Swedish Dynamite is coming! Adrian Granat gets active in pro!

Adrian Granat is a name to remember. This guy is real Dynamite! Definitely in a few years the new heavyweight champion after the Klitschkos!
His first pro fight ended after 2 rounds:
2013-11-08 231¼ Patryk Kowoll 215½ 2-9-0
Kalmar Sporthall, Kalmar, Sweden W TKO 2 4
referee: Mikael Hook | judge: Ake Johansson | judge: Ove Ovesen | judge: Andreas Stenberg

Next fight will be at the 2014-03-27 at Göta Källare, Stockholm, Sweden vs Gianluca Sirci 4(2)-2(1)-0.
See article: http://leifpm.com/2014/03/19/fighting-spirit-21-03-2014-stockholm-sweden/

Promoter Alexander ALekseev was clever enough to even bring this shooting star in the vent in Berlin of ECB:
2014-04-11 Universal Hall, Berlin, Germany vs Aziz Baran 4(3)-0-0
See article: http://leifpm.com/2014/03/22/hammer-und-granat-am-10-04-2014-in-berlin/


Suddenly he will be fighting at Armand Krajnc’s event in Sweden as well:
2014-04-26 Amiralen, Malmo, Sweden vs TBA

Try to go and see this boxer, you will not regret it!!

Videos: http://leifpm.com/2012/09/13/video-sparring-christian-hammer-vs-adrian-granat-ecb/

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