MBA-boxer Malik Zinad on training camp in Hamburg


The Libyan light heavyweight-boxer Malik Zinad from Malta, licensed at MBA, Malta Boxing Association, is in Hamburg, Germany, on a training-camp. Coach Khoren Gevor will take care about Malik. As a lot of boxers are doing their training at Hammer Gym, Malik and his manager Donny Lalonde decided to let Malik go to Hamburg.

Malik will be fighting at 18.12.2016 in Bielefeld, Germany. The boxers in Hamubrg are curious about Zinad and so even the former boxer Jürgen Blin. Blin fought Mohammad Ali in 1971 and will even be watching Malik fighting against Beka Aduashvili from Gori, Georgia, at the 18.12.2016.

By looking around in the boxingscene did Malik even met the heavyweight champ of WBA International „The Diamond Boy“ Manuel Charr.

We are all looking forward to the contacts Malik now is getting in Hamburg. Definitely it will be positive for his career.

Blin vs Ali.jpg    DSC01625.JPG


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