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Billy Corito fights at 09.02.2017 in Malta


Thursday 9 February 2017

Aria Complex, San Gwann, Malta

commission: Malta Boxing Association
Heavyweight Billy Corito 10 2 0 S Lee Kellett 5 10 2
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Interview after the fight with Taras Varava

Taras Varava tells about his second fight against Billy Corito. It is now obvious why Billy is called The Hitman. In the first round did Billy hit Taras real hard and it is still hurting in the rips of Taras. In the second round managed Taras to knock down Billy. In the third round was Billy that strong and knocked down Varava three times, so Taras coach through the towel.
At the first knock down did Taras twist his foot. When Taras is back in Germany he has to visit the hospital.
It is sport and Taras knows it and has respect to Billy, who was that surprising quick and strong for Taras. But never the less, Taras want to come back to Malta. Taras will now fight Billy Corito a third time. The audience will definitely love it. This is a fight between two boxers who are given the audience a tough fight to see!
Taras is thankful to his sponsor Powersport for the possibility to exercise the sport he loves, boxing!
Get well soon, Tasas and welcome back!


PHOTOS: click here

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Not allowed to view the weights


Taras has made his weights today. He was surprised that the information he got yesterday was not true. Billy Corito had 114 kg (not 101 kg as told) and Taras Varava 111 kg. If anybody did not understand the provocative question it will be said clearly: This is a real fight. Pure boxing-sport! Taras is NOT in Malta to lose! He will try his best to win!

The weigh-in started an hour late, because the officials was not informed.
The opponent for Scott Dixon has been changed. He had no visa. Another promoter (a real gentleman) is leaning gloves so that the boxers can fight tomorrow.
I was not allowed to visit the weights. No problem with that, I can live with that.
The officials, my friends from Germany and Belgium, were very surprised about that. Boxers and coaches who asked me why I wasn’t inside were even very disappointed about such a decision. I asked Scott what about the event tomorrow, will I get an accreditation or not. He said they will talk with me after the weights. I had other appointments to do, so I was not waiting until the end. The new opponent to Scott was still not there. His plane from Georgia had not arrived yet.
George Kandelaki, supermiddleweight, no 458 in ranking at boxrec, from Gori, Georgia is the new opponent. Born the same day as the heavyweight boxer with the same name from the same place. Easy to get confused. George has fought 18 times with a record of 11(2)-6(1)-1.
Gary Hincks did not want to have me inside the weights. As I understood they think that I am acting as a spy for MBC, as I am the vice chairman and acting supervisor at MBC. Gary said that MBC is an unprofessional organisation and a real kindergarten. I answered Gary, that he is free to have his opinion and I don’t care about that and I respect that he is engaging another organisation for his sanction. He is free to do that and it’s alright for me. The using of BDF was initiated of Torsten Knille, WBU (German version), and I am just happy to see my friends visiting Malta.
Benny Decroos, Belgium, who will be referee for Scott’s fight. I haven’t seen Benny since he was a referee in Berlin 2012 at an event that GBA sanctioned an I helped Maria Lindberg, Sweden, to fight there. Maria is a member of the German BDB and Regina Bergemann, nowadays BDF, wrote the authorization to box for Maria for that event in Berlin.
Regina I met in Germany during my Christmas‘ vacation 2013 in Hamburg. Regina will be the supervisor of the event tomorrow.
Irene Kostenko, Hamburg, is representing the Russian Boxing Federation in Germany, and is represent of GBU and WIBF in Russia (like I am representing GBU and WIBF in Malta). Irene has her ITS Boxpromotion with successful boxers like the female champions Nikki Adler and Natalia Smirnova, Irene has arranged boxing events in Russia and Chechnya which were live-streamed.
The event tomorrow will not be broadcast and after all these cirumstances I have decided that this event is not worth for me to attend. I wish all the boxers good luck and clean fights. Long live the boxing!

Ashvin Diolle will fight against Franco Fenech.

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Interview Taras Varava

Sorry, battery had to be charged, so interview continue in German language (further down).

Taras Varava, heavzweight, 2(1)-5(2)-0, will fight against Billy „The Hitman“ Corito, 3(2)-1(1)-0, for the second time. Taras like Malta that much that he consider to move to Malta!
Varava has trained very hard for the second fight and is understanding that Corito wants this rematch and will even be very good prepared. He met Billy’s coach who told that Billy has now 19 kg less(!) then last time. Taras is very impressed about this news and is prepared of a very tough fight. Even if Taras won the last time, he will not underestimate his opponent.
The fight will not be going the whole distance, it will end with a KO, sazs Taras. He does not know who will win! On a direct question if his is paid to lose and if it is a fixed bout denies Taras. He is not coming to Malta to lose. He will do everything to win a second time and he came to win!
Varava has more condition now then last time and is feeling in his best shape ever.
Referee Franz Lörinc will guarantee a clean fight and the best man will win.

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Taras Varava, heavyw., high climber at Boxrec

_OLG5075 copia

Now is Taras Varava, heavyweight, #325, a move of +554!
Next fight will be in Malta a rematch against Billy „Hitman“ Corito in the end of April 2014.



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Photos: Vegas Fight Night, Malta

_OLG4428 copia


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Malta: Taras Varava vene, vidi, vici

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Taras Varava came to Malta to fight Billy „The Hitman“ Corito. It was the first event of Vegas Fight Night as a new promoter, sanctioned by Malta Boxing Commission, MBC. The event was sold out and a very good start for Christopher Bonnici as the promoter of Vegas Fight Nights. The audience at Eden Arena in Paceville, Malta, could enjoy seven semi-pro fighta and one kickboxing-show added to the professional main-fight of Billy Corito 2(2)-0-0 vs Taras Varava 1-5(3)-0 in heavyweight.
Billy started the bout impressive and got Taras counted in the fist round. Second round Taras started to move on and took over the fight. Billy’s corner waved the towel and the fight was stopped as TKO at 1.46 min in the 2nd round.
In an interview at the weights Taras talked with great compliments about his opponent The Hitman. Taras was feeling himself in good condition with good preparations and was very self-confident and expected to win before the last sixth round. He even managed to do it.
Taras Varava made a very sympathetic impressive. A good fight was seen and Taras is very willing to come back to Malta again. Maybe Billy wants a rematch.
To note is that Taras has to be sorrow as he father died the day before the fight. Rest in Peace! All the best to you, Taras, and thanks for a good job. Welcome back!

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Billy Corito vs Taras Varava

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Weigh-in at Vegas Fight Night, Malta

_OLG4414 copia
Photo: Leif Magnusson (supervisor MBC), Taras Varava, Billy Corito, Torsten Knille (President WBU)

Keith Azzopardi, 62.8 kg vs Mark Orourke, 59.3 kg
Duncan Calleja, 69.3 kg va John Kaufman, 70.4 kg
Brandon Spiteri, 77.3 kg vs Craig Liptrot, 78.4 kg
Jamie Caruana, 87.7 kg vs Eddie Attah, 84.9 kg
Noel Lebrun, 90.5 kg vs Dean Brook, 91.4 kg
Mark Cutajar, 105.1 kg vs Hussein Ali, 106.6 kg
Richard Vella, 74.0 kg vs King ABZ, 73.5 kg
Billy Corito, 120.7 kg vs Taras Varava, 107.3 kg


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Interview Taras Varava


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