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Photos: Weigh in, Malta, 18.07.2013



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Succesful event of Prize Boxing Promotion in Malta

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Prize Boxing Promotion with Demis Tonna arranged at Friday 24.05.2013 in Dolmen Hotel, Bugibba, Malta a Rumble in the Med. The event was sanctioned of Malta Boxing Commission, MBC, as the affiliated organization from WBC, WBA, WBF and WBU.

Torsten Knille, President at WBU, was even arrived to Malta to have a look at the box event. He was definitely not alone there. Over 800 spectators became a very good organized boxing evening to enjoy and it was from the very first begin to hear that the audience liked the show.

The main fight was a professional fight between Super-Steve Martin vs Sabri Ulas Gökmen. A hook at the hals in the second round made it for the German impossible to continue fighting. In the mean time is everything ok with Gökmen.

The fight can be seen here:

Other fights:


Interview with Gökmen before the bout:

Interview with Steve Martin the day before the fight night:


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Video: Steve Martin vs Sabri Ulas Gökmen

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