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Pulev fights 3.12.2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria


Kubrat Pulev (23-1, 12 KOs) has predicted a strong and spectacular victory for Bulgaria when he faces former World Champion Samuel Peter (36-5, 29 KOs) in his long awaited homecoming fight on December 3 in Sofia.

The current European Champion has completed his preparations in Berlin, and will fly home to Bulgaria later today ahead of his WBA Intercontinental title challenge, which will take place in front of 15,000 fans at the Arena Armeec.

Pulev says he is pleased with his preparations, and is eager to inspire a new generation of Bulgarian boxers when he steps through the ropes on Saturday night. We caught up with ‘The Cobra’ following one of his final sparring sessions.

How have your preparations been for the fight with Samuel Peter?

‘’We have been working hard and I am very happy with my preparations. It is now in the final phase and we have just completed our sparring. I’ve had three sparring partners, including one from Belarus who is World Champion in chess boxing. No one has been able to beat him for seven years! I can deal with him in the ring, but I have no chance against him when it comes to chess!’’

This will be your fourth fight with coach Ulli Wegner in your corner, how has he helped you to develop?

‘’Mr Wegner has a great eye for detail and a tremendous knowledge of boxing. Together we work hard to eliminate any small errors and to improve my strengths.’’

Do you believe Ulli Wegner is the right man to lead you to World title success?

‘’Yes, I do. He has great experience and has helped turn many boxers into World Champions. Now we have gotten to know each other better it has become easier to work together, and in future our partnership will only improve.

There has been a lot of excitement since it was announced you would be fighting in Sofia, how important for you is the support of the Bulgarian people?

‘’For years, it has been my dream to fight at home in Bulgaria, and in just a few days this dream will come true. I want to make my countrymen proud, and to give all the Bulgarian people, who couldn’t afford to travel abroad to see my fights, the chance to come and watch me live in Sofia, my hometown and the capital of my lovely country.’’

Do you hope this will be the first of many fights in Bulgaria?

‘’Yes, I do hope this boxing gala is just the first of many more in Bulgaria. For me, boxing is a beautiful sport, which should be used to help educate. It’s an act of pure beauty, and I hope this beauty will win the hearts of as many children as possible, and that we can inspire them to start training, and to work hard and sacrifice so they can become the next generation of champions.’’

Finally, do you have a prediction for the fight?

‘’My only prediction is a strong and spectacular victory for Bulgaria!’’

Kubrat Pulev faces Samuel Peter for the WBA Intercontinental Heavyweight title on December 3 at the Arena Armeec in Sofia. Tickets are available via

Saturday 3 December 2016

Arena Armeec, Sofia, Bulgaria

commission: Bulgarian Boxing Union

Heavyweight Kubrat Pulev 23 1 0 S Samuel Peter 36 5 0

vacant WBA Inter-Continental heavyweight title
Heavyweight Otto Wallin 16 0 0 S Raphael Zumbano Love 39 13 1

Super Middleweight Tim Robin Lihaug 15 2 0 S Gergo Horvath 9 2 1

Cruiserweight Tervel Pulev debut S TBA

Super Middleweight Denis Radovan debut S Jozsef Racz 7 11 1
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LIVESTREAM: Felix Sturm vs Sam Soliman etc

Sam vs Felix wiegen     Susi w   Born vs wiegen    wiegen x vx

LIVESTREAM: Felix Sturm vs Sam Soliman etc


Felix Sturm ( 72,50 ) kg vs Sam Soliman ( 72,50 ) kg

Susi Kentikian ( 50,50 ) kg vs Sanae Jah ( ) kg

Patrick Dobroschi ( 79,20 ) kg vs Lolenga Mock ( 79,00 ) kg

Maurice Weber ( 69,80 ) kg vs Mariusz Biskupski ( 69,80 ) kg

Adnan Redzovic ( 104,00 ) kg vs Niko Falin ( 96,00 ) kg

Alex Born ( 76,20 ) kg vs Rafal Raczynski ( 76,20 ) kg

Magomed Yangubaev ( 63,50 ) kg vs Suleyman Dag ( ) kg

Arman Torosyan vs Marcen Gierke


Friday 1 February 2013      ISS Dome, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

