EBU honours Anthony Yigit as the European Boxer of the Year!

At the EBU General assembly in Belgrade at 02.06.2018 did the European Boxing Union chose Anthony Yigit, Sweden, as the Boxer of the Year. The Swedish Boxing Federation received the Diploma to be delivered to their boxer.

To be a member of EBU it Is important that the federation of its country has activity and shows loyalty to their European Organization. Moldova got suspended as a member of EBU because of no activity in Moldova, no boxers of Moldova, lack of medicals and selling licenses to boxers of non-EBU-organisation. Norway and Romania are now full members, so EBU has now only full members and no optional sanction bodies. In Lithuania it exists different organisations, and the Lithuanian Pro Boxing League is now a full member. The Croatian member Pro Box Sport is being the host of next year´s General Assembly.

The Swedish request of limiting rounds to maximum 10 rounds was not accepted.

Mr Bob Logist was elected on an UD as the President for the next four years.

The maximum fee raised to 10.000.- Euro and the election of boards representation as followed:          Mr Giles, UK,

Mr Guilani, Belgium

Mr Jensen, Denmark

Mr Stucki, Switzerland

Mr Augustin, Finland

Mr Becquelin, France

Mr Schekutyev, Russia

Mr Matas, Spain

Mr Apa, Italy and

Mr Puons, Monaco.

EBU celebrate 70 years of uniting European Boxing.


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