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Helsingborg getting events with German boxing club

Boxing is growing in Sweden. Professional boxing in Sweden  is now possibie with title fights again. Erik Skoglund showed the way. Mikaela Laurén, Otto, Wallin, Oscar Ahlin, Anthony Yigit to name some are fighting in Sweden. In Germany we find Adrian Granat, Maria Lindberg and Sven Fornling.

By the amateurs got Helsingborgs Boxningsklubb visit from Germany.

Roger Persson, coach at HBK, met Jimmy Jamal Abboud from BC Sportmann, Hamburg, and both boxing clubs decided to arrange events together. The Swedish boxers will come and fight with German boxers in Hamburg and German boxers will box in Helsingborg.

HBK has grown very well and have 600 acitve boxers. The noble art of self-defence is getting very popular.

At Idrottens Hus, Helsingborg, do girls learn how to protect themselves. Coach Roger Persson  is teaching the young women boxing technics.

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