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Boxing in Hamburg 20.12.2014

20.12.2015 HH

Ismail Özen will fight on the 20.12.2014 in Hamburg. In his corner we will find his coach Khoren Gevor.
Further will Abel Gevor fight as even Timur Dugazaev.
Watching the fight night will Ruslan Chagaev do as other well-known in the boxing-szene.

Interview Abel: https://leifpm.co/2014/01/14/interview-abel-gevor-2/

Article: https://leifpm.co/2014/11/06/boxer-ismail-ozen-on-peace-mission-in-kobani-against-isis/

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Boxer Ismail Özen on peace-mission in Kobani against ISIS

10670158_837387022991201_1834370319686168145_n    1506654_837416189654951_4887892394280543990_n    11022_836954233034480_8256977805157620826_n


The light heavy boxer Ismail Özen is not only brave in the ring. He went to a peace-mission to Kobani in Syria close to the Turkish boarder.

On Saturday 1.11.2014 was Ismail fighting in Karlsruhe, Germany. He won his fight against Alexsandra Jankovic.



Kobani was attacked with bombs from the terrorists even during Ismail´s visit in Kobani. It has been injured and killed people since Ismail arrived.

A very brave mission of Ismail. I am proud to be his friend!

Make peace not war!


10255812_836885939707976_331144616992619571_n     10383534_836972793032624_2583731965422593643_n



Article:  http://www.mopo.de/nachrichten/ismail-oezen–33–profi-boxer-kaempft-gegen-die-kopf-abschneider,5067140,28310618.html

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Mo Hazuev won in Lübeck


At the fight night in Lübeck won Mohamed Hazuev his fight with KO in Round 1! Congratulations, Mo!
Özlim Sahn won her fight as even Ismail Özen won on KO in the last round of his bout.


The promoter Rolf Neumann of the event was declared died during the fight night in Lübeck. He left shortly the event and did never return back as he should pay the purses. At the event it was declared after Özlim Sahin´s bout that Neumann died in a traffic accident!
Boxwelt.com tells about the story, which seems to be very strange. It was a low numbers of spectators at the event in Lübeck, around 100-200 spectators only. There are signs that Rolle Neumann is still alive. The police has no report of death in traffic accident that night and the mobile of Rolle was swift off at midnight but was shortly on again about 2.30 am.
An event which involves WBU (German version) and sanctioned by BDF.
At the event in Malta on Friday was even a WBU title fight with Scott Dixon and sanctioned by BDF. The doctor tells that there is at the hospitals in Malta no MRI done the last two years of Scott Dixon. Even his blood test was not finally cleared, tells the sport doctor Mark Xuereb. How BDF let the fight be sanctioned is even strange. Gianluca di Caro and Marc James, both MBC, are investigating in this case.

Articles: http://leifpm.com/2014/04/19/boxing-in-lubeck-germany-26-04-2014/


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Boxing in Lübeck, Germany 26.04.2014


Saturday 26 April 2014 Hansehalle, Luebeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
promoter: Rolf Neumann (RNBP Box-Promotion)

10 cruiserweight Leon Harth 7(4)-0-0 SC TBA

8 light middleweight Arman Torosyan 11(9)-0-1 SC TBA

6 middleweight Florian Wildenhof 17(7)-3(2)-0 SC TBA

6×2 minimumweight Oezlem Sahin 16(5)-0-1 SC TBA

6 super middleweight Daniel Knieps 29(14)-1-1 SC TBA

6 middleweight Chris Herrmann 18(9)-4(4)-1 SC TBA

6 light heavyweight Ismail Oezen 9(8)-1(1)-0 SC TBA

4 cruiserweight Mohamed Soltby 2(2)-0-0 SC TBA

4 cruiserweight Helge Rippe 1-0-0 SC TBA

4 light heavyweight Nils Schmidt 2(1)-0-0 SC TBA

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Boxing in Hamburg 23.11.2013


Boxing in Hamburg 23.11.2013

Ismail Özen vs

Juan Carlos Gomez vs

Leon Harth vs

Yavuz Kelez vs

Abel Gevor vs

TV: http://www.hamburg1.de/sport/Am_Sonnabend_fliegen_die_Faeuste-19086.html?fb_action_ids=640469776016261&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%7B%22640469776016261%22%3A464586463661625%7D&action_type_map=%7B%22640469776016261%22%3A%22og.likes%22%7D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D

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Boxing in Germany 21.09.2013

Ismail Özen.8392176669_c500c31e93
Ismail Özen
Saturday 21 September 2013 IFCO Arena, Koepenick, Berlin, Germany
commission: German Boxing Association
promoter: Redzo Dedeic (Kety Box Promotion)
matchmaker: Uwe Gorecki

12 rounds light middleweight Ronny Gabel 15(12)-5(2)-1
vs Marcin Cybulski 5(5)-2-2

12 rounds middleweight Ronny Mittag 19(9)-1-1
vs Andrei Abramenka 19(4)-3(1)-2
vacant IBF East/West Europe middleweight title

6 rounds super middleweight Ismail Oezen 6(6)-1(1)-0
vs Josef Obeslo 4(2)-12(2)-1

6 rounds heavyweight Robert Teuber 8(7)-0-0
vs TBA

6 rounds cruiserweight Rene Huebner 35(20)-19(6)-2
vs TBA

6 rounds cruiserweight Kai Kurzawa 29(21)-4(1)-0
vs Patrick Linkert 3(1)-4(2)-1

6 rounds heavyweight Manuel Reuss 0-5(4)-0
vs Ali Ibrahim Kujaschewski 6(6)-0-0

6 rounds light welterweight Nico Schroeder 6(4)-11(8)-1
vs TBA
vacant Germany GBA middleweight title

