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Fantastic fightcard in Malmö 18.03.2017



The main fight will be a bout of 12 rounds fighting for the IBF International in heavyweight between Adrian Granat vs Alexander Dimitrenko.

The Pike (Gäddan) ranked number 18 in the world vs Sacha ranked #48 will be a very hard fight. Dimitrenko has won against Luan Krasniqi a WBO Inter-Conti title in 2008 and knocked out Sosnowski heavely in an European Championship in 2011.  Sascha is a techniqal schooled boxer with a hard punch. The Swedish Dynamite Granat has to beware in this bout, to still be unbeaten.

VIDEO: Dimitrenko vs Krasniqi:

VIDEO: Dimitrenko vs Sosnowski


Sven Fornling will fight about the IBF Baltic title vs Arijan Sherifi. The bout of 10 rounds Sven is motivated to win aganst the unbeaten Sherifi. A very exciting fight!

The former European Champion Igor Mikhalkin will be fighting Yevgeni Makhteienko. This fight will be highly explosive. Makhteienko is a real machine, standing up several times after been knocked down from Karo Murat. For the boxing fans a very spectacular bout!

VIDEO: Makhteienko vs Murat:

Simon Henriksson from Ystad will fight vs Matesz Krajewski

The experienced Oleksiy Mazinkin is fighting a bout in heavyweight.

dsc02932 Mzikin

Nicola Milacic fights in cruiserweight a bout.

The unbeaten Sebastian Formella from Hamburg will rock Baltiska Hallen in Malmö. On the undercard of Abraham vs Lihaug made Formella a fantastic fight. He fought in Berlin vs Nico Salzmann and the fans of Salzmann from Berlin got less and less loud until Basti Formella clearly won the fight. Basti, unbeaten after 13 fights, is definitely a boxer worth watching!

VIDEO: Formella vs Salzmann:

Hüseyin Cinkara is a knock-out king of ECB Boxing.

VIDEO: Cinkara vs Zielinski:

The promising heavyweight boxer Ali Eren Demirezen is even a name to remember. He was a part of the Olympic boxing in Rio.

VIDEO: Demirezen vs Altintas:

And at least but not last the great female boxer Patricia Berghult from Malmö. A proud of good Swedish female boxers!




Saturday 18 March 2017

 commission: Swedish Pro Boxing Commission
promoter: Erol Ceylan (EC Boxpromotion)
Heavyweight Adrian Granat 14 0 0 S Alexander Dimitrenko 39 3 0

IBF International heavyweight title
Light Heavyweight Sven Fornling 11 1 0 S Arijan Sherifi 13 0 0

Light Heavyweight Igor Mikhalkin 18 1 0 S Yevgeni Makhteienko 8 6 0

Super Lightweight Patricia Berghult 5 0 0 S Karina Kopinska 8 15 3

Heavyweight Tshibuabua Kalonga 6 0 0 S Oleksiy Mazikin 14 12 2

Heavyweight Ali Eren Demirezen 3 0 0 S Oleksandr Pavliuk 2 0 0

Cruiserweight Huseyin Cinkara 5 0 0 S Jakub Wojcik 8 16 2

Cruiserweight Nikola Milacic 15 1 0 S TBA

Super Welterweight Simon Henriksson 4 1 0 S Mateusz Krajewski 3 1 0

Super Welterweight Sebastian Formella 13 0 0 S TBA
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