Adrian Granat won on KO – again!


The Swedish Heavyweight boxer Adrian „The Pike“ Granat won his 9th bout with a KO in the second round. Referee Iko Bebic stoped the fight when Wilson was lying on the floor after the knock-down in the second round. Directly after the fight was decided ended did Darnell stay up and declared he is fit to continue fighting.

After the fight Darnell tells that he was not asleep, just tired and was able to get up after 5 and fight further. The referee declared that he saw Wilson lying down with wide opened mouth and closed eyes, so he decided to end the bout at once carrying about the health of the boxer. In the next second is Wilson awake and angry about ending the fight.

Darnell tells that Granat is a strong and good boxer. Here the interview:

Adrian Granat will in November go to Austria to take part of the training camp with Wladimir Klitschko. Granat will be sparring partner to Wladimir Klitschko for his preparation of the bout vs Tyson Fury.

The event in Hamburg was a Charity Event for the boxer Denis Boytsov. All revenues of the event goes to support the health and the family of Denis Boytsov.



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