The Diamond Boy Manuel Charr is boxing at 04.06.2016


It´s a miracle that Manuel Charr will make his comeback on Saturday 04.06.2016 in Kassel, Germany. 9 months ago was Charr shot in his stomach. He fought for his life durning an 8 hours long surgery. Now Charr is entering the ring again to show he is back.

Read the touching words The Diamnond Boy is writing himself:

Hello to my fans, on 04/06/2016 is the DAY OF FIGHTING for me!

It is now nine months ago that I have, thanks to some good surgeon survived a shot in the stomach. The period thereafter was very hard for me. I fought back me back to life and now back into the ring.

I have received from you a lot of encouragement and positive words, and you have encouraged me to believe in myself and not lose my goals. I thank you.

My idol, uncle José Suleyman, who founded the largest world association of boxing, the WBC has inspired me to persevere. From him I learned a lot. He showed me how to look forward in life and what it means to believe in yourself and your goals. Above the WBC I was appointed as ambassador of peace, after I have forgiven the perpetrator who has so badly injured me. God gives people power which may forgive.

Forgiveness means letting go of bad thoughts. Forgiveness also means inner freedom and joy. Forgiveness means to open yourself the way for a great future.

I am now ready to fight. On 04/06/2016 I’ll have my first fight in Kassel / Germany. I will do my best and make a first 8 round fight. I’m back and full of fighting strength. The time without boxing was long, now I’m in top condition and want only one thing: THE VICTORY !!!

I am particularly grateful to Mr Christian Jäger, my coach Jopo, my physio Georg, my sparring partners and my Final coach Bülent Baser. A big thanks also go to Erol Ceylan and my sponsor Easy-Motion Skin.

Together we are strong. Let’s do it …

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