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Kessler will gegen Froch nochmal antreten!

Mikkel Kessler war in Nottingham und hat live den Kampf Carl Froch vs Lucian Bute erlebt. Mikkel sagt das er sehr gerne noch einmal gegen Carl Froch boxen möchte!

Nach dem hartem Kampf in Herning, Dänemark, behauptete Froch das Kessler gewonnen hat NUR weil den Kampf in Dänemark stattfand. Mikkel ist also nun bereit für Froch sich nochmal zu beweisen. Wo wird den Kampf Kessler vs Froch stattfinden? Nottingham?

Passend wäre das der Gewinner vom Froch vs Kessler tritt gegen Andre Ward an. Ward boxt demnächst Chad Dawson, in September.

In Kopenhagen nach seinem Fight gegen Allan Green sagte Mikkel das sie können alle kommen.

Jimmy Montoya, Mikkels Trainer, ist so sehr von Mikkel überzeugt. Er lobt sein Schützling und meint das Mikkel wird alle schlagen.

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Bruun and Alms trained with Jimmy Montoya

Tonight it is a good Box Event in Randers, Denmark. Euro Event will let thier fighters enter the ring tonight and it will be broadcasted from TV2.

Kasper Bruun and Stephan Alms has used the possibility to train with the succesfully trainer of Mikkel Kessler, JIMMY MONTOYA, in Copenhagen.

Kim Poulsen stayed in Aarhus and trained with his coach Brian Mathiasen as usual. Kim Poulsen, 20(6)-1-0, won 5 of his last 10 fights with KO and the 3 of the last 4 fights. He intend to continue with further good record. Brian is a very wellknown coach and will certainly have done a good preparation as usual for his fighters. Tonight Kim will meet a strong latinamerican boxer, Miguel Aguilar from Nicaragua. Aguilar won in Mexico the WBC Mundo Hispano Title.

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Jimmy Montoya was very satisfied at the press-conference with the performance of Mikkel Kessler. Jimmy would very much see a bout with Andre Ward. Even more he  would love to see  this fight in the USA. Jimmy was for a year ago very happy to train Mikkel and spoke just positive words about him. After the fight against Allan Green nobody doubts anymore of Mikkel´s shape as a boxer.

Kalle Sauerland told that he expect a win of Mikkel, but a clearly win, to be able to promote Mikkel further. Kalle told me that he, of course, is more than satisfied with Mikkel.

Now it can go on. The opponents were named at the press-conference:

Tavoris Cloud,

Jean Pascal,

Chad Dawson,

Bernard Hopkins,

Andre Ward,

Lucian Bute and

Carl Froch.

Another possibility is that Brian Magee will fight Mikkel. It is even possible to take part in Copenhagen. He question is if Brain Magee will win the bout at 7th or 14th July in Belfast against Karoly Balszay. Balszay won his title in Donetsk, Ukraine. The Team of Magee would take good advice to not be too sure that Brian will take the title in Belfast, I am definitely not convinced and give Karoly very good chances to still be the Champion.

Take a look at the video from the press-conference:

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