Fight Night of KOs in Kassel, Germany

DSC03391.JPG DPA reporter Harald Becker with Özcan Cetinkaya

The boxer Özcan Cetinkaya arranged the Fight Night in cooperation with ECB and it was a succesfel event with 10 KOs. Özcan Cetinkaya himself made the mainfight vs Frantisek Kynkal and ended it after just 2 rounds. The bout was in heavyweight but Cetinkaya has gone down to cruiserweight, won even the fight in heavyweight.

The event started with Ege Kurt, Hamburg, vs Senad Alisic from Novi Sad, Serbia. Ege Kurt won on TKO in round 2.
Husein Muhamed, Cologne, did even made a short fight vs Milos Dovedan, Ravno Selo, Serbia. KO in first round of the heavyweight bout.
The shooting star from ECB in welterweight Fatih Keles, Hamburg, did even he dominate vs Michal Vosyka. TKO round 1.
Nikola Milasic met Marko Angermann. Marko got badly knocked out in the second round. For the health of Angermann must the question be raised if it´s makes sence for Angermann to go on as a journeyman. Angermann has made good fights, but now his career seems to be over.

A miracle it was to see Manuel Charr entering the ring again. It is only 9 months since he got shot in his stomach and had a surgery over 8 hours fighting for his life. The will of the Diamond Boy Manuel Charr is very strong. In the 7th round had the referee seen enough of the fight which Charr dominated. TKO win for Manuel Charr.
The audience of 1200 people could testify the comeback of Manuel Charr.
Report Bild-Zeitung:

The cruiserweight boxer Firat Arslan is always fit and had no problem to hunt the running Claudio Morrino Porto from Brazil, 10(9)-1-1. The great boxer Firat Arslan won with a KO in round 1. Next fight for Arslan will be vs Nuri Seferi.

The event began with a silent minute for Muhammed Ali. Further sad was the loss for Sven Fornling. It was the best fight of the night. Fornling found himself too confident after the first two rounds. His guard was not there to protect Makhteienko´s series. Clever boxing of Yevgeni Makhteienko who continued his shots in the 5th round until the referee stoped the fight. Sven Fornling was very disappointed of stopping the fight and it was not his day. His team and himself was very sure that if the fight could be continuing Sven would have changed the result. Next fight for Sven Fornling will be a stay-continue fight and then it will be a rematch, promised manager Erol Ceylan. The rematch we are looking very forward to. A thrilling fight with two great boxers.

Karo Murat landed a hard hand at Est Hillman Tababary. Tababary got a deep cut and even Murat hurted his hand. TKO win for Karo Murat.

Adrian Granat continued to be unbeaten with a KO in round 1 over the good ranked Saul Farah, Bolivia. Farah is ranked #90 at boxrec.
Promoter Erol Ceylan wants a top opponent for The Pike. He is welcoming Kubrat Pulev, Michael Wallish, Tom Schwarz or Dereck Chisora to fight against Adrian. Let´s hope of a big fight for this shooting Swedish star.

Thanks to ECB and Cetinkaya for a great fight night!

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