Update fightcard Nordic Fight Night 09.02.2013 in Esbjerg, Denmark


Up-and-coming Danish hopefuls Micki Nielsen and Dennis Ceylan have been added to the Nordic Fight Night in Esbjerg on February 9. While Nielsen (5-0, 4 KOs) will come face-to-face with Josef Krivka (2-1, 2 KOs), Ceylan (3-0, 1 KO) will take on Marco Scalia (3-0, 1 KO). “Micki and Dennis could be the next Danish boxing stars,” promoter Nisse Sauerland said. “When they are fighting, there´s never a dull moment. I am sure the crowd at Blue Water Dokken will enjoy to see them in action.”

Micki is currently in training camp with his older brother Patrick, who defends his WBA Intercontinental Middleweight Title against Patrick “The Tiger” Mendy on the same bill. “We´re training very hard in Guestrow,” Micki Nielsen said. “We have big plans for 2013, I want to clinch as many KOs and as many victories as possible. I am sure it will be a good year for both Patrick and me.”

cruiserweight    Micki Nielsen    5(4)-0-0
vs    Josef Krivka    2(2)-1-0

super featherweight    Dennis Ceylan    3(1)-0-0
vs    Marco Scalia    3(1)-0-0


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