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Gladiators Fight Night, Malta, 30.03.2022

Malta Boxing Association, MBA, is sanctioning an event at Hilton, St Julians, on the 30th March 2022. A co-promotion between Noel Mercieca and Kamran Kabinejad.

The fightcard is filled up with quality boxers from Sweden. Niclas Elfstedt has convinced his friends in Sweden to come and box in Malta. Beside Niclas we find Pezhman Seifkhani, so it will definitely be an event with great fights.

Fightcard of professional boxing:

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Super-Steve Martin new WBFound Welter World Champion

DSC06290 Steve Martin    DSC06355 coach Shea with Graham Earl

At Hilton in Malta did Vaughan Boxing TV arrange the boxing event Casino Royale. Main-fight was the WBFoundation’s welterweight world title. Steve Martin made his best performance ever and won every single round from all judges. In the 10th round, at 51 seconds, did referee John Gauchi stop the fight. The very experienced Graham Earl, who before told he will enjoy every second of the fight, did certainly not enjoy the fight that much as Super-Steve did.
In this form presented Steve  himself on his very best. It is now time for further and tougher opponents. Looks like Steve is boxing better when he has a good qualified opponent. Normally is Super a slow starter, but not in this bout.
Well done, Steve, and congratulations, champ!


Almost 1000 spectators saw the fantastic event Casino Royale at Hotel Hilton. High class boxing was delivered. Maltese semi-pro’s against excellent boxers from Hungary.
The second pro fight was over after 37 seconds in the 2nd round. Tyrone Borg did it again. He KOed this time Zoltan Feher. El-Terrible is definitely terrible to meet in the ring.

Mandy Cortis presented her best fight ever. Judit Hamberg from Hungary was knocked out in the 4th round of a body shot. In the 3rd round she was even counted. Mandy stayed calm of the intensive fighting Hungarian. This girl is a proud for Malta and it will not take long time as we will see Mandy as a pro.


Christian Schembri did even a fabulous performance. It was close to a KO, but Crikic could stand all the hard punches from Christian. In the 4th round did Christian lose the half of his front teeth. At every round was Schembri moving forwards and before the bell was signing next round stand he prepared to destroy his enemy. No wonder that every judge saw Christian winning every round.

DSC06350  Christian Schembri

The results of the fight night:
Steve „il-Cobra“ Aquillina vs Nur „il-Fire“ Nafuri. Winner: Nafuri UD
Mandy „Golden Girl“ Cortis vs Jude Hamberg. Winner: Cortis KO R4 time 0:59
Mario Gross Borg vs Alex Szakacs. Result: MD draw
Nico Sciberras vs Sanyika Maximillian Turbucz. Winner: Turbucz UD
Christian „ic-Coqqos“ Schembri vs Zoltan Crikic. Winner: Schembri UD
Richard „The Viper“ Vella vs Berki Ferenc. Winner: Vella UD
Tyrone „El-Terrible“ Borg vs Zoltan Feher. Winner: Borg KO R2 time 0:37.
Super Steve Martin vs Graham Earl. Winner: Martin TKO R10 time 0:51

DSC06326 DSC06351 Billy Corito

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Interview Graham Earl

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