Dimitrenko will defend his title


Alexander Dimitrenko will defend his title of IBF International. Sascha will meet the winner of the Battle of the Vikings. In Sundsvall Otto Wallin will fight against Adrian „The Pike“ Granat. The bout of 12 rounds in heavyweight is the fight of the European Union Champion of EBU-EU.

So it can be a rematch between Dimitrenko vs Granat. Adrian Granat, the hard-hitting fighter from Malmö, is in Detroit at a training camp with his new coach Jonathan Banks.

A lot of experts are holding at the moment Otto Wallin as the better boxer. Anyhow it will be a real battle in Sundsvall at 21.04.2018.

ECB boss Erol Ceylan informs that the winner will fight vs Alexander Dimitrenko.

About which title is still in the discussion. To fight a EBU title Sascha has to lay down his IBF International. Otherwise has the Swedish boxer to lay down his EBU title if it will be a bout of the IBF title. It is something going on the boxing scene.

Dimitrenko has been on a traing camp as well, in Russia he sparred Alexander Povetkin. So Sascha has won motivation and will be in a good shape for his next fight.


Wallin vs Granat

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