Sven Fornling, raised to #12 in the world!


Sven Fornling is the new Swedish hero. A spectacular fight vs Karo Murat in Hamburg couldn´t stop his journey to the stars. After this victory Sven is now at Boxrec #12. The IBO-title he won after a long training season. The bout was scheduled in summer and since then has Sven been preparing for his fight of his life.

The fight started in a high tempo and Sven shocked Karo with a body shut that brought the Champion on the canvas in the first round. Murat couldn´t find the distance and he was in the first two rounds just hitting the air. His air-shuts and also got hitten from Sven created an injury on his shoulders. Before the bout Karo Murat was fit, but not finding into the fight brought these problems. Karo had very good luck with the referee, who didn´t prolong him to stop the hits below the belt. Karo Murat ignored a break commando and hitted Sven in the back, so he went down. Luckily Sven was standing quickly on his legs, while this action was really qualified for a disqualification. In the end of the fight, when nothing even could help Murat he got one point deduction, in the battle he had been qualified for another three warnings as well. The frustration of Murat was really clear.

Let us hope that Karo Murat continue his boxing career, because he has an attractive boxing style and a big fighting heart. The last two rounds Sven Fornling had real luck as Karo knew he could only win on a knock-out and was searching for the final shut.

A rematch is out of interest for Fornling and which promoter will earn money in the professional circus on such a match-making. Now Sven Fornling is the hero in his country and the media is talking about the biggest step one Swedish boxer ever been taking.

Now it´s time for his manager to let the phone-calls go to England and USA. Eddie Hearn, Golden Boy, Top Rank etc must be the partners to find big fights for the new IBO-Champ.

Badou Jack at Mayweathers´s Money Team could be an option, but not right now. Badou has at the moment no title and a Swedish brake would be interested when even Badou Jack has some titles and Sven one more title. Sven Fornling has been doing his work correctly. From no-where to the top.

Next month we can expect to see Fornling´s name in the rankings of WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF. Great times has now came true for Sven Fornling.

We are looking forward to see the upcoming big fights with Sven Fornling! Congratulations Sven!

See the battle:

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