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Erkan Teper boxt am 28.09.2018 in Stuttgart


Foto: Erkan Teper, immer lächeln

Edmund Gerber ist wieder da!  Nun boxt Erkan Teper gegen Edmund Gerber um den Inter-Conti Titel der IBF boxen. Dieser Duell wird in Stuttgart stattfinden.

In der Ecke von Erkan Teper befindet sich der sympathische Oktay Urkal, eine Legende beim Boxen in Deutschland.

Boxen in Deutschland kommt im Schwung!


Friday 28, September 2018


promoter Z!-Promotion – Alexander Zastrow, Z Promotion – Boris Zastrow
heavyweight Erkan Teper 19 2 0
12 Edmund Gerber 28 2 0
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Edmund Gerber vs Brian Minto

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Video: Dereck Chisora vs. Edmund Gerber

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LIVE on BoxNation from 6pm this Saturday


This Saturday night at 6pm we’re coming to you LIVE from London 2012 venue the Copper Box Arena as the Olympic legacy is alive and kicking on BoxNation! Headlining this fantastic British lineup is Billy Joe Saunders as he defends his British and Commonwealth Middleweight titles against John Ryder (Below: Ryder (L), Saunders (R)). Dereck Chisora is the main supporting act as he fights Edmund Gerber for the vacant European Heavyweight title, while unbeaten Frankie Gavin is looking to win the Lonsdale belt outright when he defends his British and Commonwealth Welterweight titles against David Barnes. Liam Walsh and Joe Murray do battle as Walsh defends his Commonwealth title and they contest the Vacant IBF International Super-Featherweight belt.

Saunders v Ryder

And the big fights just go on and on as Paul Butler takes on Miguel Gonzalez for the vacant Intercontinental Super-Flyweight crown, Frank Buglioni looks to move to 10-0 against the Czech Republic’s Bronislav Kubin, hot prospect Georgie Kean makes his professional boxing debut as he faces Rick Boulter over four three minute rounds at light-middleweight and Mitchell Smith gets a shot at the Southern Area Super-Featherweight title against Scott Moises.

In case you weren’t keeping count, that’s nine titles on the line on one action-packed night LIVE from the box that rocks, the Copper Box Arena. Join us from 6pm this Saturday for a super stacked British card on BoxNation!

Click here now to see the full televised running order for this unmissable show.

Saturday 21 September 2013 Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Hackney Wick, London, UK
commission: British Boxing Board of Control
promoter: Andy Ayling (‚Double A Promotions‘)
matchmaker: Dean Powell
television: Hungary Sport 1 Poland PolSat Sport Extra

12×3 middleweight Billy Joe Saunders 18(10)-0-0
SC John Ryder 15(9)-0-0
BBBofC British middleweight title
Commonwealth (British Empire) middleweight title

12×3 heavyweight Dereck Chisora 17(11)-4(1)-0
SC Edmund Gerber 23(14)-1-0
vacant EBU (European) heavyweight title (supervisor: Peter Stucki)

12×3 welterweight Frankie Gavin 16(12)-0-0
SC David Barnes 27(11)-2(1)-2
BBBofC British welterweight title
Commonwealth (British Empire) welterweight title

12×3 super featherweight Liam Walsh 14(10)-0-0
SC Joe Murray 14(5)-0-0
Commonwealth (British Empire) super featherweight title
vacant WBO International super featherweight title

12×3 super flyweight Paul Butler 12(7)-0-0
SC Miguel Gonzalez 17(5)-0-0
vacant WBO Inter-Continental super flyweight title

10×3 super middleweight Frank Buglioni 9(6)-0-0
SC Bronislav Kubin 16(9)-11(3)-1

10×3 super featherweight Mitchell Smith 6(3)-0-0
SC Scott Moises 7(2)-7-1
vacant BBBofC Southern Area super featherweight title

8×3 middleweight Dmitry Chudinov 10(7)-0-2
SC Max Maxwell 16(3)-25(2)-3

6×3 welterweight Bradley Skeete 12(4)-0-0
SC Kieron Gray 5(1)-20(3)-1

4×3 welterweight Josh Leather debut
SC Joe Beeden 0-3-0

4×3 light middleweight George Kean debut
SC Rick Boulter 1-38(4)-3

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Sprott gets rematch against Gerber

Michael Sprott from Reading, England, was counted out from the referee Sigl in his last bout against Gerber at Sept 15th 2012. The fight was in favour of Sprott, but in the fourth round made Edmund a great straight right on Sprott, who went down. He was quick on his legs again and at 7 he held his hands in the sky, but Sigl just counted further until 10. This unfair way to count him out made Michael very upset. He argued with the referee and pushed him, which look likes if he hit the referee. Afterwards Sprott excused his behavour and the result was KO in favour of Gerber.

Respect an Gerber, who is wiling to take this rematch and respect at the promotor who allowing this very interesting remattch.

Michael Sprott has made 55 fights, won 36 (17 KO) and lost 19 (10), Edmund Gerber has a record of 22(14)-0-0.

The bout take parts in Nürnberg 15.12.2012.



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Gerber fought Wilson, now will Jason Gavern fight Edmund Gerber

Jason Gavern, 21(10)-12(5)-4,  fought Leif Larsen in stead of planed Odlanier Solis at the 12.10.2012 in Madrid. The fight ended after 5 rounds, Leif won TKO, and Jason told that maybe it is time go hang up the gloves on the wall.

