Malta: Taras Varava vene, vidi, vici

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Taras Varava came to Malta to fight Billy „The Hitman“ Corito. It was the first event of Vegas Fight Night as a new promoter, sanctioned by Malta Boxing Commission, MBC. The event was sold out and a very good start for Christopher Bonnici as the promoter of Vegas Fight Nights. The audience at Eden Arena in Paceville, Malta, could enjoy seven semi-pro fighta and one kickboxing-show added to the professional main-fight of Billy Corito 2(2)-0-0 vs Taras Varava 1-5(3)-0 in heavyweight.
Billy started the bout impressive and got Taras counted in the fist round. Second round Taras started to move on and took over the fight. Billy’s corner waved the towel and the fight was stopped as TKO at 1.46 min in the 2nd round.
In an interview at the weights Taras talked with great compliments about his opponent The Hitman. Taras was feeling himself in good condition with good preparations and was very self-confident and expected to win before the last sixth round. He even managed to do it.
Taras Varava made a very sympathetic impressive. A good fight was seen and Taras is very willing to come back to Malta again. Maybe Billy wants a rematch.
To note is that Taras has to be sorrow as he father died the day before the fight. Rest in Peace! All the best to you, Taras, and thanks for a good job. Welcome back!

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