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Shokran Parwani starting his career in USA


Shokran Parwani told he would go to the US and getting on his boxing career with Top Rank. It was planned that Shokran make a fight in light heavyweight in October in Germany and then go to the States. Shokran has left Germany and is now in Las Vegas. Parwani has a record of 8 fights, won them all and with 7 KOs. He fought in cruiserweight and his last fight was vs Frank Blümle and Shokran Parwani won the WBFed International Cruiserweight Title.

In Las Vegas at Salas Academy he has done training with World Champion Rances Barthelemy as well as Cuban Champ and Olympic Goldmedal Joel Casamayor.

Shokran is feeling well and looking forward to train with Antonio Salas.

His exprerience with training in Russia and sparring with Marco Huck made him hungry of  moves for his boxing career.

Wishing Shokran good luck over the Atlantic and that he will get his contract with Top Rank!





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Pressconference Hamburg 26.09.2012 with manager Klatten & coach Salas

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All about the pressconference from Universum about Hamburg Fight Night 12.10.2012

Figosport:   http://www.figosport.de/profiboxen/2667-hamburg-fight-night-am-12-oktober-stimmen-von-der-heutigen-pressekonferenz.html

Fightcard:    http://leifpm.com/2012/09/21/fightcard-hamburg-fight-night-12-10-2012/

Photos:   http://leifpm.com/2012/09/21/fotos-pressekonferenz-ubp-21-09-2102/

Videos:   http://leifpm.com/2012/09/21/video-pressekonferenz-betr-fight-night-12-10-2012-hamburger-box-promotion/




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Coach Salas about Özen at the pressconf. in Hamburg 21.09.2012

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Coach Salas at Universum pressconference 21.09.2012

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Özen with coach Salas

Ismail Özen, LHW 5(5)-0-0, is doing well in his training and sparring tells his coach Ismael Salas.

Salas brings his time in Germany coaching Ismail Özen and Jack Culcay. The well-known cuban coach is normally living in Las Vegas. As he has trained Yuriorkis Gamboa earlier he even new the latest news from Vegas, meaning that Gamboa will not be promoted from MTM. 50 Cent will not be promoting boxing as planed.

In Hamburg the training take part at Ismail´s gym, where even Culcay does his training.

Özen will be seen in the ring at the 12.10.2012 again. Salas find Özen very promising. Listen even to the video with Salas:    http://leifpm.com/2012/09/20/video-coach-ismael-salas/




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Video: Coach Ismael Salas

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