Mo Hazuev won in Lübeck


At the fight night in Lübeck won Mohamed Hazuev his fight with KO in Round 1! Congratulations, Mo!
Özlim Sahn won her fight as even Ismail Özen won on KO in the last round of his bout.


The promoter Rolf Neumann of the event was declared died during the fight night in Lübeck. He left shortly the event and did never return back as he should pay the purses. At the event it was declared after Özlim Sahin´s bout that Neumann died in a traffic accident! tells about the story, which seems to be very strange. It was a low numbers of spectators at the event in Lübeck, around 100-200 spectators only. There are signs that Rolle Neumann is still alive. The police has no report of death in traffic accident that night and the mobile of Rolle was swift off at midnight but was shortly on again about 2.30 am.
An event which involves WBU (German version) and sanctioned by BDF.
At the event in Malta on Friday was even a WBU title fight with Scott Dixon and sanctioned by BDF. The doctor tells that there is at the hospitals in Malta no MRI done the last two years of Scott Dixon. Even his blood test was not finally cleared, tells the sport doctor Mark Xuereb. How BDF let the fight be sanctioned is even strange. Gianluca di Caro and Marc James, both MBC, are investigating in this case.


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