Mikaela Laurén fights against „The Empress“ in Sundsvall

In Sundsvall, Sweden, will Verena Kaiser, „Die Kaiserin“  fight against Michaela „Destiny“ Laurén about the World Championship of IBO in superwelter weight.  An interesting match-making. Mikaela is very experienced and had fought the best boxers in the female scene, like Cecilia Braekhus, Christina Hammer and Klara Svensson. 34 bouts with 29 victories and 13 KOs on her record.

Verena Kaiser is starting up her career with 10 bouts as a pro, won all and the half with KO. Two tough fighters, this is a real good bout!

The fightard in Sundsvall is just fantastic. Adrian Granat vs Otto Wallin will tell us who is the best in heavyweight in Sweden. The winner will be the EBU-EU Champ. Otto Wallin is seen fom the mayority as the better one, but Adrian will certainly be highly motivated as he nowadays has Jonathan Banks as his coach. Granat „The Pike“ is a hard-hitting boxer and if he get through the guard of Wallin, it will be dangerous. 15 victories we have on the reocrd of Granat with 14 KOs, so it is definitely Dynamite in the hands of Adrian.

Sven Fornling takes care about Karel Horejsek in a bout of 10 rouds.

Oliver Flodin is a boxer to keep your eyes on. He has a remacable lot of experience as an amateur boxer with 200 bouts.



Saturday 21, April 2018

Gaerdehov Icehockey ArenaSundsvallSweden

commission Swedish Pro Boxing Commission
promoter Nisse Sauerland (SPAG)
heavyweight Otto Wallin 19 0 0
12 Adrian Granat 15 1 0
light heavyweight Sven Fornling 13 1 0
10 Karel Horejsek 12 8 3
super welterweight Mikaela Lauren 29 5 0
10×2 Verena Kaiser 10 0 0
super welterweight Simon Henriksson 5 1 0
6 Mikkel Nielsen 4 0 0
light heavyweight Robin Safar 5 0 0
6 Josip Perkovic 4 4 1
middleweight Oliver Flodin 2 0 0
6 Daniel Pilc 3 2 1
super middleweight Rocco Wadell 4 0 0
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