Maria Lindberg boxing 30.05.2015 in Hamburg, Germany


The title fight in Argentina on the 16.05.2015 has been postponed. Maria´s opponent has got an injury. Maria decided with her coach Artur Grigorian to do a fight in the meantime. It will be a fight of 6 rounds. Artur Grigorian means it´s important that Maria goes into the ring and make a fight now as she has been preparing for the big fight for several weeks. It is better to do a fight as just keep on waiting of the new date of the title fight.

Maria Lindberg is living in Hamburg and she is training here with the former great champion Artur Grigorian. Both Maria and Artur are happy to be able to have Maria in a fight in Hamburg on the show of Holger Petersen at Braamkamp.

Tickets: VIP 70,- €, seats 35,- €

You can order your tickets through the boxers. I will even forward requests.




Article about the event 30.05.2015:

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