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Results from Amin Asikainens Event in Espoo, Finland

Saturday 30 June 2012    Ringside Gym, Leppavaara, Espoo, Finland

super middleweight    Arne Ernstsen    1(1)-0-0        W    Jevgenijs Andrejevs    1(1)-2-1        TKO    3    4
time: 1:45

light middleweight    Alexander Jacobsen    debut        W    Aleksandrs Radjuks    5(4)-10(3)-2        TKO    1    4
time: 1:09

light middleweight    Ken-Tore Halland    debut        W    Stanislavs Leonovs    4(4)-5(5)-0        TKO    2    4
time: 2:20

light heavyweight    Tim-Robin Lihaug    debut        W    Egidijus Kakstys    3(1)-6(3)-1        TKO    3    4
time: 2:16

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Livestream Boxing Saturday 30.06.2012 at 19.45h (CET)

Livestream Boxing Saturday 30.06.2012 at 19.45h (CET)

Sun 30th Jun: 6.45pm UK, 7.45pm CET, 1.45pm EST

Light Heavyweight Fight

Roy Jones Jr vs Pawel Glazewski

Heavyweight Fight

Artur Szpilka vs Jameel McCline


Rafal Jackiewicz vs Luca Michael Pasqua

Link: GuruTV1 & GuruTV2




Saturday 30 June 2012 Atlas Arena, Lodz, Poland

commission: Polish Boxing Association

promoters: Andrew Wasilewski (12 Round KnockOut Promotion) / Piotr Werner (12 Round KnockOut Promotion)

television: Poland Canal+ Sport PPV


10 rounds cruiserweight Pawel Glazewski 17(4)-0-0

vs Roy Jones Jr 55(40)-8(4)-0


10 rounds heavyweight Artur Szpilka 11(9)-0-0

vs Jameel McCline 41(24)-11(4)-3


10 rounds welterweight Rafal Jackiewicz 41(21)-10(1)-1

vs Luca Michael Pasqua 16(10)-4-1


8 rounds light welterweight Krzysztof Szot 16(5)-2(1)-1

vs Nate Campbell 35(26)-9(2)-1


6 rounds heavyweight Krzysztof Zimnoch 11(8)-0-1

vs Adnan Buharalija 25(17)-13(9)-2


4 rounds welterweight Krzysztof Kopytek 1(1)-0-0

vs Aliaksandr Abramenka 17(6)-31(17)-1


4 rounds heavyweight Marcin Rekowski 2(2)-0-0

vs Henadzi Daniliuk 13(13)-6(4)-0

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Geale kommt nach Oberhausen! 01.09.2012 vs Felix Sturm

Nun ist Ort und Datum festgelegt für den Kampf Felix Sturm vs Daniel Geale, Australien.

Es wird am 01.09.2012 in Oberhausen!

Saturday 1 September 2012    König Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen,
commission: Bund Deutscher Berufsboxer
promoters: Felix Sturm (Sturm Box-Promotion) / Gary Shaw (Gary Shaw Productions) / Bill Treacy (Grange Old School Boxing)
television: Germany SAT1

12 rounds    middleweight    Felix Sturm    37(16)-2(1)-2
vs    Daniel Geale    27(15)-1-0

WBA Super World middleweight title
IBF middleweight title

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HIER: Handy! Internet! All-Net-Flat!

HIER: Handy! Internet! All-Net-Flat!

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Chisora optimistic to win the Thrill against Haye

Chisora and Charles Working Towards Haye Downfall

Following the premier of Haye/Chisora: Beyond The Ropes on BoxNation, (Sky Ch. 456, Virgin Ch. 546), a story came out regarding an altercation that took place in the gym between Dereck Chisora and his trainer Don Charles. The altercation did happen in Chisora’s gym in Finchley, but the pair resolved their differences soon after and are now working hard towards the big heavyweight fight at West Ham United on Saturday 14th July.

