Prize Boxing´s next event at 11.03.2016 in Bugibba, Malta


Friday 11.03.2016 will Demis and Doulton Tonna present Prize Boxing´s next event. It will be international boxers in title fights as well.

A rematch between Scott Dixon and Christian Schembri is planned. Last time it was a very close fight which Dixon won on a split decision. This time will the Fight Factory boxer Schembri show that he has learned more and wants to beat Super-Scott. Schembri showed that he has the condition for 10 rounds. Will Scott be more active this time or has Schembri even grown in his boxing-career? A high explosive battle we can expect.

As well we can expect that the event in Dolmen Hotel, Bugibba, will be sold out.

Further boxers will be Richard „The Viper“ Vella in a 6 rounds bout in supermiddleweight, 6 rounds bout in featherweight with Lydon Chircop, 4 rounds supermiddleweight with Shaun Falzon and 6 rounds featherweight Kerstin „The Bullet“ Brown vs TBA.

Further information shortly.

The event is sponsored from Eat Me I´m Famous.

The event will be sanctioned by MBA, Malta Boxing Association, the pure Maltese sanction body, even member of EBU and KMS, Malta´s Council for Sport.

MBA_LOGO_B  EBU logo  kunsillmaltignallisport


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