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Helenius vs Chisora II at 27.05.2017 in Helsinki

Helenius v Chisora !!

Robert Helenius (24-1, 15 KOs) looked in great shape as he met with the Finnish media today in Helsinki at an open training session ahead of his WBC Silver World Heavyweight title fight against Dereck Chisora (26-7, 18 KOs) on May 27 at the Hartwall Arena.

The 33 year-old from Porvoo holds a controversial points victory over his British rival from their all action showdown in December 2011, but having enhanced his training methods, which today included pounding a heavy bag with a picture of Chisora’s face attached, ‘The Nordic Nightmare’ believes, this time, the decision will be left in no doubt.

‘’My preparations have been excellent,’’ he said. ‘’We’ve invested heavily in endurance training, cardio activities and, of course, a lot of sparring. When I fought Duhaupas, I wasn’t focused enough, but we’ve learnt from our mistakes, and this time, we won’t leave any stone unturned. On May 27, you will see Robert 2.0 in the ring!

‘’I don’t think Chisora will have changed much over the year. I expect him to continue to come forward with his slugger style trying to land hooks. He can do that for twelve rounds, and that suits me fine, because he is going to run out of gas before I do. In the end, he will just have two options: my left hand or my right!’’

Tickets for the WBC Silver World Heavyweight title rematch between Robert Helenius and Dereck Chisora, which also features top Finnish prospects Tomi Honka and Matti Koota, are available online via or by calling (+358) 0600 10 800.

Saturday 27 May 2017

Heavyweight Robert Helenius 24 1 0 S Dereck Chisora 26 7 0

vacant WBC Silver heavyweight title
Featherweight Matti Koota 1 0 1 S TBA

Cruiserweight Tomi Honka 1 0 0 S Marcus Alberts 4 1 0
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Edis Tatli vs Manuel Lancia

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Eva Wahlström vs Anahi Esther Sanchez

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Robert Helenius vs Gonzalo Omar Basile

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Boxing in Finland 17.12.2016 with Tatli and Helenius


A fight night with the Nordic Nightmare Helenius fighting Gonzalo Omar Basile.

Including Eurpean Championship with EBU fight Edis Tatli vs Manuel Lancia and Mariano Hilario vs Niklas Räsanen in EU_EU-championship.

Saturday 17 December 2016

commission: Finnish Boxing Commission
promoter: Harri Savolainen (Dominus Boxing Group)
matchmaker: VeliPekka Maeki (Makiboxing)

Lightweight Edis Tatli 28 1 0 S Manuel Lancia 14 1 1

EBU (European) lightweight title
Super Middleweight Mariano Hilario 15 5 0 S Niklas Rasanen 13 0 0

EBU-EU (European Union) super middleweight title
Super Featherweight Eva Wahlstrom 18 0 1 S Anahi Esther Sanchez 14 0 0

Heavyweight Robert Helenius 23 1 0 S Gonzalo Omar Basile 68 11 0
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Results from Finland, Helenius European Champ

IMG_5809   EBU logo


Saturday 19 December 2015

Heavyweight Robert Helenius 252¾ 21 0 0 W Franz Rill 245½ 11 0 0 UD 12/12

vacant EBU (European) heavyweight title
vacant IBF International heavyweight title
Rill down in 1st and 4th round
Light Heavyweight Sami Enbom 176½ 9 0 0 W Tomas Adamek 176½ 24 11 2 SD 8/8

Heavyweight Christian Lewandowski 243¼ 6 0 0 W Karim Berredjem 221½ 5 2 0 TKO 4/8

Berrediem down in 2nd and 3rd
Cruiserweight Juho Haapoja 197¾ 25 6 2 W Miguel Velozo 191¼ 17 4 2 KO 7/8

Velozo down in 1st and second round
Light Heavyweight Dayron Lester 171¾ 2 0 0 W Kiril Psonko 171¾ 15 36 2 UD 6/6

Super Welterweight Tomi Silvennoinen 152¼ 4 1 0 W Valentin Bokros 148¾ 3 3 0 TKO 1/6

Super Featherweight Petteri Frojdholm 127¼ 9 0 0 W David Kvaratskhelia 128 9 15 0 TKO 2/6

Super Welterweight Timo Juhani Hirvikangas 151 2 0 0 L Sakari Lahderinne 150¾ 4 0 0 MD 4/4

Super Middleweight Mathias Eklund 165¼ 3 0 0 W Gyula Nagy 161½ 4 0 0 SD 4/4

Middleweight Veli Pekka Mattila 162½ debut W Andrej Cepur 159¼ 7 22 2 UD 4/4

Heavyweight Gunnar Kolbeinn Kristinsson 246 3 0 0 W Dmitrij Kalinovskij 197½ 9 18 2 UD 4/4
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Robert Helenius vs Erkan Teper from presstraining

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Helenius vs Teper European Championship EBU 19.12.2015 Helsinki


Saturday 19 December 2015

commission: Finnish Boxing Commission
promoter: Taina Sirola (Loud’n Live Promotions)
matchmaker: Markus Lammi (Caramelito Promotions)
Heavyweight Erkan Teper 15 0 0

