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MBA-boxer The Bullet fights in Kiev on Saturday 22.04.2017

Kerstin Brown winner

The young promising boxer Kerstin Brown from Malta has got his big chance to show the world which speed he has.

On the event on 22nd April in Kiev will Kersin Brown enter the ring vs Ihor Mahurin. The bout is of 8 rounds and The Bullet promise to use this great opportunity in Ukraine.


Saturday 22 April 2017

Parkovy Convention Centre, Kiev, Ukraine

commission: National Professional Boxing League of Ukraine
promoter: Yuriy Ruban (Union Boxing Promotion)
matchmaker: Dmitriy Yeliseev
tickets: +380442230383
Super Bantamweight Oleksandr Yegorov 17 1 1 S Lucas Rafael Baez 30 15 4

WBA Continental super bantamweight title
Flyweight Artem Dalakian 14 0 0 S Luis Manuel Macias 9 4 2

WBA Continental flyweight title
Featherweight Oleg Yefimovych 28 2 1 S Urbano Giuliani 9 1 0

WBA Continental featherweight title
Featherweight Ihor Mahurin 5 0 1 S Victor Bonet 6 0 0

Super Middleweight Igor Kudrytskiy 6 0 0 S Rui Manuel Pavanito 5 4 1

Welterweight Mishiko Beselia 14 0 0 S Valentyn Piven 4 5 0

Super Welterweight Bogdan Onyshchenko 4 0 0 S Bogdan Protsyshyn 8 12 0

Super Middleweight Petro Ivanov 5 0 1 S Volodymyr Romanenko 5 5 0

Welterweight Eduard Skavinskyy 4 0 0 S Anton Kornieiev debut
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Boxing in Malta 25.03.2017


Prize Boxing Promotions presents on Saturday 25.03.2016 the Saturday Night Fever.

Malik Zinad, The Trigger, will fight about the BBO Balkan Title vs Aleksandar Kuvac. In the ring is Super Steve Martin back again. He is in a 8 rounds bout fighting Marco Brignoli.

The great event will even hold a WBU International title fight with Christian Schembri vs Mattia Scaccia.

Kerstin Brown will fight vs Fortunate Bube.

Get your tickets to not miss this evnt!


Saturday 25 March 2017

Corradino Sports Pavilion, Paola, Malta

commission: Malta Boxing Association
promoter: Demis Tonna (Prize Boxing Promotion)
Super Middleweight Christian Schembri 7 2 0 S Mattia Scaccia 3 2 0

Welterweight Steve Martin 12 4 1 S Edoardo Del Vecchio 5 2 0

Light Heavyweight Malik Zinad 7 0 0 S Aleksandar Kuvac 10 30 0

Super Bantamweight Kerstin Brown 2 0 0 S Fortunate Bube debut


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The Bullet fighting 17.09.2016

fb_img_1473508492706 Phtot: Domingo Borg

The promising quick fighting boxer Kerstin Brown will enter the ring on Saturday 17.09.2016 in Malta. It is a pleasure to view Kerstin Brown in the ring.

This time his opponent is Chris Wrong.

After the bout on Saturday will Kerstin fight abroad in Germany. At an event near Hamburg at the 12.11.2016 with titlefights with Maria Lindberg etc will even boxers from MBA be present.

Don´t miss the chance to view all the fights at Aria Complex, San Gwann, the 17.09.2016!


Kerstin Brown vs Lee Clayton

Interview Kerstin Brown with coach


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Super-Steve Martin is back again


Steve „Super“ Martin is training with the legendary coach Barry Smith, who is in Malta, to prepare Steve for his fight on the 17.09.2016. Prize Promotion will arrange an Explosive Event in Malta. The event will be sanctioned by MBA, Malta Boxing Association.

Steve Martin will be in the ring for a bout of 8 rounds.

In 2014 did Steve get the WBFound belt when he won vs Graham Earl on TKO in round 10 in an amazing fight. As the time has past since that this title got vacant.

Further will Christian Schembri, Richard Vella and Kerstin Brown be fighting too. Further information about the Explosive Event will be given soon.

