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Malik Zinad new WBFed International champion

In Maribor, Slovenia, won Malik Zinad, the Lybian boxer from Malta, MBA, his 6th fight. In round 6 out of 10 he won on TKO. Malik Zinad is now the new International Champ of WBFed. He is unbeaten and won all his 6 bouts, 5 on KO.

Malta have boxers with high international quality and Malik Zinad is one of them!

Congratulations Malik!


Results from Maribor:

Saturday 24 September 2016

Middleweight Attila Koros 11 5 1 W Ferenc Hafner 26 10 0 UD

vacant World Boxing Federation Intercontinental middleweight title
Super Lightweight Mikheil Avakyan 36 26 4 W Jean Moraiti 12 9 4 UD

World Boxing Federation International super lightweight title
vacant Universal Boxing Organization (UBO) Inter­Continental super lightweight title
Light Heavyweight Malik Zinad 5 0 0 W Attila Palko 23 25 0 TKO

vacant World Boxing Federation International light heavyweight title
Super Featherweight David Rajuili 7 5 1 W Giorgi Gachechiladze 21 23 1 UD

vacant World Boxing Federation International super featherweight title
Light Heavyweight Marco Calic debut P Vojtech Koncitik 2 1 0

Middleweight Ema Kozin debut P Ina Milovanovic debut
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