S Robert Helenius 21 0 0


EBU (European) heavyweight title
IBF Inter-Continental heavyweight title
Heavyweight Franz Rill 11 0 0

S Salvatore Erittu 27 2 0


vacant EBU-EU (European Union) heavyweight title
Light Heavyweight Sami Enbom 9 0 0

S Tomas Adamek 24 11 2


Welterweight Jussi Koivula 18 2 1

S Roman Seliverstov 16 9 0


Light Heavyweight Dayron Lester 1 0 0

S Kiril Psonko 15 35 2


Super Middleweight Mathias Eklund 3 0 0

S Gyula Nagy 4 0 0


Middleweight Veli Pekka Mattila debut

S Andrej Cepur 7 22 2

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Skoglund will meet Marusi at 10.11.2012 in Helsinki

Now the opponent for Erik Skoglund has been named. It will be the hungarian Gyorgy Marusi, 16(9)-6(4)-0. At 14.09.2012 Marosi lost on knockout in round 3 against super middleweight Ünsal Arik in Halle/Saale.

Marusi is ranked #211 at boxrec. Seems to be the 13th win for Erik, if he is doing his job right. Maybe the 7th KO?

Erik Skoglund is convinced that 13 will not be an unlucky number for him as he chases his next victory. The rising Swedish light heavyweight, who has won all 12 of his professional fights thus far (6 KOs), will take on Hungary´s Gyorgi Marosi (16-6, 9 KOs) at the Nordic Fight Night in Helsinki on November 10. “I know that a lot of athletes are superstitious and believe that the 13 is cursed,” Skoglund said. “They don´t wear jerseys with the number 13 on the back or prefer not to fight if the Friday falls on the 13th of a month. To me, that is rubbish. I am not superstitious at all. I only believe in hard work, determination, skills and power. I know that I am better than Marosi in all four categories and that is why I will take him out on November 10.”

Returning to Finland will be special for Skoglund. “I have good memories of Helsinki,” Skoglund said. “I made my first fight after I broke my jaw at Hartwall Areena last December. Of course, I was a little nervous, but everything turned out fine. Now I am back, I´ve become much stronger in the last year, and I will give the fans a good taste of my power on November 10.”

In the main event of the night, Robert Helenius (17-0, 11 KOs), who was born in Sweden and raised in Finland, will put his unbeaten record on the line against Sherman “The Tank” Williams. Tickets for the November 10 show at Helsingin Jäähalli can be purchased at



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Helenius will fight against Sherman Williams at 10.11.2012 in Helsinki

Next opponent for Robert Helemius will be Sherman Williams “ The Caribbean Tank / Tank“,  35(19)-11(1)-2.

Robert Helenius (17-0, 11 KOs) will take on Sherman “The Tank” Williams (35-11-2, 19 KOs) at Helsingin Jäähalli on November 10. “It´s a done deal,” Nordic Fight Night promoter Nisse Sauerland confirmed. “The contracts have been signed, the Tank is coming to Finland! This is going to be a tough test for Robert in his comeback. Williams is experienced, rugged and strong. But for Robert to make an impact at the world level, he has to get rid of everyone. With the help of his fantastic Finnish fans, I am sure that he will break down the Tank and continue his winning streak.”

Williams, ranked 10th by the WBO, boasts the experience of 49 fights. He has been in the ring with the likes of Evander Holyfield, Ruslan Chagaev and Manuel Charr to name but a few. After a no decision against the Real Deal in January 2011, he defeated Chauncy Welliver on points in June this year. He has big ambitions for his trip to Helsinki. “I look forward to coming to Finland and defeat Helenius in front of his home fans. What´s a Nightmare compared to a Tank,” Williams said. “I am humbled and thank God for the opportunity. I am a warrior by nature. My whole life I have been strong and powerful, that is why my ring name is Tank. Robert is a good fighter and he has my respect. The fight will be one that fans will remember. I am coming to fight.”

And he added: “This will be like David fighting Goliath. I am David, a true warrior. A shorter fighter fighting a big tall giant. The bigger the giant, the harder they fall!”

After an 11-month injury break, Helenius is eager to get back into the ring for some real boxing action. “This will be an exciting fight,” the Nordic Nightmare said. “Williams has proven his class in a lot of battles, he is strong and rugged, but he will not leave Finland victorious. I am taller, I am stronger and I am better. The Tank will crash in Helsinki on November 10!”

Tickets for the Nordic Fight Night are available The Helenius-Williams clash will be televised exclusively as a pay-per-view event on Viasat’s Viaplay service, while the rest of the Nordic Fight Night will be shown on the Nelonen Pro channels. The undercard will feature the biggest talents in Scandinavian boxing, including Danish WBA Intercontinental Middleweight Champion Patrick Nielsen (16-0, 8 KOs), Danish 2012 Olympian Dennis Ceylan (1-0, 1 KO), Norway´s Andreas Evensen (16-2-1, 6 KOs), unbeaten Swedish light heavyweight Erik Skoglund (12-0, 6 KOs) as well as Pekka Maki´s upcoming Finnish fighters.

Helenius, promoter Nisse Sauerland and Team Sauerland sports director Hagen Doering will hold a press conference in Helsinki on Thursday morning (Oct. 25). Details will be communicated shortly.

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