super middleweight    Alex Born    1-0-0        W    Rafal Raczynski    0-1-1        TKO    2    4

light welterweight    Magomed Yangubaev    6(2)-0-1    W    Suleyman Dag    9(4)-39(27)-0    TKO    1    4

light heavyweight    Patrick Dobroschi    13(4)-1(1)-3  L    Lolenga Mock    30(12)-13(1)-1     UD    8    8

light middleweight    Maurice Weber    16(5)-1-1    W    Mariusz Biskupski    19(8)-24(13)-1    UD    6    6

heavyweight    Adnan Redzovic    9(3)-0-0        W    Niko Falin    3(2)-1(1)-0        UD    6    6

light middleweight    Arman Torosyan    5(4)-0-1   W  Marcen Gierke    10-48(18)-2   UD  6  6

flyweight    Susi Kentikian    29(16)-2-0    W    Sanae Jah    7(2)-0-0    UD   10×2  (USA: 99-90,5 / IT 98-93 / B 97,5-92) INTERIM CHAMPION  WBA female flyweight title

middleweight    Felix Sturm    37(16)-3(1)-2  L  Sam Soliman    42(17)-11(1)-0   UD   12    12 (116-111. 114-113, 114-113)

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Photos: Felix Sturm vs Sam Soliman press conference

Photos: Dirk Arnold

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Biskupski vs Weber at undercard in Düsseldorf


Mariusz Biskupski, 19(8)-24(13)-1, from Poznan, Poland, will meet Maurie Weber at the undercard of Felix Stum vs Sam Soliman at 01.02.2013 in Düsseldorf. Biskupski has a lot of experience and Weber has to count with that Mariusz is not coming just to be bought as a loser. Biskupski has been in the ring with Naoufel Ben Rabeh, Ante Bilic, Karlo Tabaghua, Cagri Ermis and Gökalp Özekler.  mariusz Biskupski is ranked #276 and Maurice Weber at #145.

The mainbout Felix Sturm vs Sam Soliman is a 5 Star fight and Susi Kentikian vs Anastasia Toktaulova is  3 Star fight.



Sturm Soli.A-g0WrXCYAEdlnl.jpg large

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Win tickets to Sturm vs Soliman!


Tickets zum Fight von Felix Sturm gewinnen unter, oder Good Luck !


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Sturm vs Soliman

Info & Tickets:


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Sturm vs Soliman at 01.02.2013 in Düsseldorf

Sturm Soli.A-g0WrXCYAEdlnl.jpg large

Friday 1 February 2013     ISS Dome, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
commission: Bund Deutscher Berufsboxer
promoter: Felix Sturm (Sturm Box-Promotion)
tickets: +49-1805-570000
television: Australia Main Event   Germany SAT1

12 rounds    middleweight    Felix Sturm    37(16)-3(1)-2
vs    Sam Soliman    42(17)-11(1)-0
Elimination of IBF middleweight

10×2 rounds    flyweight    Susi Kentikian    29(16)-2-0
vs   Anastasia Toktaulova    14(2)-11(1)-0
interim WBA female flyweight title

8 rounds    light heavyweight    Patrick Dobroschi    13(4)-1(1)-3
vs   Lolenga Mock    30(12)-13(1)-1

6 rounds    light middleweight    Maurice Weber    16(5)-1-1
vs    Mariusz Biskupski    19(8)-24(13)-1

6 rounds    heavyweight    Adnan Redzovic    9(3)-0-0
vs   Niko Falin    3(2)-1(1)-0

4 rounds    super middleweight    Alex Born    1-0-0
vs    Rafal Raczynski    0-1-1

4 rounds    light welterweight    Magomed Yangubaev    6(2)-0-1
vs    Suleyman Dag    9(4)-39(27)-0

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