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The Swedish Dynamite fights the Sandman at 28.08.2015

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Adrian Granat, The Pike, will now do his real contest in the professional boxing. In stead of „building up results-boxer“ he will now get the strong fighter Konstantin „Sandman“ Airich in Galati, Romani, at 28.08.2015. Konstnatin Airich is a great puncher and very experienced. Kosta has fought 35 professional bouts and even went all the 12 rounds against Odlianier Solis. This is the chance what Adrian has been waiting for. Now he has to show that he is prepared for higher class boxers in the professional heavyweight scene.

ECB-Promoter Erol Ceylan is expecting a lot of his Granat and tells that we can expect titel fights of Adrian very soon.

Adrian Granat has made sparring with great boxers like Francesco Pianeta, Ruslan Chagaev and will now even be preparing Wladimir Klitschko for his fight against Tyron Fury.

So keep your eys on Granat and we will soon hear even more from him.

Video Interview:


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