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Succesful Fight Night in MonteKristo, Malta

Billy Corito MBC.1001761_10200179277226430_10870132_n Foto: John Borg

The Fight Night in Montekristo, Farrug, Malta was a succesful event. 753 sold tickets. Steve Martin made an excellent fight against Adnan Zilic. Zilic got injured in the first round in his right hand. He has had a very tough fight against Said Rahimi in Neuruppin, Germany a week before . It was obviously that Zilic had not more the power as need to meet Super-Steve after that hard fight only one week before. Now he has to rest anyhow to recover his injured right hand. The fight was clean and ended with TKO in round 3. Winner Super-Steve Martin.
Not that kind of clean fight was the main fight between Billy Corito vs Marko Rupcic. After two knockdowns in round 3 the corner signed to not want go further to round 4. In discussion with the referee was Rupcic rude against the referee and did even spit him. After good start in the first two rounds but with the two knockdowns it was close on the scorecards. The behaviour of Rupcic made it no other way as a disqualification.
Next time Billy Corito will enter the ring is planed late this year.

Walk-in video: http://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=10151561273468299

Article: http://www.maltatoday.com.mt/en/sportsdetails/sports/boxing/Corito-wins-hard-fought-fight-on-professional-debut-20130714

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