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The Rematch Scott Dixon vs Christian Schembri

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Tyrone Borg vs Fernando Calzetta

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Richard Vella vs Molnar Zsolt

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Keith Azzopardi vs Alex Szakacs

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The Best Ever a success again with Rumble in the Med


Prize Boxing Promotions with Demis and Doulton Tonna goes from success to success. A sold-out event. Again!

The lucky audience who got one of the 1200 tickets could see boxing on a high level.

A long fight night with 12 bouts. The professional bout was Tyrone Borg, light heavy weight vs Attila Mata, a Hungarian boxer with Maltese license. Attila has mainly been boxing in MMA. The brave Hungarian could not bring much against the hard puncher Tyrone. In the first round Mata was mostly running away from the hard puncher. After getting hit hardly from „El Terrible“ Borg the referee consulted with the corner of Mata and decided to not continue to the second round. It ended after just one round that Tyrone won on all score-cards. Result: TKO R2 time 0:00.

Best fight of the event did Garth Galea who defended WBU International against Stephen Littlewood. It was a fabulous fight with amazing speed. What an enjoying fight! The fight ended in the 3rd round at 0:38 with a TKO.

Christian Schembri made a brilliant fight. He was the whole time attacking and hitting his opponent. Perry Scobes turned his back to Christian who continued attacking him until the referee said stop. Perry was seemed even to get mentally destroyed. He meant the ref has said stop when he turned around but the ref confirmed that he commanded stop later as Schembri boxed him at the ropes. Perry lost his mind and got out of the ring. His sign of giving up starts with turning around and suddenly even to leave the ring. Scobes is a good boxer, but it was just not his day and Schembri was the man who ruled the game in the ring. Result: TKO R2 at 1:20.

Richard Vella won the PBP International title with a  UD of 6 rounds against Molnar Zsolt.
The event was sanctioned of the Malta Boxing Association.


1. Andrew Vella vs Terry Hadaway WINNER: Vella, Split decision (36-40, 40-36, 39-37)

2. Nico Sciberras vs Chris Matthews WINNER: Sciberras UD (3 x 40-36)

3. Brandon Spiteri vs Shagen Bagdasryan WINNER: Spiteri SD (2 x 40-6, 38-38)

4. Brandon Bogon vs Tommy Allen WINNER: Bogon UD (39-37, 39-37, 40-36)

5. Keith Azzopardi vs Alex Szakacs WINNER: Azzopardi SD (2 x 40-36, 38-38)

6. Etienne Spiteri vs James Biddlecombe WINNER: Spiteri KO R3 time 1:35

7. Mark Cutajar vs Yousef Hazzuri WINNER: Cutajar SD 39-37, 38-38, 40-35)

8. Mike Carter vs Peter Stoten WINER: Stoten UD (2 x 40-36, 39-37)

9. Chrisian Schembri vs Perry Scobes WINNER: Schembri TKO R2 time 1;20

10. Richard Vella vs Molnar Zsolt WINNER: Vella UD

11. Garth Galea vs Stephen Littlewood WINNER: Galea TKO R3 time 0:38

12. Tyrone Borg vs Attila Mata WINNER: Borg TKO R2 time 0:00


PHOTOS  click here:

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Photos: Weights in Malta 07.11.2014


Weigh in at Compass, Sliema, for the event at Dolmen Hotel, Bugibba at 08.11.2014.

Attila Mata said he will be the first to win against Tyrone Borg. An interesting fight to expect!

PHOTOS click here:



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Interview Richard Vella

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Interview Tyrone Borg, pro boxer light heavyweight

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Press conference in Malta


At Compass, Tower Road, Sliema, took the press conference of Prize Boxing Promotions part to present their next show called The Best Ever. The event will be on Saturday 08.11.2014 at Dolmen Hotel in Bugibba.
The professional bout will be in light heavyweight with Tyrone Borg versus a Hungarian boxer with lot of experience as an amateur.
At the press conference did even Richard Vella and Garth Galea present that even they will protect their titles as semi-pro boxers.
It will be a great fight-card with lot of spectacular and exiting fights. The boxing fans will be happy for Prize Boxing’s 8th event.
The event will be sanctioned of Malta Boxing Association.

Photos: click here:


TICKETS: Tel 9929 1720 or 9998 6925
Prices only 20-30 €!

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Marlon Hunt vs Andreij Manzolo

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