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Punishment at the Pavillion 22.09.2018, Malta


The Flash, The Bullet, Coqqos and Niclas Elfstedt are the fighters at Prize Boxings Event „Punishment at the Pavillion“ on the 22nd Sept 2018. Venue is Corradino Sports Pavillion in Paola.

Haithem Laamouz will be in the ring vs the Hungarian Mark Szoros, 5-4-0, in a flashing fight.

Kerstin Brown is the quick fighter and he will meet Juan Thomas Santos, 1-3-0. Santos lives in Italy, is born in Cost Rica. The Bullet will rock the venue.

Christian Schembri is moving further and further and is now fighting in middleweight. His opponent this time will be Pal Olah, 9-21-3, from Hungary. Coqqos will reign the canvas.

Niclas Elfstedt will continue his pro career with a bout vs Mimmo Mule, 0-4-0, from Italy. The Swedish boxer is living in Malta.

Furhter will a bout between Stephen Cooke vs Antonio Gualtieni take place in Paola.

MBA is sanctioning the event. Sponsors: Eat Me I´m Famous, Lady Hammer Casino and X FM 100.2.

Saturday 22, September 2018


Corradino Sports PavilionPaolaMalta

promoter Prize Boxing Promotion – Demis Tonna
division boxer w-l-d
last 6
opponent w-l-d
last 6
lightweight Haithem Laamouz 13 1 0
Mark Szoros 5 4 0
middleweight Christian Schembri 12 5 0
Pal Olah 9 21 3
featherweight Kerstin Brown 8 1 0
Juan Tomas Santos 1 3 0
super middleweight Niclas Elfstedt 1 1 0
Mimmo Mule 0 4 0
welterweight Stephen Cooke 1 3 0
Antonio Gualtieri 1 1 0
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Boxing in Malta at 19.05.2018


Prize Boxing Promotions continue their succesful fight nights with „Locked ´nd loaded“ on Saturday 19th May in Corradino Sports Pavillion, Paola, Malta.

The mainfight will be between Christian „Coqqos“ Schembri vs Richard „Viper“ Vella. The two good friends will get to know who will be the Maltese Champ. Schembri is getting into the ring, coached by the legendary Donny Lalonde. Viper is getting coached from Barry Smith.

Very exciting will be the rematch between Steve „Super“ Martin vs Francesco Lezzi.

Hatihem Laamouz is back on the Rock and he will even rock the event. Laamouz has a succesful boxing career he´s runing in Australia and now he´s back home for this fight.

Worth watching is the quick Maltese boxer Kerstin „The Bullet“ Brown.

The Swedish boxer Niclas Elfstedt living in Malta is fighting his first professional boxing fight!

Pro fights will even be with Lydon „Beqqu“ Chircop and Brandon Borg!

„Locked ´nd loaded“ will be a great boxing event!


Saturday 19, May 2018

 Commission: Malta Boxing Association

Corradino Sports PavilionPaolaMalta

promoter Prize Boxing Promotion – Demis Tonna
division boxer w-l-d
last 6
rounds opponent w-l-d
last 6
super middleweight Christian Schembri 11 4 0
10 Richard Vella 2 1 0
super welterweight Steve Martin 15 5 2
8 Francesco Lezzi 9 11 2
super lightweight Haithem Laamouz 12 1 0
8 Fabrizio Trotta  14-12-3
featherweight Kerstin Brown 5 1 0
super middleweight Niclas Elfstedt debut
super bantamweight Lydon Chircop 2 0 0
super middleweight Brandon Borg 1 0 0


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Great boxing event 30.09.2017 in Malta

30.9.2017 poster

Prize Boxing Promotion are taking next step with Super-Steve on the 30.09.2017. Steve Martin will fight a 10 rouds bout vs Antonio Santoro. A fight in welterweight.

The Maltese boxer Haithem Laamouz is back in Malta from his new homecountry Australia to make a fight at Corradino Sports Pavillon Paola, Malta. Laamouz has a fantastic record of 10 bouts, won all, 4 on KO. Haithem Laamouz has a collecion of belts as he won following titles; Australia – New South Wales State Super Lightweight Title, BBO Balkan Title, OPBF Super Lightweight Title and the Australian Lightweight Title.

