Interview Taras Varava

Sorry, battery had to be charged, so interview continue in German language (further down).

Taras Varava, heavzweight, 2(1)-5(2)-0, will fight against Billy „The Hitman“ Corito, 3(2)-1(1)-0, for the second time. Taras like Malta that much that he consider to move to Malta!
Varava has trained very hard for the second fight and is understanding that Corito wants this rematch and will even be very good prepared. He met Billy’s coach who told that Billy has now 19 kg less(!) then last time. Taras is very impressed about this news and is prepared of a very tough fight. Even if Taras won the last time, he will not underestimate his opponent.
The fight will not be going the whole distance, it will end with a KO, sazs Taras. He does not know who will win! On a direct question if his is paid to lose and if it is a fixed bout denies Taras. He is not coming to Malta to lose. He will do everything to win a second time and he came to win!
Varava has more condition now then last time and is feeling in his best shape ever.
Referee Franz Lörinc will guarantee a clean fight and the best man will win.

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