Saturday 17 September 2016

commission: Malta Boxing Association
promoter: Demis Tonna PRIZE Boxing Promotion)
Welterweight Steve Martin 11 4 1 S TBA

Super Middleweight Christian Schembri 5 1 0 S TBA

Light Heavyweight Richard Vella 1 1 0 S TBA



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Haithem Laamouz won on TKO in R3

                                                                                  Photos: Martin Aguis

At Aria Complex in San Gwann, Malta, could the Maltese boxer Haithem Laamouz collect another belt. In the battle of the Balkan Boxing Organisation vs Borislav Gligoric did Laamouz knock down his opponent in the third round. Gligoric stood up and continued the fight, but as he had no chance to recover his coach trow the towel. Referee John Cauchi stoped the fight and Laamouz won the thrilling fight on TKO. It was a very clean and close fight the first two rounds.

Thanks to manager Dalibor Ban who arranged the BBO title does Laamouz now even has his third belt as a pro boxer. Haithem Laamouz is on his way to the top. He won the WBA Asia vs Sebastian Singh and has even won the New South Wales State Title. Laamouz has moved to Australia to grow in his boxing career and he is doing well on his way.

At the Gladiators Fight Night of Boxing Mania arranged from Mark Calleja and Noel Mercieca did Theon Camilleri from Team Michael Brown win his bout. An exciting bout with the girls Diane Schembri vs Catherine Pipps won by Pipps.

Keith Azzopardi fought a kick-boxing fight and won his fight and got the title of WKN.

The boxing bouts were sanctioned of MBA, Malta Boxing Association.

We are expecting furhter good boxing events in Malta.

MBA_LOGO_B     IMG-20160511-WA0000


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Gladiators Fight Night in Hamrum





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Boxing 04.06.2016 Malta


Main boxing fight will be the female boxing fight Mandy Cortis vs Diane Schembri. The first time in the Maltese boxing history that a female fight is the main event. Two very talented girls will thrill the audience.

Further fights will be Christian Schembri vs Mirkko Molsar. Christian Schembri is the promising boxer in Malta in super middleweight. He won his rematch against Scott Dixon and is on his way to the top.

Further promising boxer is Kerstin Brown, alias The Rocket.

A great fight night!


The event is sanctioned of the only Maltese association and member of KMS, the Malta Sport Authority, Malta Boxing Association. MBA is even member of EBU.



Saturday 4 June 2016

 Commission: MBA, Malta Boxing Association
promoter: Mark Calleja
matchmaker: Mark Calleja
Super Middleweight Christian Schembri 3 1 0 S Mirkko Moisar 4 1 0
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Videos: Boxing in Malta 20.02.2016

Claire Ciantar vs Diane Schembri:

Kerstin Brown vs William Lee Barnes:

Luke Hewitt vs Jason Micallef:

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Kerstin „The Bullet“ Brown is fighting 20.02.2016 Malta

Kerstin Brown

The young prospect Kerstin Brown is hungry and wants to fight so often as he just can.

At Gladiators event on the 20.02.2016 he will be meeting William Lee Barnes in a 6 rounds bout.



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Prize Boxing´s next event at 11.03.2016 in Bugibba, Malta


Friday 11.03.2016 will Demis and Doulton Tonna present Prize Boxing´s next event. It will be international boxers in title fights as well.

A rematch between Scott Dixon and Christian Schembri is planned. Last time it was a very close fight which Dixon won on a split decision. This time will the Fight Factory boxer Schembri show that he has learned more and wants to beat Super-Scott. Schembri showed that he has the condition for 10 rounds. Will Scott be more active this time or has Schembri even grown in his boxing-career? A high explosive battle we can expect.

As well we can expect that the event in Dolmen Hotel, Bugibba, will be sold out.

Further boxers will be Richard „The Viper“ Vella in a 6 rounds bout in supermiddleweight, 6 rounds bout in featherweight with Lydon Chircop, 4 rounds supermiddleweight with Shaun Falzon and 6 rounds featherweight Kerstin „The Bullet“ Brown vs TBA.

Further information shortly.

The event is sponsored from Eat Me I´m Famous.

The event will be sanctioned by MBA, Malta Boxing Association, the pure Maltese sanction body, even member of EBU and KMS, Malta´s Council for Sport.

MBA_LOGO_B  EBU logo  kunsillmaltignallisport


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