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Mikaela Laurén destroyed Ivana Habazin


Almost at home, just a few houndred metres from Mikaela´s apartment, the champion dominated the threee rounds until the referee has seen enough. Mikaela Laurén was hard hitting Habazin the whole time. Mikaela „Destiny“ Laurén won on TKO in round 3.

Before at the weights Mikaela showered her opponent with water. Mikaela meant that Ivana was too hot and needed to be cold down. Ivana just stayed cool, her coach threated Laurén that she will regret it and be punished in the ring.

Even a lot of people in Sweden got upset of showering the opponent. Klara Svensson was the most upset and told the presse that they just kiss the ass of Mikaela too much. Klara found it a disrespect, unfair and no way how to behave as a sportsman. Klara Svensson took place in the corner of Habazin to let Laurén and evryone else know who Klara is supporting.

For Mikaela it was just a joke and some water is normal as she is a former swimmer, she told.

After the bout did Mikaeal apologize Habazin for her joke, in case somebody got upset about it.

The dispute between Mikaela Laurén and Klara Svensson escalted even after the bout. Klara said that Mikaela has no good manners. Mikaela just answered cool that it was just some water and Klara is just jealous

Klara Svensson, the good technical boxer and Mikaela Laurén the hard hitting boxer do really hate each other. Their next bout will be to meet each other in the ring. It will be either in Stockholm or Malmö.

Sauerland has confirmed that they will arrange the fight. These bout electrify whole Sweden.

Cecilia Braekhus commented that Mikaela Laurén can still not box. Anyhow did Mikaela stop Habazin after just 3 rounds. Braekhus need 10 rounds to win on UD against Habazin.

The winner between Svensson vs Laurén will be challenging Braekhus, informs Sauerland.

The question is if Palle Mogens will get the fight Maria Lindberg vs Cecila Braekhus. Braekhus will for sure prefer to fight Laurén or Svensson.

Maria Lindberg would even love to fight Mikaela Laurén. Laurén is willing but afraid of getting punished of the SBF, the Swedish Boxing Federation, because of their suspensions against Maria Lindberg.

BREAKING NEWS: Ivana Habazin declaring she is retiring from professional boxing on her Facebook site!

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Results from Montenegro, Jovo Pudar won

Saturday 22 September 2012 Hala sportova Niksic, Niksic, Montenegro
heavyweight Jovo Pudar 28(16)-3-0 W Raphael Zumbano Love 32(25)-5(1)-1 UD 12 12
PABA heavyweight title

middleweight Mamadou Thiam 49(46)-10(9)-0 L Milorad Zizic 6(2)-0-0 UD 8 8

welterweight Ivana Habazin 9(5)-0-0 W Suzana Radovanovic 1-10(1)-0 PTS 8 8

light welterweight Petar Zivkovic 12(6)-0-0 W Imre Simon 3(1)-10(6)-0 TKO 3 6

cruiserweight Ivica Bacurin 17(7)-3(1)-1 W Attila Makula 6(3)-10(6)-0 PTS 4 4

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