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Scott Dixon got his boxing career ended


After losing the fight on a split decision against Christian Schembri in March 2016 Scott Dixon got so upset that he refused the doping test. A test his team has asked for before the event anyhow. Now the childish behaviour has got its decision. 4 years suspension.

It is a sad story of a Scottish boxer who brought the boxing to Malta. Scott had his difficulties with the judicial authorities in Malta, he turned his back to friends like his sponsor Mr Salo and MBA with its president who supported his boxing career.

The National Anti-Doping Authorities of Malta has decided a suspension of 4 years for Scott Dixon. He is suspended until the 13.03.2020. We cannot expect Scott will be boxing again in 2020 when he will be 45 years old. As a matter of fact he has got a boxing license of BIBA, a small organisation in UK, in 2017 even as he was suspended from MBA. EBU has even noticed the suspension of the Maltese Anti-Doping Authorities.

We say thank you to Super Scott for bringing boxing to the sunny island.



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Die Gründe einer abgesagte Veranstaltung


FOTO: Jerry Salo at Gatsby Boxing, 22.01.2016, St Julians, Malta

ABGESAGTE EVENT 30.09.2016 Malta

Jetzt kommt wohl die Wahrheit raus um die abgesagte Veranstaltung auf Malta. Scott Dixon wollte ein Event am 30.09.2016 zusammen mit Jerry Salo als Co-Promoter arrangieren. Der im Boxen weisst was läuft dürfte es nicht schwer herauszufinden das Scott Dixon gesperrt ist. Die geplante Veranstaltung wurde nie an Boxrec mitgeteilt. Warum immer, da man eh kein  Boxverband für die Aufsicht beauftragt hat.

Es ist immer ein guter Rat zu wissen mit wen man zu tun hat.

Auf Malta kann man sich nur mit dem EBU-gehörigen Verband Malta Boxing Association, MBA, arbeiten. Ein Kontakt dazu hätte einiges infomirieren können. Jerry Salo als Co-Promoter hat es nicht getan, aber merkte trotzdem das etwas nicht stimmte und hat sein Event halt kurz davor abgesagt.

Für die Absage bekam Salo böse Anschuldigungen von Dixon. Nun hat Jerry Salo seine Version vorgelegt und es sieht anders aus. Es ist für den renommierten Geschäftsmann Jerry Salo viel Geld verloren gegangen.

Salos Version:

Vorherige Artikel:


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Schembri challenges Ucar

Winner Schembri

The Maltese shooting star Christian Schembri is challenging Tuncay Ucar. Ucar belongs to ECB, Hamburg, and is scheduled for a bout on the 15.10.2016 in Hamburg.

The Maltese boxers are highly interest to get fights and even willing to go abroad to fight.

Just before Malik Zinad declared prepared to fight Ege Kurt on the fightcard of the 15.10.2016. ARTICLE:

Christian Schembri has a fight on the 17.09.2016 in Malta and is even willing to go to Germany to fight after this bout. Christian Schembri has a great coach, it is no-one less then Super Steve Martin. Schembri´s coach as well as his manager Demis Tonna are interested of fights abroad as well.

Christian Schembri does know that Tuncay Ucar is a boxer on his way to the top. Schembri does not need to be build up with fighting journeymen, he wants to fight the right boxers as soon as possible. The talented Schembri is brave to take the chance abroad.

Christian Schembri is a good technical boxer with good condition. He has impressed by fighting Scott Dixon twice and at the rematch he convinced with beating the very experienced Dixon. Scott got so upset of the loss and as a bad loser he behaved childish and refused the doping test. A test he before the boxing event asked for. To refuse a doping test results to a suspension. The national doping authorities has registered the case and MBA, the EBU member in Malta, had no other choice as to register a suspension of Dixon.



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Christian Schembri fighting 17.09.2016


Christian Schembri alias Coqqos will enter the ring at the 17.09.2016 in Aria Complex, San Gwann, Malta. Schembri started his professional career with a fight against the very experienced Scott Dixon. He impressed in this bout of 12 rounds to make it hard for Scott Dixon. On the 11.03.2016 he got his rematch. The bout of 10 rounds Christian Schembri had raised his performance and won on a split decision, SD, against Dixon. Dixon was not active in the bout, but got that upset of his loss that he refused to do the doping test. The refuse was reported to NADO, who will decide about suspension. MBA had no either choise as to report a temporary suspension. Scott Dixon is still suspended. Further news from NADO coming soon.