Haithem Laamouz will be on a 8 rounds bout vs Mohamed Khalladi. Khalladi is born in Tunisia, now living in Italy, has fought 14 bouts, won 8 and 5 on KO.

Christian Schembri will fight 8 rounds in super middleweight vs Alessandro Ruggiero. „Coqqos“ started his career fighting Scott Dixon and after that close fight he won the rematch. Scott got so upset about his lose that he refused the doping test, which lead to the consequences that the Maltese Doping Authorities suspended Dixon for four years. He is suspended until 2020.

The shooting star The Bullet, Kerstin Brown, will even fight on 30.9. His opponent will be Yuri Sampirisi. In Ukraine Kerstin Brown fought Ihur Magorin, a very experienced boxer with a lot of amateur bouts in his career.

A great female boxing fight we have to enjoy with Diane Schembri vs Claire Ciantar.

It is a real great fightcaad, MBA, Malta Boxing Association, is sanctioning.

division boxer w-l-d
last 6
rounds opponent w-l-d
last 6
welterweight Steve Martin 14 4 1
10 Antonio Santoro 11 5 1
super lightweight Haithem Laamouz 10 0 0
8 Mohamed Khalladi 8 6 0
super middleweight Christian Schembri 9 3 0
8 Alessandro Ruggiero 4 5 1
bantamweight Diane Schembri debut
6×2 Claire Ciantar 2 1 0
featherweight Kerstin Brown 4 1 0
6 Yuri Sampirisi 3 1 1
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Haithem Laamouz fighting 4th Dec


The titlefight of the Australian lightweight championship has ben rescheduled to the 4.12.2016. It should have taken part of the fight night of 30.10.2016 but has been rescheduled to December.

Laamouz´ last fight was in Malta vs Gligoric and Laamouz won the bout and has so even the title of Balkan Boxing Organization, BBO. In June won Haithem vs Sebastian Singh and so he is the Asia champ of WBA.

Next step for the Maltese Haithem Laamouz is now to get the Australian title to win vs Issaka Issaak in December. In Laamouz´ collection of belts he is even the NSW Champion in Australia.

Haithem is ranked #390 at boxrec and his opponent Issah is ranked #196. Does Haithem win this upcoming fight he will take a big step forward in the ranking.


Sunday 4 December 2016

Club Punchbowl, Punchbowl, New South Wales, Australia

promoter: Hannah Nasari (Neutral Corner Promotions)
matchmaker: Paul Nasari (Neutral Corner Promotions)
tickets: Hannah 0411760839 – 2pm start
Lightweight Haithem Laamouz 8 0 0 S Issaka Issah 3 4 0

vacant Australian lightweight title
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Haithem Laamouz won on TKO in R3

                                                                                  Photos: Martin Aguis

At Aria Complex in San Gwann, Malta, could the Maltese boxer Haithem Laamouz collect another belt. In the battle of the Balkan Boxing Organisation vs Borislav Gligoric did Laamouz knock down his opponent in the third round. Gligoric stood up and continued the fight, but as he had no chance to recover his coach trow the towel. Referee John Cauchi stoped the fight and Laamouz won the thrilling fight on TKO. It was a very clean and close fight the first two rounds.

Thanks to manager Dalibor Ban who arranged the BBO title does Laamouz now even has his third belt as a pro boxer. Haithem Laamouz is on his way to the top. He won the WBA Asia vs Sebastian Singh and has even won the New South Wales State Title. Laamouz has moved to Australia to grow in his boxing career and he is doing well on his way.

At the Gladiators Fight Night of Boxing Mania arranged from Mark Calleja and Noel Mercieca did Theon Camilleri from Team Michael Brown win his bout. An exciting bout with the girls Diane Schembri vs Catherine Pipps won by Pipps.

Keith Azzopardi fought a kick-boxing fight and won his fight and got the title of WKN.

The boxing bouts were sanctioned of MBA, Malta Boxing Association.

We are expecting furhter good boxing events in Malta.

