Schembri challenges Ucar

Winner Schembri

The Maltese shooting star Christian Schembri is challenging Tuncay Ucar. Ucar belongs to ECB, Hamburg, and is scheduled for a bout on the 15.10.2016 in Hamburg.

The Maltese boxers are highly interest to get fights and even willing to go abroad to fight.

Just before Malik Zinad declared prepared to fight Ege Kurt on the fightcard of the 15.10.2016. ARTICLE:

Christian Schembri has a fight on the 17.09.2016 in Malta and is even willing to go to Germany to fight after this bout. Christian Schembri has a great coach, it is no-one less then Super Steve Martin. Schembri´s coach as well as his manager Demis Tonna are interested of fights abroad as well.

Christian Schembri does know that Tuncay Ucar is a boxer on his way to the top. Schembri does not need to be build up with fighting journeymen, he wants to fight the right boxers as soon as possible. The talented Schembri is brave to take the chance abroad.

Christian Schembri is a good technical boxer with good condition. He has impressed by fighting Scott Dixon twice and at the rematch he convinced with beating the very experienced Dixon. Scott got so upset of the loss and as a bad loser he behaved childish and refused the doping test. A test he before the boxing event asked for. To refuse a doping test results to a suspension. The national doping authorities has registered the case and MBA, the EBU member in Malta, had no other choice as to register a suspension of Dixon.



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4 Gedanken zu „Schembri challenges Ucar

  1. Scott dixon

    I beat schembri every round and was cheated by the mba the biggest frauds in boxing leif you have no idea about boxing…get ur facts right i refused dope test because mba broke procedure u have to inform the fighter before u do the test not go in his dressing room 10 min after the fight….now leif print this comment dont delete it

    • Other judges (belonging to other sanction bodies) have even seen the video of the rematch and do even score Schembri winning the fight. Refusing the doping test leads to suspension.

    • Christian Schembri coqqos

      Scott i beat you once and was robbed. I beat you the second time and i won on two foreign judges scorecards and only your friend alex foreman scored it against me. Whenever you want i ll beat you the third time.

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