Charles, who has trained Chisora to British and Commonwealth titles and a WBC World title challenge, has been associated with Chisora for ten years and the pair have a close and intense, but successful relationship.

Chisora said, “This has been made out to be a big deal because people don’t see what goes on behind the gym doors which is why the BoxNation Beyond The Ropes show will give viewers unbelievable access to the fight. We are always arguing and rowing ahead of fights, it’s nothing new. When a fight as big as this against Haye is coming up, tensions are going to be high because it means everything to me to win. We were both cool again soon after and now we’re focused on beating Haye.”

Charles added, “What’s happened has happened and we’ve moved on from it now. You see incidents like this in other sports when passions are running high like Alex Ferguson and David Beckham a few years ago. I want Derreck to win the fight as there is so much at stake and that is our primary aim.”

Some vastly exaggerated headlines suggest that the fight between Haye and Chisora is in crisis which is certainly not the case with over 28,000 tickets sold and with the fight being televised live in the UK on BoxNation, EPIX in America, Sky Germany and 60 other countries.

Tune in to Haye/Chisora: Beyond The Ropes next Wednesday on BoxNation, (Sky Ch. 456, Virgin Ch. 546) at 7.30pm to see the next thrilling episode.

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Adnan Salihu

Foto-Diashow: Adnan Salihu

Gespräch mit Adnan Salihu, Mittelgewicht.
Adnan Salihu, 8(5)-4(3)-0, hat seinen letzen Kampf am 29.4.2012 in Sturovo, Slowakei,  gewonnen, Punktsieg.
Nun ist es höchst wahrscheinlich das er noch mal in Kurze dort wieder boxt.
Adnan trainiert in Helsingborg, Schweden, mit Trainer Roger Persson.


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Manuel Charr: Hopefully Cologne

Manuel Charr: Hopefully Cologne

About the last fight with Vitali Klitschko before the elections in Ukraine there are more rumors about where it will take part.

Manuel Charr became a contract to fight against Vitali Klitschko. The date is proposed to be at the 8th September. The Olympic Stadium in Kiev was reserved, but it seems like the reservation has benn cancelled. In Kiev the manager of the stadium hold a meeting for the press to declare that they do everything to please Klitschko to use the olympic Stadium for his bout.

Vitali says he has not signed a contract. On the otherhand it makes no sence to negotiate and send a contract to Manuel Charr without the idea to box against him.

Bönte, Klitschko Management, says that the bout will not take part in Kiev. When, where and against who is not perfect yet.

Charr confirmed that the bout is planned at the 8.9.2012 and will take part in the european timezone. Manuel has now his wishes it could be Cologne.

After Wladimirs fight in Bern, Switzerland, at the 07.07.2012 the dates of Vitali Klitschkos fight before the ukrainians elections will be presented. We are all looking forward to get the news!


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Livestream start 20 h Friday 29.06.2012!!

Livestream start 20 h Friday 29.06.2012

Friday 29.06.2012 you can follow the Ranking Fights on livestream at

Here you can read about Karlo Tabaghua:


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Karlo Tabaghua (in Halle am 29.06.2012) um EU Titel bei EBU angesetzt

Figosport: Karlo Tabaghua in Halle 29.06.2012

Der Schwede Karlo Tabaghua steht heute im Ring gegen Marcen Gierke in Halle/Saale.

Der in Georgien geborene Tabaghua ist geplant für einen vacant IBF International welterweight title am 21.09.2012 in Belgien gegen Said Ouali    28(20)-4(2)-0.

EBU hat nun den EU-Titel im Weltergewicht für Karlo Tabaghua, 17(12)-3-0, eingeräumt. Er soll gegen den EU-Meister Rafal JACKIEWICZ boxen.
Deadline für eine Vereinbarung ist bis zum 31.07.2012 festgelegt, danach gehts in Purse-Bid.

Es steht also nun mehrere Titelkämpfe für Karlo vor.


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Video: Karlo Tabaghua vs Wilczewski

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