Interview after the fight with Taras Varava

Taras Varava tells about his second fight against Billy Corito. It is now obvious why Billy is called The Hitman. In the first round did Billy hit Taras real hard and it is still hurting in the rips of Taras. In the second round managed Taras to knock down Billy. In the third round was Billy that strong and knocked down Varava three times, so Taras coach through the towel.
At the first knock down did Taras twist his foot. When Taras is back in Germany he has to visit the hospital.
It is sport and Taras knows it and has respect to Billy, who was that surprising quick and strong for Taras. But never the less, Taras want to come back to Malta. Taras will now fight Billy Corito a third time. The audience will definitely love it. This is a fight between two boxers who are given the audience a tough fight to see!
Taras is thankful to his sponsor Powersport for the possibility to exercise the sport he loves, boxing!
Get well soon, Tasas and welcome back!


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