Nathan Cleverly sure to win


Nathan Cleverly will at least be fighting Jürgen Brähmer. This bout has been on twice before and all good things are three, so this time it will take part. At 01.10.2016 in Neubrandenburg, Germany, will the title fight between Nathan and Jürgen take part.

Nathan does respect Jürgen a lot, but is sure that he will bring the belt with him home to Wales.

The first time it was scheduled for the 21.05.2011. Just two days before the bout, did not Jürgen turn up in London. The former manager of Jürgen had the contract with Frank Warren and the deal from Brähmer´s manager was not the same as Jürgen has been promised. Jürgen Brähmer let know that he is willing to fight, but that he has a price and do not give any reductions. He just did it once before. For this situation in 2011 Frank Warren managed to arrange Aleksy Kuziemski to fight Nathan instead of Jürgen.

Clev won the fight and the WBO title.

On the 1st October it is about the WBA title.

Cleverly think he will be winning on a KO in the last rounds of the bout.




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