MBA_LOGO_B     IMG-20160511-WA0000


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BBO Title in Malta 05.08.2016

The weights have been done and the fights can now start in Malta on Friday 05.08.2016

BBO Titlefight between Borislav Gligoric vs Haithem Laamouz at Aria Complex, San Gwann!

Further Informations:

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Boxing in Malta 05.08.2016


Further Infomration:

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International fights in Malta 05.08.2016


The Maltese boxer Haithem Laamouz won in Sydney at the 02.07.2016 the WBA Asia against Sebastian Singh. Now it´s time for Laamouz to try to get the Balkan Boxing Organisation. He´s fighting Borislav Gligoric at the 05.08.2016 in Malta.

Laamouz has even won the NSW Champion in Australia.


Another thrilling fight will be between Malik Zinad from MBA and the Bosnian Aleksandar Kuvac. On the way to the top for Malik he will now show his quallity versus the very experienced Kuvac.

The Maltese boxers are on their way to put Malta on the boxing map.

As Malta Boxing Association got full membership of EBU and will held the General Assembly of EBU in 2017 we will hear more from Malta as a boxing island!


Friday 5 August 2016

commission: Malta Boxing Association
promoter: Mark Calleja (Boxing Mania)
Super Lightweight Haithem Laamouz 7 0 0 S Borislav Gligoric 4 5 0

Light Heavyweight Malik Zinad 4 0 0 S Aleksandar Kuvac 7 24 0
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Results from Malta 30.05.2015

FB_IMG_1446453676821  FB_IMG_1446453657235

4 rounds cruiserweight
Conor Bolger vs Melvin Micallef
WINNER: Bolger, TKO R2 at 1:43
Ref: Marc James
Judges: Garegin Chekandarian, Edwin Micallef & Hainrich Camilleri


6 rounds supermiddle weight
Gabriele Marteli vs Giovanni Spano
WINNER: Marteli UD
Ref: Marc James
Judges: Garegin Chekandarian 60-54, Edwin Micallef 60-54 & Hainrich Camilleri 60-54

6 rounds super bantamweight
Lydon Chircop vs Dillion Edwards
WINNER: Chircop TKO R1 at 1:59
Ref: Edwin Micallef
Judges: Garegin Chekandarian, Marc James & Hainrich Camilleri

Winner Zinad

6 rounds light heavyweight
Malik Zinad vs Bogoljub Borisev, Serbia
WINNER: Zinad, RSC R2 at 1:22
Ref: Marc James
Judges: Garegin Chekandarian, Edwin Micallef & Hainrich Camilleri

6 rounds super middleweight
Scott Dixon vs Francesco Saladino
WINNER: Dixon TKO R3 at 0:54
Ref: Edwin Micallef
Judges: Garegin Chekandarian, Marc James & Hainrich Camilleri

6 rounds superlight weight
Haithem Laamouz vs Sandor Turbucz
WINNER: Laamouz UD
Ref: Marc James
Judges: Garegin Chekandarian 58-56, Edwin Micallef 59-55 & Hainrich Camilleri 58-56.

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Boxing Malta 30.10.2015

DSC07291The promising prospect Kerstin „The Bullet“ Brown

On Friday 30.10.2015 will it be boxing in Malta again. In Ta Qali at the Basketball Pavilion. Ten Counts Promotion are arranging this event, which is sanctioned of MBA, Malta Boxing Association (member of EBU – European Boxing Union).

Following fights to see:

30.10.2015 Basketball Pavilion, Ta Qali, Malta
Promoter: Ten Count Promotions, Julian Galea & Joe Caruana Currena

6 rounds super lightweight Haithem Laamouz vs Feher Zoltan
6 rounds light heavy Scott Dixon vs Franceco Saladino

6 rounds middleweight Malik Zinad vs Rosario Presti

6 rounds super bantam, Lydon „Beqqu“ Chircop vs TBA

6 rounds middle weight Gabriele Martelli vs Giovanni Spano

6 rounds super bantam Kerstin Brown vs TBA

4 rounds cruiserweight Conor Bolger vs Abner Abela


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