6 rounds light middleweight Mathias Zemski 9(2)-1-0
vs TBA

6 rounds light welterweight Felix Lamm 5(3)-1-0
vs TBA

IMG_6355 Kai Kurzawa

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Fightcard 09.03.2013 Hamburg mit Bejaran


Saturday 9 March 2013     CU Arena, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
commission: Bund Deutscher Berufsboxer
promoter: Wjatscheslaw Tschibisow (ITS Promotion)

10 rounds    light middleweight    Ali Mammadov    10(2)-1-0
vs    Nico Salzmann    13(3)-7-3

10 rounds    middleweight    Sherzod Husanov    17(8)-0-1
vs    Armand Cullhaj    12(7)-3(1)-3

10 rounds    light heavyweight    Ismail Oezen    6(6)-1(1)-0
vs    TBA

10 rounds    light middleweight    Andreas Reimer    8(7)-10-2
vs    Predrag Kovacevic    1(1)-0-0

8 rounds    heavyweight    Alexander Petkovic    45(24)-4(3)-4
vs    Gaza Nemeth    0-2(2)-0

8 rounds    heavyweight    Alexander Dimitrenko    33(21)-2(1)-0   #17
vs   Ivica Perkovic    19(14)-18(7)-0   #342

8 rounds    middleweight    Rafael Bejaran    14(6)-2-0
vs    Tomas Kugler    12(7)-28(10)-1

6 rounds    light heavyweight    Konni Konrad    18(9)-1-0
vs    TBA

4 rounds    super middleweight    Vincent Feigenbutz    3(3)-1(1)-0
vs    Attila Korda    3(3)-0-0


Fightcard ITS

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Petkovic is fighting at 09.03.2013 in Hamburg


Saturday 9 March 2013     CU Arena, Harburg, Hamburg, Germany
commission: Bund Deutscher Berufsboxer
promoter: Wjatscheslaw Tschibisow (ITS Promotion)

10 rounds    middleweight    Sherzod Husanov    17(8)-0-1
vs    Fatjon Murati    13(3)-2-2

10 rounds    middleweight    Stefan Lutter    2-0-0
vs    Armand Cullhaj    12(7)-3(1)-3

10 rounds    light heavyweight    Ismail Oezen    6(6)-1(1)-0
vs    TBA

10 rounds    light middleweight    Andreas Reimer    8(7)-10-2
vs    Predrag Kovacevic    1(1)-0-0

8 rounds    heavyweight    Alexander Dimitrenko    33(21)-2(1)-0
vs    TBA

8 rounds    heavyweight    Alexander Petkovic    45(24)-4(3)-4
vs    Gaza Nemeth    0-2(2)-0

4 rounds    super middleweight    Vincent Feigenbutz    3(3)-1(1)-0
vs    Attila Korda    3(3)-0-0



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Özen gets revenge at 13.04.2013 in Frederikshavn

Ismail Özen.8392176669_c500c31e93

Ismail Özen will take revenge at 13.04.2013.  Even as he had pains in his back, he didn´t want to cancel the fight in Esbjerg. The result was not positive, he lost the fight. In Frederikshavn will Özen meet Obeslo again in a rematch.

At the 09.03.2013 will Özen be in the ring in Hamburg at the CU Arena in Harburg.

The Nordic Fight Night will once again feature the very best of Nordic boxing, with further fights announced shortly. Tickets are on sale at http://www.arenanord.dk.

Saturday 13 April 2013 Arena Nord, Frederikshavn, Denmark
commission: Dansk Professionelt Bokse-Forbund
promoter: Nisse Sauerland (SPAG)
matchmaker: Hagen Doering
television: Denmark 3+,  Sweden TV 10,   Poland PolSat Sport
12 rounds    cruiserweight    Mateusz Masternak    29(21)-0-0
vs    Sean Corbin    15(10)-3(3)-0
vacant WBC International Silver cruiserweight title

10×2 rounds welterweight Cecilia Braekhus ”First Lady” 21(5)-0-0
vs Mia St John 47(18)-12(3)-2
WBA female welterweight title
WBO female welterweight title
WBC female welterweight title

10 rounds light heavyweight Erik Skoglund 15(9)-0-0
vs Luke Blackledge 13(5)-0-1
vacant WBC Youth World light heavyweight title

6 rounds super featherweight Dennis Ceylan 4(2)-0-0
vs Cristian Montilla „Pluto“ 3(2)-3(2)-0

6 rounds light heavyweight Ismail Özen 6(6)-1(1)-0
vs Josef Obeslo 3(1)-8(2)-1

6 rounds light middleweight Torben Keller 6(2)-0-1
vs Terry Carruthers 13(1)-14(6)-6

4 rounds light heavyweight Kristoffer Storm 1-0-0 vs Simen Smaadal 4(2)-0-0

4 rounds    light heavyweight    Tim-Robin Lihaug    3(2)-0-0
vs    Oscar Ahlin    6(6)-0-0

6 rounds cruiserweight Micki Nielsen 6(5)-0-0 vs TBA

4 rounds    welterweight    Anthony Yigit    debut
vs    TBA

4 rounds lightweight Rashid Kassem debut
vs TBA

Article: http://www.boxen-heute.de/aktuell/boxen-news/profiboxen/4105-ismail-oezen-re-match-nach-verletzungsbedingter-niederlage.html



Video: http://leifpm.com/2013/02/10/video-ismail-ozen-vs-josef-obeslo/

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Video: Ismail Özen vs Josef Obeslo

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