Torsten Knille, WBU, explains the rules

Photo: Boxer Göcmen with Torsten Knille, WBU

Torsten Knille, WBU, explains the rules
As WBU title fights did take part without any renewed MRI gives Torsten Knille the explanation:
– It is not necessary to renew an existing MRI, so long the boxer has not been knocked out. These are the rules and they are subject to the national sanction commissions. At the Austrian FVA they never ask for any MRI, says Knille.
– At the event the boxer had the prolonged medicals with his blood test. The medicals were proved from the engaged doctor of the event and he gave his green light to fight. Out of that did the German commission BDF accept the fight to take part.
– As we had all the requests the fight did go on, tells Knille.

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