Winner Schembri

At the event in San Gwann will Steve Super Martin fight against Aaron Thomas.

Further fights will be with Richard Vella, Kerstin Brown etc. 17th September will be a big amazing show on its way sponsored by Eat Me I’m Famous. Thanks to all other sponsors that make these events possible: #eatmeimfamous #remax#caccusocialclub #B4group #montebellogroup #badassburgers #krs #tcltd#oddsandmore #continentalcars #gmc #dentrade #teamsport#hellenergydrink #safesea #maltatransfer #manarinu #xakas #fightfactory#axelautodealer #securetech #airacomplex

The event is sanctioned of MBA, Malta Boxing Association.



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Christian Schembri won the rematch

FB_IMG_1457834967761 Photo: Domingo Borg

The tough and close rematch at Dolmen Hotel, Bugibba, Malta, did Christian Schembri do a higher performance as last time and won the bout against Scott Dixon. In the first fight Schembri showed that he has condition and the will to box. This time he was more preciously with his shots, Schembri was the more active fighter and the judges scored 96-95, 94-98 and 99-91. Schembri won on split decision, SD, the Benny Pace title.

The first battle between Scott Dixon and Christian Schembri was at 25.09.2015 and Scott won on MD. For Schembri it was his first professional fight and starting directly with 10 rounds and against an experienced boxer like Super Scott.

This time Christian „Coqqos“ showed that he has raised his performance. A young boxer we have to keep our eyes on.

Unfortunately Scott Dixon got that upset over this loss that he refused to do the doping test of NADA. The doping commission will surely get back after a hearing with their decision. A very sad action from Dixon not taking part on the test, so he will lose again, now vs NADA.


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The rematch Dixon vs Schembri 11.03.2016


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Prize Boxing´s next event at 11.03.2016 in Bugibba, Malta


Friday 11.03.2016 will Demis and Doulton Tonna present Prize Boxing´s next event. It will be international boxers in title fights as well.

A rematch between Scott Dixon and Christian Schembri is planned. Last time it was a very close fight which Dixon won on a split decision. This time will the Fight Factory boxer Schembri show that he has learned more and wants to beat Super-Scott. Schembri showed that he has the condition for 10 rounds. Will Scott be more active this time or has Schembri even grown in his boxing-career? A high explosive battle we can expect.

As well we can expect that the event in Dolmen Hotel, Bugibba, will be sold out.

Further boxers will be Richard „The Viper“ Vella in a 6 rounds bout in supermiddleweight, 6 rounds bout in featherweight with Lydon Chircop, 4 rounds supermiddleweight with Shaun Falzon and 6 rounds featherweight Kerstin „The Bullet“ Brown vs TBA.

Further information shortly.

The event is sponsored from Eat Me I´m Famous.

The event will be sanctioned by MBA, Malta Boxing Association, the pure Maltese sanction body, even member of EBU and KMS, Malta´s Council for Sport.

MBA_LOGO_B  EBU logo  kunsillmaltignallisport


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Scott Dixon vs Bosko Misic

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Kerstin Brown „The Bullet“in action 22.01.2016 in Malta

Kerstin Brown Photo: Chrissie´s Photography

The young prospect Kerstin Brown will on Friday 22.01.2016 show the audience that his nickname The Bullet means to be quick.

It´s a real entertainment to see this promising boxer fight. In a 8 round bout he will meet Lee Clayton. It will be a fight in super bantam weight with two boxers with speed.

Don´t miss this opportunity. The Gatsby Boxing event take part at Tigullio in Spinola Bay, St Julians. 13 bouts with thrilling fights, main fight Scott Dixon vs Bosko Misic in a 12 round bout!

Tickets: Dixon´s Gym, Qaliet Street, San Ġiljan

+356 7703 3448

The event will be sanctioned by MBA, Malta Boxing Association, the pure Maltese sanction body, even member of EBU and KMS, Malta´s Council for Sport.

FB_IMG_1452712870723   Gatsby


MBA_LOGO_B  EBU logo  kunsillmaltignallisport


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Fightcard 22.01.2016 Malta

FB_IMG_1452353094023 (1)

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