prozent meiner Möglichkeiten ausgeschöpft. Ich werde jetzt weiter mit Trainer Oktay Urkal an meiner Schnelligkeit, an meiner Schlagkraft arbeiten, damit ich gegen Marco Huck hundert Prozent bringe“.

Wann kann es das Duell Seferi – Huck frühestens geben, Herr Ceylan? „Wenn es auf der WBO-Cionvention so läuft, wie ich es mir vorstelle und wünsche, dann könnten wir Anfang des neuen Jahres kämpfen“. Also eine lange Pause für Nuri? Ceylan: „Nein, auf keinen Fall, wir bleiben aktiv. Ich denke, Nuri wird im September/Oktober seinen nächsten Kampf bestreiten“.

Dann wird auch wieder Schwergewichtler Adrian Granat (23) in den Ring steigen. Der lange Schwede (2,02 Meter) kletterte nach drei vorzeitigen Siegen in Neugraben gegen Andreas Kapp (4 – 2 – 1) in den Ring, hatte allerdings nicht viel zu schlagen. Der Österreicher, über dessen ganze Brust sich eine breite Narbe (Fettreduktion) zog, wirkte wie die ängstliche Maus vor der Schlange, wackelte schon nach den ersten harten Treffern des 108-Kilo-Mannes aus Malmö. Nach nur 150 Sekudnen war schon alles vorbei – T.k.o.-Sieg für Adrian, der offensichtlich das Zeug dazu hat, eine wirkliche Granate im Boxring zu werden.

Klar denn auch, dass EC-Boss Ceylan große Stücke auf seinen Schützling hält. „Ich hätte ihm gern einen stärkeren Gegner besorgt, zum Beispiel Danny Williams, aber alle haben abgesagt. Adrian ist sofort bereit, um die Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaft zu boxen. Das ist ein echt guter Junge. Steffen Kretschmann und Michael Wallisch kann er an einem Abend boxen“.

Noch ein kleines Glanzlicht des Kampfabends: Mittelgewichtler Sebastian Formella! Bei seinem „Heimspiel“ in Neugraben knockte der 22-Jährige den Ungarn Jozsef Kormany in der sechsten und letzten Runde des Kampfes mit einem rechten Haken zum Kopf schwer aus. Die Fans feierten ihren Basti. Ein Grund für EC-Boss Ceylan, demnächst wieder in die CU-Arena zu kommen: „Das kann hier unser neues Wohnzimmer werden“!

Die weiteren Ergebnisse, Supermittel: Butrint Rama (Schweiz) t.k.o. 3. Rd. über Krisztian Megyes (Ungarn), Cruiser: Ehsan Maudodi (München) k.o. i. Rd. über Radek Linka (Tschechien), Sefer Seferi (Schweiz) t.k.o. 1. Rd. über Josef Krivka (Tschechien), Feder: Viorel Simion (Rumänien) PS über Bakhtiyar Iskenderzade (Aserbaidschan), Cruiser: Nikola Milacic (Hamburg) PS über Attila Ficere (Ungarn), Mittel: Jonny Ibramov (Hamburg) PS über Andreas Kölldorfer (Österreich).



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Star-boxing in Malta

1000 lucky spectators saw boxing of a star level in Malta on Friday 16th May in Dolmen Hotel, Bugibba. A great event promoted of Paul Borg EBF. The semi-pro boxers showed that they are on the way to be professionals. It was an event with clean fights and tuff and hard fights. The British boxers were not in Malta to lose and they showed the audience what fighting means. If you have not been to boxing event or do miss to see pure, real fights then use the opportunity to come to Malta. For just a small entrance fee of 25 euro you have the joy to get wine and snacks included while you are enjoying 12 thrilling fights.
Tyrone Borg let us remember how boxing is in the style of Mike Tyson. After only 1 minute 8 seconds the fight was over. The shots from Tyrone were that hard. Zeljan Jesic needed some time to recover, but everything ok. As we only got to enjoy boxing with Tyrone for 68 seconds, I can just recommend you to come to the next event at 27.06.2014 in Naxxar!
Main-fight with Steve Martin was really super! Lovely to see his technique, his speed, the combinations, foot work. Wondering why the punch was missing, declared Steve that his hand was not very in order. In that case, just respect! Anto Nakic had no chance to win points and the fight ended with a KO in the 4th round at 1:10. Congratulations to Steve and Tyrone! Lovely to see this boxers!
The audience did on Friday saw Mario Borg vs Lee Williams. After 50 seconds in the third round it ended with a TKO-win for Mario Borg.
Christian Schembri got a hard going on opponent to fight, Will Fern. Ended as a draw and I think everybody wants to see a rematch. Boxing of good class, clean and both of them with the strong will to win. Do it again guys, please!
Garth Galea vs Alex Ferguson was a thrilling fight, ended with Garth winning on split decision.
Brandon Borg vs Jake Barrett was a great enjoy. Brandon is a talent! He has the technique, the speed, quick legs and good eyes to read his opponent. UD win to Brandon. When will Brandon Borg be a professional boxer? Luckily he is young and can give us lot of good fights to view. Don’t miss to see this guy in the ring!
Etienne Spiteri vs Liam Hayes ended after a real hard fight with a split decision in favour to Spiteri.
Mike Carter vs Mick Beckitt ended with Carter as winner of a SD.
Richard Vella showed who’s the boss in the ring. Great fight of the coming pro Richard Vella!
Another fantastic boxer is even Lydon “Beqqu” Chircop. A lovely fighter to watch. He won against Billy Wilkinson, UD.
Dione Galea had a very close and tuff fight vs James Montgomery. The spectacular fight won Galea on SD.
Marlon Hunt showed that he even is the man to be able to win titles in the Noble Art of Self-defence. Steve Aquilina has a lot of experience and did even make a good clean fight. The fight ended UD in favour of Hunt.
After a long and fantastic fight night with Paul Borg and EBF we are now looking forward to the next event at 27.06.2014 in Ex Triad Fair Grounds, Naxxar. At that event will Steve Martin fight about the International Title of WBF (Foundation) in light welterweight

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