Now Jason Gavern, #126 at boxrec, has got some time after the last bout and is now interested to get a bout against Edmund Gerber, won 22 (KO 14). Jason won the fight against Darnell Wilson at 02.04.2011.

Last weekend won Gerber against Darnell Wilson, #96 at boxrec. The „Ding-a-ling-man“ asked for the contact and it went well. Maybe Hagen Döring will take notice of this occassion too.

17. Oktober
Darnell Wilson
Do you have a contact for Hagen Doering? I’m trying to land a fight with Edmund Gerber on November 3. Thanks

Leif Magnusson
ok, I will tell him

Darnell Wilson

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Edmund Gerber will meet Darnell „Ding-A-Ling-Man“ Wilson at 03.11.2012

At the undercard of  Huck vs Arslan it is now official that Edmund Gerber will fight against Darnell Wilson. The Ding-A-Ling-Man met Juan Carlos Gomez twice. Darnell has even met Denis Boytsov, so he is wellknown of the german boxfans.

Saturday 3 November 2012      Gerry Weber Stadium, Halle, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
commission: Austrian Boxing Federation
promoter: Chris Meyer (Sauerland Event)
matchmaker: Hagen Doering
television: Germany ARD

12 rounds    cruiserweight    Marco Huck    34(25)-2(1)-1
vs    Firat Arslan    32(21)-5(2)-2
WBO cruiserweight title

12 rounds    light heavyweight    Dustin Dirks    25(19)-0-0
vs    Cleiton Conceicao    18(14)-4(2)-2
vacant WBA Inter-Continental light heavyweight title

8 rounds    heavyweight    Edmund Gerber    21(14)-0-0
vs    Darnell Wilson    24(20)-15(4)-3

8 rounds    light heavyweight    Robert Woge    9(8)-0-0
vs    Serhiy Demchenko    14(10)-3-0

8 rounds    cruiserweight    David Graf    8(6)-0-0
vs    Blanchard Kalambay    3(3)-11(2)-2

6 rounds    super middleweight    Tyron Zeuge    3(3)-0-0
vs    Matingu Kindele    3-0-0

? rounds    light heavyweight    Enrico Koelling    1-0-0
vs    Amine Blali    3(1)-4(1)-0

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Gerber vs Sprott take place

The bout between Edmund Gerber vs Michael Sprott will take place at 15.09.2012 in Bamberg. The bout was initially scheduled for the 14.07.2012 n Hamburg. As the event was cancelled it was uncertain if Gerber should fight Sprott or not, but today I got the information hat it will take part.


Saturday 15 September 2012     Stechert Arena, Bamberg, Bayern, Germany
commission: Austrian Boxing Federation
television: Germany ARD

12    middleweight    Dominik Britsch    26(9)-0-1
vs    Roberto Santos    17(9)-6(2)-2
vacant EBU-EU (European Union) middleweight title

12 rounds    cruiserweight    Yoan Pablo Hernandez    26(13)-1(1)-0
vs    Troy Ross    25(16)-2(1)-0
IBF cruiserweight title

10 rounds    cruiserweight    Mateusz Masternak    27(20)-0-0
vs    David Quinonero    27(26)-0-0

10 rounds    middleweight    Marcos Nader    15(2)-0-0    vs    Damien Bertu    25(7)-6(1)-1

8 rounds    heavyweight    Edmund Gerber    20(13)-0-0    vs   Michael Sprott, 36(17)-18(9)-0

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Masternak vs Quinonero at the fightcard 15.09.2012 in Bamberg

Mateusz Masternak will meet the unbeaten David Quinonero, 27(26)-0-0, at 15.09.2012 in Bamberg.

For Edmund Gerber, who is at the moment in a trainingcamp in USA, it will be expected that his bout will be against Michael Sprott.


Saturday 15 September 2012     Stechert Arena, Bamberg, Bayern, Germany
commission: Austrian Boxing Federation
television: Germany ARD

12    middleweight    Dominik Britsch    26(9)-0-1
vs    Roberto Santos    17(9)-6(2)-2
vacant EBU-EU (European Union) middleweight title

12 rounds    cruiserweight    Yoan Pablo Hernandez    26(13)-1(1)-0
vs    Troy Ross    25(16)-2(1)-0
IBF cruiserweight title

10 rounds    cruiserweight    Mateusz Masternak    27(20)-0-0
vs    David Quinonero    27(26)-0-0

10 rounds    middleweight    Marcos Nader    15(2)-0-0    vs    TBA

8 rounds    heavyweight    Edmund Gerber    20(13)-0-0    vs    TBA

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Trainingcamp in USA for Patrick Nielsen, Edmund Gerber and Tyron Zeuge

Patrick Nielsen is together with his coach Karsten Röwer and his team mates Edmund Gerber and Tyron Zeuge in Philadelphia and New York for a three weeks trainingcamp. They will have sparring, get inspirations and learning some new skills.

– We are definitly not on vacation here, says Patrick. Hopefully it will be a lot of sparring-possibilities these weeks.

Patrick Nielsen will be fighting at the 22.09.2012 in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Tyron Zeuge will make his third fight at home in Berlin at the 25.08.2012 against Carlos Caicedo,  4(4)-5(3)-1, from Ecuador.

Edmund Gerber is planned to fight at 15.09.2012 in Bamberg, Germany. It was planned for him to meet Michael Sprott at 14.07.2012 in Hamburg, but that event got cancelled.

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