The female fight of the Year 10.09.2016


This fight electrify whole Sweden. These two girls just do NOT like each other.

The dispute exploded as Mikaela Laurén let the water from her bottle all over Ivana Habazin at the weights in April in Stockholm. Klara Svensson got very upset and shouted how unfair and disrespect Mikaela shows her opponent. At the fight did Klara Svensson stand in the corner of the Croatian Habazin to show her sympathy with Ivana.

Mikaela justified that it was only water and that she´s orignally a swimmer. Mikaela told that she found Ivana too hot and she just wanted to cold down her.

Mikaela is the female boxer who knows how to get publicity. In Germany at the weights 2013 she kissed her opponent Christina Hammer.

Klara Svensson has an impressing record as an amateur boxer. The difference of two weight-classes has the girls agreed to meet in the middle, it means in welter-weight.

A high explosive fight and all experts in Sweden are agreeing, no one knows who will win!




At the pre-press conference sprayed Mikaela mosquito spray around Klara. Her intention is that Klara has no power, hitting just like a little mosquito.

Saturday 10 September 2016

commission: Swedish Pro Boxing Commission
promoter: Nisse Sauerland (SPAG)
tickets: (+46) (0)771-310000
Welterweight Mikaela Lauren 27 3 0 S Klara Svensson 16 1 0

interim WBC World female welterweight title
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