International fights in Malta 05.08.2016


The Maltese boxer Haithem Laamouz won in Sydney at the 02.07.2016 the WBA Asia against Sebastian Singh. Now it´s time for Laamouz to try to get the Balkan Boxing Organisation. He´s fighting Borislav Gligoric at the 05.08.2016 in Malta.

Laamouz has even won the NSW Champion in Australia.


Another thrilling fight will be between Malik Zinad from MBA and the Bosnian Aleksandar Kuvac. On the way to the top for Malik he will now show his quallity versus the very experienced Kuvac.

The Maltese boxers are on their way to put Malta on the boxing map.

As Malta Boxing Association got full membership of EBU and will held the General Assembly of EBU in 2017 we will hear more from Malta as a boxing island!


Friday 5 August 2016

commission: Malta Boxing Association
promoter: Mark Calleja (Boxing Mania)
Super Lightweight Haithem Laamouz 7 0 0 S Borislav Gligoric 4 5 0

Light Heavyweight Malik Zinad 4 0 0 S Aleksandar Kuvac 7 24 0
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